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Posted on May 20, 2020 - Last Updated on November 24, 2021

Are you the type of player who thinks they belong in the top tiers of competitive gaming if only you didn’t keep getting matched up with such terrible teams? Well, Unikrn UMode is a betting site that might let you put your money where your mouth is. This is a new service offered by Unikrn, in which you can bet on yourself when playing video games. Skill-based betting lets you place bets on your own performance in games, playing games to earn money if you’re good enough.

At the moment some esports titles such as Overwatch betting are offered by the main Unikrn site, but not on UMode. This is likely to change though. They are constantly expanding their titles and markets available, and you can even request Overwatch or other video games to try and bet on your own performance with Unikrn UMode a little earlier. So how does it work, and how do they figure out what odds to give you winning each round?

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What is Unikrn UMode?

This site offers skills-based betting, where you’re betting on your own performance in game rather than on the performance in pros. Of course, this can’t just rely on the honesty system. Unikrn UMode keeps track of how you perform in games. You can place bets on your own performance, winning money if you hit those goals and loosing if you fail. Different games have different markets available. For example, a Battle Royale game lets you bet on placement as well as an overall win.

It can be a fun way to liven up a fairly casual game and let you get some more excitement out of playing. If you’re good enough, it can also be a way of playing games to earn money.


How Does Unikrn UMode Work?

Unikrn UMode works with skill-based betting. You’re betting on yourself and your own skills. However, you might be wondering how they assess your odds. After all, the odds given really should match the calibre of player. When it expands to Overwatch, it is going to take more than your rank into account.

With tens of millions of potential players, you would think Unikrn would need a huge registry of data to gather odds on each individual. The solution is actually a lot simpler though, they just read the stats from your account and automatically generate odds from that.

You have to connect your account to Unikrn UMode to allow it to track your performance. It will then adjust your odds depending on your performance in game. This makes sure you’re still getting decent odds since Unikrn UMode has a good idea of what you’re capable of.  This is playing games to earn money, but only if you win. Betting on yourself means you’ll have to keep pushing yourself to improve.

What are the Games and Markets?

At the moment, Unikrn UMode doesn’t offer Overwatch, they might do soon though. These are the games available at the moment:

  • Fortnite
  • League of Legends
  • DOTA 2
  • CS:GO
  • Halo 5
  • StarCraft 2

For each of these games, you have different options for what you can bet on. Such as Fortnite offering placement as well as winning a match.


Is Overwatch on Unikrn UMode?

At the moment Overwatch isn’t available on Unikrn UMode. It is on the standard Unikrn site, with odds and bonuses detailed in this Unikrn review. It is one of the best esports betting sites. However, it is just for betting on pros. Unikrn UMode is expanding their roster of games and you can help make sure Overwatch comes soon so you can start betting on yourself.

Special bonus for US residents

Unikrn UMode is totally legal in the USA. In fact, it’s not considered as gambling, but as a skill game. Therefore betting on yourself while playing videogames is a great alternative to traditional esports betting for US residents.

We do also have a special bonus for our reader form the USA:

  • $10 Free On Registration – Using the promo code PLAYUSA players in the US can get a free $10 to play with.
  • Deposit Match – The second offer give players x3 their normal deposit up to $60! For example if you deposit $20, you start playing with $80.

Will Overwatch be Added to UMode?

On the page for Unikrn UMode, there is a prominent section for suggesting the next game to be used. This gives you a choice between the most popular titles and suggesting a new one. The most popular suggestions are probably going to come first, so voting for one of these is going to be helpful. You can vote for Overwatch if you’d like to start betting on yourself for Overwatch, which should help the game get added sooner.

unikrn umode overwatch

Unikrn UMode is an innovative new way to bet on games that lets you bet on your own performance. While Overwatch isn’t currently available, it should be soon which should add a bit more excitement into games.

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