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Call of Duty is widely regarded as one of the best first-person shooters ever made. When it first launched in 2003, the franchise was relatively humble, but today, it’s one of the most prominent esports titles in the industry. And as we all know, where there’s esports, there’s esports betting. In this article, we’re going to help you understand some of the best Call of Duty betting tips you’ll need to succeed.

As we all know, Call of Duty is a team-based title, and it’s quite a simple one to understand. It incorporates some of the most fundamental principles of multiplayer competition, both in game modes and rules. It comes equipped with a forgiving learning curve, both for players, and bettors. Thankfully, when it comes to looking for the best Call of Duty betting sites, you’ll not need to spend countless hours researching which ones are best.

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To understand how Call of Duty betting works, let’s look at another massively popular esports title: CSGO.

There are many similarities between Call of Duty and CSGO, and many Call of Duty betting sites also offer CSGO betting tips. Although, instead of having terrorists and counterterrorists facing each other, Call of Duty features special forces and army troops. Both games are played with similar tactics and game modes in mind, and ultimately, they’re both first-person shooters. If you understand CSGO, you’re likely to understand Call of Duty.

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Which Bookmaker Has The Best Call of Duty Odds?

Owing to its overwhelming popularity, Call of Duty tends to be featured in the portfolios of most esportsbooks. These days, there are many specialist bookmakers that work exclusively with gaming platforms. For example, there’s the ever-popular, and the versatile and widely-appreciated Unikrn. These esportsbooks focus almost entirely on video games, and they’re often the best place for Call of Duty odds.

However, these aren’t the only esportsbooks you have to choose from. In recent years, traditional bookmakers such as Bet365 and Betway have expanded to cover esports titles. These popular bookmakers recognised the huge surge in esports competitions and adapted to cover them. Furthermore, even these more traditional bookmakers will try to offer Call of Duty betting tips where possible.

It’s a fantastic idea to shop around to find the best odds. While they’re never going to differ by much, owing to the competitive nature of the industry, you might be lucky. Also, it helps to try your luck with various bookmakers and esportsbooks, as they tend to offer welcome bonuses.

Play the various markets and see what works best. And, ultimately, if there’s no Call of Duty on offer, maybe try something else – some Valorant betting, or betting on streamers, for example.

What Betting Markets do Call of Duty Betting Sites Feature?

Primarily, you’ll see esportsbooks and bookmakers offering outright winner markets. These are tried and test, and they’re the easiest way to make money with Call of Duty. In fact, there are very few Call of Duty betting tips to offer in that regard. You simply pick who you think will win, and place your wager.

However, there are certain esportsbooks that offer a more diverse range of markets. If you’re gambling with a specialist bookmaker, you can expect to bet on total kills, map wins, ‘next map winner’, and much more. There will also typically be over/under bets, and handicap markets for you to play with.

As with all traditional bookmakers, you can build up your odds as you go. If you think you can predict multiple matches, for example, you can place an accumulator. There may also be live betting available, with fresh markets populating as the play goes on.

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Which Call of Duty Tournaments Are Worth Betting On?

The biggest, brightest, and best tournament in the Call of Duty esports space is the Call of Duty League. This multi-million dollar tournament is the top tier of competitive Call of Duty, and it’s where most bets are made. While some specialist esportsbooks will take bets on streamers, Warzone bets, and even Call of Duty Challengers bets, the League really is the one.

As we’ve already mentioned, Call of Duty has a rather simple learning curve, and that’s true for the tournaments. Regardless of whether you’re watching a major or a minor event, the rules, modes, and tactics are almost always identical. It’s one of the Call of Duty betting tips you can’t pass up: learn it once, and you’ll have learned it forever.

If you want the best Call of Duty odds and most markets, then you’ll want to stick with the Call of Duty League. There aren’t many competitions in the Call of Duty yearly schedule worth betting on, and this is where you’re more likely to succeed. Thankfully, owing to the popular profile of the tournament, there’s plenty of ways to learn how to win.

Firstly, you’ll want to get an idea of which teams are more likely to beat their opponents. Then, take some time to study the individual players themselves – who can clutch up when the situation requires it? Also, spend time watching or playing the game itself – there’s nothing better than first-hand experience.

Get Call of Duty Gambling Tips for Online Tournaments

So, you’ve decided that you want to place some Call of Duty bets, but you need to know more. Where can you go to get the latest and greatest information and data on the Call of Duty League, for example?

At this point, you’ll want to start exploring social media. Firstly, try logging into some Call of Duty groups on Facebook, as they’re always rich with people discussing the competition. Alternatively, you could try seeking out like-minded individuals on Twitter. In some cases, there are accounts dedicated to offering predictions and picks on upcoming events.

There’s a totally failsafe option in searching for Call of Duty betting tips on Reddit. In fact, there’s an entire subreddit dedicated to competitive Call of Duty, which includes the betting side of things. Just make an account on Reddit and you can jump straight into the subreddit.

Finally, there’s the bookmakers and esportsbooks themselves, who will try to help you… Sometimes. For example, the more advanced or specialist bookmakers will include statistics that might aid you in placing successful wagers.

Who Are The Best Players and Teams To Bet On?

One of the most important Call of Duty betting tips we can offer is as follows:

Never ignore the underdog.

When it comes to discussing the best players and teams to bet on, it’s sometimes a losing battle. As with many other games and sports, it can sometimes be the unexpected team that makes the remarkable play. This is especially true with Call of Duty, and some teams have produced some huge upsets in the history of the esport.

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However, let’s throw out a few names to focus on when placing Call of Duty bets:

  • Seth ‘Scump’ Abner: Scump is a massively decorated player who has played for OpTic for several years during his career. He’s an absolute force within Call of Duty, and he’s quite literally a world champion.
  • Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter: Crimsix is the most awarded player in the Call of Duty landscape. He’s a 37x major champion and has won three world championships since his debut more than a decade ago. He plays for Dallas Empire in the Call of Duty League, and he’s infamous.
  • James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks: Although Clayster is one of the oldest competitors in Call of Duty, he’s still a force to be reckoned with. He plays for the New York Subliners, and he’s a world champion – truly one of the best.
  • Dillon ‘Attach’ Price: He’s still very young, but Dillon has accomplished a lot in his relatively short career. He spent years playing with FaZe, and has picked up a world championship to boot.