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Posted on October 16, 2021

In less than one day, we’ll know who the champions of The International 10 are. Following a week-long battle, packed with more action than you could handle, there are just two matches left in The International 10, and they’re set to be legendary. When the TI10 kicked off, we were set to witness eighteen teams face-off – we’re now down to three teams – PSG, Team Secret, and Team Spirit. There’s a huge amount of dynamic TI10 predictions circulating regarding these teams.

But which two teams will face one another in the final battle, securing the massive $18 million prize? It’s one of the most incredible prize pools in esports today, with a total value of more than $40 million. It’s such a huge pool that no team in the competition has walked away empty-handed. Even if you fell at the first post, your team would receive a considerable sum of $100,000. That’s right, you didn’t even need to win a single match to receive a relatively large sum of money.

Now, it comes down to the closing hours, with three of the world’s greatest Dota 2 teams set to end it all.

Up First: Team Secret vs. Team Spirit

It has been a remarkable journey for both of these teams. For many weeks, fans of the platform ranked Team Secret as a firm contender for the championship, and it seems like the team is determined to prove them right. In the Group Stage, Team Secret performed remarkably well, landing the second-place spot behind PSG.LGD, the forerunner for this year’s tournament.

Throughout the opening matches, Team Secret established a fairly dominant position early on. In a matter of just a few matches, Team Secret had beaten Team Spirit, SG Esports, Quincy Crew, and ViCi Gaming. Then, moving into the main event, Team Secret remained strong, dashing down the spirits of OG and Invictus Gaming, before falling short against PSG.LGD.

Team Spirit had a similar journey to get to this stage, however. Although the side finished a little lower in the Group Stage, the overall performance produced more wins than Team Secret. In the Main Event, Team Spirit pulled off the upset of a lifetime, smashing OG 2 – 0 and eliminating the two-time International champions from the competition. At no point in the TI10 has Team Spirit beaten Team Secret, but could that be set to change?

According to the TI10 predictions posted by Betway Esports, it doesn’t look like it. Here’s what the outright winner’s market looks like:

Team Secret (1.60) vs. (2.20) Team Spirit

There’s definitely an underdog spirit behind Team Spirit, but will it be enough? If you’re looking to engage in a little TI10 betting and want a riskier wager, try looking at the Correct Score outright:

Team Spirit 2 – 0 (4.30)

The esports betting odds on Team Spirit to win a single map aren’t in the team’s favour, either:

Team Spirit (3.00)

TI10 Predictions: Lower Bracket Final

Almost everyone connected to this competition is predicting that Team Secret will walk away victorious. Although, Team Spirit is entering this fixture with a massive burst of motivation behind it. In recent matches, Team Spirit has eliminated Fnatic, OG, Virtus.Pro and Invictus Gaming. It’s a remarkable streak, and Team Spirit has given up just one match in those four showdowns.

Thus far, neither team has had the might to overcome PSG.LGD, the tournament favourites according to the esports betting markets. In both the Group Stage and the Main Event, PSG.LGD has performed in a godlike fashion, effortlessly dominating every team it has faced. In the Group Stage, PSG.LGD didn’t lose a single match but did draw one match. Can you guess who that was against?

Team Secret.

PSG.LGD is in top form – who can beat them?

Ultimately, the predictions suggest it’ll be a PSG.LGD vs. Team Secret final, and if we’re working with honest TI10 predictions, we can see it too. We predict that Team Secret will produce a 2 – 0 victory over Team Spirit, sending the latter team packing from the tournament at the last post. Then, it’ll all come down to the TI10 final event.

On To The Grand Final

There are few things more exciting in the world of esports than Dota 2 betting. There are so many markets, so much coverage, and such a dynamic, diverse feeling to it – it’s exhilarating. There’s a reason The International 10 is one of the most awe-inspiring esports tournaments in the world, and it isn’t just the enormous prize pool. For the grand final event, it’s expected that far more than one million people will watch live from around the world.

And a vast majority of them will be betting on the event.

Right now, all we know is that PSG.LGD has a spot on the ultimate, final stage, but who else will come up to join them? It’ll come down to Team Secret or Team Spirit, and according to our own TI10 predictions, we believe it’ll be the former team. If Team Spirit was to make it to the final, we couldn’t see a victory happening. But, with that being said, esports is inherently unpredictable, and we can safely say that anything can happen in The International 10.

If you want the ultimate tip, we’ll say to place your money in PSG.LGD’s corner in the grand final, regardless of who comes up.

At this stage, they’ve all but cemented the championship for this year. It’s just a matter of finishing off the final contender, and that’ll happen tomorrow, on the 17th of October.

We wish you the best of luck with your Dota 2 wagers.

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