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Welcome to our resource of virtual betting tips. Here you’ll get to discover some excellent virtual sports betting tips for everything from football to basketball. Plus we have some top virtual esports betting tips for esports.

But it won’t stop there, as we’ll also reveal where you can put these tips into action. This means showcasing the top virtual sports betting sites currently available. We’ll even answer that question of ‘What is virtual sports betting?’ once and for all. In short, everything you need to succeed from the phenomenon of virtual betting.

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What is virtual sports betting?

Virtual sports betting is similar to standard sports betting. The key difference is that you’ll be betting on simulations of real sporting events. This means that you’ll get to see digital representations of sports like football and horse racing. Your job will be to bet on the odds for things like a certain team to win a football match, or a specific horse to come first in a race.

The key thing to remember is that the results are determined by a random number generator. This means that there is no human error to cause some of the big sporting upsets. As a result, some people think that virtual sports is closer to playing casino games like slots, rather than betting on traditional sporting events.

Plus virtual sports are able to take place 24/7. This means that virtual sports is a great way to practice your betting knowhow and even make some decent wins along the way.

Top three virtual sports betting tips

1. Understand the odds

When you bet on virtual sports, you are betting on odds that are set by the bookmaker. If you bet on short odds, you have a stronger chance of winning than if you bet on longer odds. This comes at a cost of getting less in the way of returns from your bet. But all experienced betting fans will know that it’s getting consistent small wins that can help you enjoy your bets for longer.

2. Anticipate the big upset

Just because you are betting on a virtual sport with short odds doesn’t mean that you will win every time. This is because the laws of probability dictate that a loss is always possible every time you try your luck. As a result, you will want to try and anticipate these losses by only betting with small stakes. This way you’ll be able to survive the occasional loss, and keep playing for longer.

3. Take advantage of bonuses

Many of the best virtual sports betting sites will also give you bonuses that you can use for your virtual bets. These commonly come in the form of matched deposit bonuses that give you extra betting stakes in direct correspondence to how much money you put in your account. As long as you remember to read the small print, these deals can be a great way to get a lot more from your virtual sports bets.

Best three virtual betting tips for esports

1. Pick the best esports teams

The teams using in virtual esports are based on teams in real-life. As a result, if you know who the best Overwatch teams are, you will want to pick their counterparts in the virtual world. Can’t tell the difference between the teams in a virtual esports game? Then simply look at the odds. The team with the lowest odds will be the favourite. This is the team that has the highest chance of winning the match. By betting on this team, you might not get a massive return on your bet. But a smaller win is better than risking everything on a team with very little chance of getting a winning result.

2. Use the best virtual sports betting sites

Many betting sites have bets for virtual esports. However, some betting sites put on a superior virtual esports betting service. This means that they will only feature those virtual sports games that come from quality developers. By playing these games, you can benefit from the knowledge that you are always in with a fair chance of getting a winning result. Seeing as you cannot affect the result of your bet, your choice of betting site is one of the most powerful ways that you can influence whether you’ll win or lose. So be sure to stick with our resource to find the best virtual sports betting sites.

3. Set yourself a budget

We can’t give you virtual betting tips for esports without mentioning something about money management. This is because everybody loses a virtual bet every now and then. It doesn’t matter whether you know esports inside out or not. The fact that virtual esports are based on random number generators means that you will almost certainly lose your bet sooner or later. As a result, you should prepare for these losses by only betting with money that you don’t mind losing. This way you can suffer the occasional defeat and not let it blow your betting budget. Just don’t fall into the trap of chasing after your losses.

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Where to put your virtual betting tips into action

We can’t just give you some virtual sports betting tips and not tell you where to use them. If you take a look at betting sites like Betway, you’ll see an exciting range of virtual sports like horse racing, basketball, tennis and greyhound racing. There’s a similar range of options at Bet365, but this bookmaker also features some top virtual soccer and cricket betting opportunities.

In fact, if you were to go anywhere from 22Bet to TonyBet, you should be able to put our virtual betting tips into action. Plus you should check out our review to see what virtual betting options they could have waiting for you. Just don’t forget that LeoVegas has possibly the most realistic virtual racing games anywhere on the internet.

Best five virtual sports games

Virtual soccer: Call it soccer or football, there is no doubt that this is one of the most popular virtual betting options. The team names might look a little different to the real thing. But it’s the closest that you’re going to get to betting on a real football match in the virtual realm.

Virtual horse racing: Not only is the ‘sport of kings’ perhaps the most popular standard betting sport, but it has become a smash hit in the virtual sports world. You’ll simply get to pick a racehorse and then hope that it crosses the finishing line first. One of the simplest virtual sports to bet on.

Virtual greyhounds: This is just like virtual horse racing, but you bet on the greyhounds. A great way to enjoy some betting action when waiting for that next big sporting event to take place.

Virtual basketball: It’s been great to see how this classic US sport has made the jump to the virtual realm. While virtual basketball doesn’t feature at too many bookmakers’ sites, such is the popularity of the sport that we expect to be the next big thing in virtual sports betting.

Virtual motor racing: You’ll find that there are many different kinds of virtual motor racing options. Some of these feature cars that look uncannily like the high-powered machines in Formula 1 racing, while others give you chance to bet on speedway motorcycle racing.

Alongside giving you our virtual sports betting tips, we thought that it would be handy if we answer some of the most common questions regarding virtual betting. We’ve already answered the question of ‘What is virtual sports betting?’ above, but here are some questions that frequently need resolving.

Virtual betting tips FAQ

No, virtual betting is very different from regular sport. This is because the results are based on a random number generator, rather than the actions of the competitors. Thankfully the markets that you bet on should be roughly the same.

It depends on what kind of bonus you pick up. Some bonuses can only be used for regular sports betting, while others can be used for virtual sports. Be sure to read the bonus terms and conditions for more information on this issue.

No, all good betting sites will have licenses to prove that they offer a fair service. This means that their virtual sports games will have all been independently tested by third-party auditors. Such information should give you all of the confidence you need to know that the results haven’t been doctored in any way.

Sadly there is no failsafe method for winning every time that you bet on virtual sports. However, all of our tips can be used to minimise your losses. Anything from only backing bets with short odds to sensible money management can help in making a success from your virtual bets.