Valorant Betting: find the best Valorant odds and bookmakers

Valorant esports scene is just getting started as this magnificent game launched by Riot Games is just hitting everyone’s computers to be a great mix within the fantasy and the FPS gaming experience. Bookmakers immediately seized the opportunity and started offering Valorant betting in their esports portfolio.

1 Draw 2
Knights Circuit Monthly
26/05/2022 20:00
Cosmic Divide
Built By Gamers
Campeonato de Elite - Stage 1
26/05/2022 20:00
Boavista FC
GTZ Bulls
Regional League France: Revolution - Stage 2
26/05/2022 20:00
Valar Morghulis
Knights Circuit Monthly
26/05/2022 20:00
Knights Circuit Monthly
26/05/2022 20:00
TSM Academy
Lenny Time
Champions Tour Latin America North Stage 2: Challengers
26/05/2022 21:00
Border Monsters
Campeonato de Elite - Stage 1
26/05/2022 21:00
Odivelas Sport Club
Campeonato de Elite - Stage 1
26/05/2022 22:00
For The Win Evo
EGN Stepup
Champions Tour Latin America North Stage 2: Challengers
27/05/2022 00:00
Fusion Fraggers
Six Karma
Champions Tour Malaysia & Singapore Stage 2: Challengers
27/05/2022 02:30
Paper Rex
Galaxy eSports
Champions Tour Philippines Stage 2: Challengers
27/05/2022 05:00
Bren Esports
Oasis Gaming
FGC VALORANT Invitational 2022: Act 2
27/05/2022 06:00
Tales of Eastern
Champions Tour Indonesia Stage 2: Challengers
27/05/2022 07:00
Onic G
Bigetron Arctic
Champions Tour Philippines Stage 2: Challengers
27/05/2022 08:00
South Built Esports
Alpha Esports Pro
FGC VALORANT Invitational 2022: Act 2
27/05/2022 09:00
FunPlus Phoenix ZHUQUE
Attacking Soul Esports
Champions Tour Thailand Stage 2: Challengers
27/05/2022 09:00
FW Esports
Champions Tour Vietnam Stage 2: Challengers
27/05/2022 10:00
UBT Esports
Team Big BAAM
Champions Tour Indonesia Stage 2: Challengers
27/05/2022 10:00
Alter Ego
Champions Tour Thailand Stage 2: Challengers
27/05/2022 12:00
XERXIA Esports
Made in Thailand
Champions Tour Vietnam Stage 2: Challengers
27/05/2022 12:00
Brave Wolves

About the game

Valorant is the most recent game that Riot Games has brought to market. It saw the light a couple of months ago, June 2020, but is already a worldwide phenomenon. This is a game that has broken the traditional schemes that we were used to seeing in the company because titles like League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics or Wild Rift are not at all similar to this one.

Several people attribute the creation of Valorant to the fact that Riot now works with Tencent Games (Fortnite, PUBG) and their titles are not so much about strategy, but more about shooting and collecting items.

Well, something similar is what we can find in Valorant. The difference is that it keeps the essence of the other games since the characters will have unique skills and the 5v5 mode is still latent within the combat arena.

valorant betting

Is it a good idea to bet on Valorant?

If there is something we should take advantage of in a game it is when it is at its peak. From what we can see and analyze, Valorant is already reaching that point.

The game has a couple of months available for download and big teams and players have already moved to the new Riot shooter. This combined with the fact that the betting markets are always looking to refresh their roaster makes Valorant’s bets have the eye on the ball.

Without a doubt, we can say that betting on Valorant is a good idea, and more so now that player’s careers are booming.

Tips for Valorant betting

Valorant is an extremely wide game that will allow players to develop all kinds of skills and strategies, and this is something we will have to evaluate if we want to bet on Valorant esports. But this is not all. We are only seeing the tip of the iceberg since Valorant Esports have much more background than we think.

Something that cannot be missing is to know the metagame. This is something you need to understand the functions of each character and how each one of them can be lethal in its own way. Riot games usually work with “counter” characters, and knowing how this works will keep you one step ahead when making a bet.

Another important point is synchrony, which is why we recommend that you analyze which characters are picked when the team is formed. If possible, analyze and learn about the game’s maps. This way you will know which characters perform better in each of the fields and you will be able to use this to your advantage when placing a bet.

Finally, there are the players. A golden rule in these games is that at the moment of betting we will have to compulsorily analyze the players that are about to enter a game.

So, even when you feel confident about Valorant odds, see which is your player’s win-rate, how many wins he has, and if he is going through a losing streak; along with other details such as kills and assists.

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Where can I bet on Valorant?

Few platforms are already offering you Valorant betting options, and here are our picks taken from the top 10 betting sites.


Rivalry is a site that has had a certain boom in recent years. They have sought to improve the number of bets available on their site, and with this, they have also sought to improve the different betting markets they offer.

During our Rivalry review, we got to see that the platform also has a news section and live streaming that we can take advantage of at any time. This is important because they seek to leave aside third parties and capture as many people as possible within the Valorant esports betting site.

As far as payment methods are concerned, we find that Rivalry offers the traditional options: Visa, Mastercard, Neteller and Skrill. On this side, we do not find something that is relatively innovative but each one of them is as safe as it can be.

On the other hand, something that is missing in Rivalry is a special characteristic to innovate in its service. Nevertheless, we can say that it is quite good and it reaches our expectations.


Unikrn is a platform that was born as an alternative for other services that were already known to the company. In the beginning, the site focused mainly on games such as CSGO and Dota 2, but this was left aside as its growth increased.

Our Unikrn Review showed the site as one of the most trusted platforms in the market and today we can assure that it is the best of our picks. Besides, they have managed to add a good amount of games to their repertoire, so the platform is twice as big as before.

As for payment methods, we find the typical: Visa, Mastercard, Skrill but we also find the UnikoinGold which is a crypt currency widely used in the world of video games. Yet the most impressive feature of Unikrn is undoubtedly the Umode that allows us to bet on ourselves in real-time.

A colourful and eye-catching platform is what offers us at the beginning. The site has a wide variety of games and has been on the market for several years, so it has earned itself an important position in the world of esports betting.

Doing our review we found a variety of betting options added to its esports roaster, that’s why having it as a Valorant esports betting site. Among the payment methods, we can get the typical, credit cards, platforms like Skrill and Neteller but we also find that bank transfers and platforms like PaySafe are accepted.

We can say that the site offers people good options to bet as well as a variety of markets to do so.

valorant betting sites and odds


Betting markets at Valorant

Valorant is a game that is governed by rounds, killings and conquest within the map. Thanks to this, a variety of betting options have been born that have marked part of the success of the game, and knowing them will help you make the most out of your esports betting bonus.

The most important markets to bet on Valorant we found are:

  • Total number of rounds played
  • First kill
  • Increased number of murders
  • Biggest killing spree
  • Increased attendance
  • Winner of the round
  • Winner of the game

Valorant Betting: Best Tournaments

One thing we have to say that might take away some of the excitement from many players is that Valorant does not yet have major tournaments like the League of Legends Worlds to give an example.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a couple of tournaments going on in various regions already. So far, the best known are the Ignition Series and Valorant Versus. These are the ones that have accompanied the game since its release.

Watching these and other competitions turn big will be a matter of time and with that, more bets can be made within the best sites.

Best players at Valorant

Despite the youthfulness of the game, Valorant has already caught the eye of several professionals in this type of games. Players who have been living in CSGO have seen Valorant as a sustainable alternative to change their lives for a while. So far we can highlight the following:

  • Scream: CSGO veteran and winner of several tournaments in his time with the game of Valve with some of the best Valorant odds in favour.
  • Mixwell: CSGO veteran, belonging to the current G2 team and winner of several tournaments in Europe.
  • TenZ: Current figure of the game and number one of Valorant for several consecutive months.
  • Zyppan: Great overall performance of the game and ranking among the top 5 since joining Valorant.