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Posted on May 23, 2021

Videogames betting is a fully fledged market at top bookmakers that used to focus exclusively on sports. The growing popularity of esports has led to a flurry of new games and betting markets, for major and minor tournaments. Virtual sports followed the same upward trajectory and now have a dedicated fan base at online gambling operators. The arrival of virtual esports was inevitable and we analyze virtual esports vs esports betting to help you master both.

How does Esports Betting Work?

Betting on classic sports and videogames can feel different, but the same rules apply. Punters try to pick the winning teams or pro-gamers, anticipate the winner of esports tournaments and extract value from special markets. Read our Unikrn review to get a better idea of what type of special betting options are available for esports. Live betting is an integral part of esports and one that favors punters who also play the game. Research is needed to be successful and there’s a lot of effort to be put into this kind of study.

What is Virtual Esports Betting?

Virtual esports are the latest addition to the portfolios of online bookmakers. They are a hybrid between classic esports and virtuals, a response to the growing popularity of videogames betting. Just like standard virtual sports, they are computer simulations of games played by real teams and pro-players. The random number generator is the driving force behind them, so luck determines the outcome. Virtual betting tips focus mainly on bankroll management and finding value in the odds offered by sports books.

Virtual Esports vs Esports Betting
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Esports and Virtual Sports Differences

Analyzing virtual esports vs esports betting will highlight the fact that there’s just one similarity between the two genres. They both have video games in the background, but otherwise the game mechanics and betting patterns are entirely different. The main difference between traditional esports betting and virtual esports is what determines the game winners. In virtual esports, the software will decide the outcome, with the odds reflecting the likelihood of one side winning. In traditional esports the two teams or pro-gamers battle it out and the better players emerge victorious.

The number and nature of betting markets also differs greatly when comparing virtual sports vs esports. Virtuals can feel a bit restrictive, as you can only bet on a few events beyond the game-winner. The total number of maps played, the margin of victory and spread betting are the obvious choices. By comparison, esports betting allows for a greater degree of flexibility. Punters can bet on various in-game objectives and also wager in real-time. Live betting is the most rewarding form of gambling for esports, as it favors punters who also play the games. There’s a narrow opening to take advantage of fleeting opportunities for live esports betting.

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