Wild Rift Betting Tips | Markets, Odds, and Tournaments

League of Legends: Wild Rift is the first real follow-up to the incredibly popular desktop title, League of Legends. This mobile MOBA was released over a series of months around the world, starting out in June 2020 in Brazil and the Philippines. Today, it’s spreading like wildfire, having been very well received and boasting gameplay reminiscent of the full platform. In response to the growing popularity, Riot Games, the developer, has started putting out huge Wild Rift esports tournaments. And now, we’re here to discuss the best Wild Rift betting tips.

It’s the expected nature for almost any competitive title in the esports industry. If there’s a competitive aspect in a multiplayer title, there’s almost definitely going to be opportunities to get involved with esports betting. This is especially true with League of Legends, which remains one of the best titles in the world for esports betting. However, as Wild Rift is a newer title, there may be a little confusion around the differences between the two – especially when it comes to placing bets.

Let’s break it down.

How To Bet On Wild Rift

It couldn’t be easier to bet on Wild Rift. If you’re already involved in the world of esports betting, you’ll likely have a platform that you’ve chosen as your home for placing wagers. Although, if you’re totally new to esports betting, it’s relatively simple to track down the best esports betting sites out there. Admittedly, there are fewer platforms covering Wild Rift at the moment, owing to the fact that it’s still establishing itself as a valid esports platform.

That fact could be set to change this year with the Horizon Cup – we’ll go into that in more detail in a moment.

When you’re getting started with Wild Rift betting, or LoL betting in general, you’ll need to identify the best platform. For example, a service like Loot.bet, GG.bet, or Betway is perfect for your esports wagers. They’re big enough to cover a smaller niche like Wild Rift, and they offer unparalleled levels of security, safety, and reliability. Above all else, they’re some of the most popular esports betting platforms in the world.

You’ll simply need to sign up, deposit funds into your account, and track down the Wild Rift betting markets. As we said, it couldn’t be easier.

Best Wild Rift Tournaments For Betting

At present, there are very few prestigious Wild Rift tournaments. If there’s one top Wild Rift betting tip we can offer, it’s to hold out for the biggest, best events in the space. Although, that’s not to say that there aren’t opportunities to learn about the game and maybe win a little money with the smaller tournaments.

Until now, almost every tournament in Wild Rift has been ‘small time’, offering very low prize pools and picking up almost no viewers. But, Riot Games has well and truly address that fact, introducing the first international tournament for Wild Rift. It’s important to stress that while this is an international event, it isn’t a world championship tournament.

From the 13th to the 21st of November, the world’s greatest Wild Rift players will compete in a tournament featuring a prize pool worth $500,000. Up until now, the biggest prize pools have floated around $10,000. This tournament will be the best Wild Rift event for betting, without question.


Wild Rift Betting Odds And Markets

When it comes time to bet on Wild Rift, you’ll need to identify the best markets with the most advantageous odds. However, at the moment, all we can really do is speculate on these markets, as while the landscape is quiet, there are no active tournaments in play. Therefore, we have no real-world examples to lead with.

Although, if we take inspiration from past events and general League of Legends markets, we can produce the following:

  • First Blood, a market that involves the prediction of which team (or player) will land the first kill in a given match. It’s a rapid market, with the result usually coming within the first few minutes of a game.
  • Match Winner, one of the most popular markets in esports betting, you’re simply predicting which team will win the match. This market can be played blind, with little-to-no knowledge of the game or teams themselves – but it does help.
  • Match Duration, a market that is specific to League of Legends. In this market, you’ll be betting on the overall duration of the match, which can vary wildly, depending on the skill of the players involved.

Ultimately, the LoL odds will differ from platform to platform, and you’ll need to play the field to get the best return. In fact, one of the best Wild Rift betting tips we can offer is to diversify your platforms. It’ll pay off to bet with various esports betting sites, as each one will offer different rewards, bonuses, and promotions.

Good luck with your Wild Rift betting!