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Posted on July 10, 2021 - Last Updated on August 18, 2021

Dota 2 will set another record for esports, with a prize pool exceeding $40 million for TI 2021. The International 10 battle pass will contribute to the exceptional prizes, as 25% of the sales fund the event. Valve finally dismissed the rumors that there might not be a TI10 battle pass and recently unveiled the anticipated bundles. With the TI10 battle pass end date set for September 19, there are more than two months left for Dota 2 fans to place an order.

How Expensive is the Battle Pass Dota 2?

Dota 2 enthusiasts can already purchase the TI10 battle pass from the official website. This will give them the opportunity to turn the summer season into something special. The International 10 battle pass comes with legendary rewards and brand-new features that make the purchase worthwhile. It acts as a portal to an abundance of rewards that are aimed at celebrating the game and its community.

How much is battle pass going to cost in 2021 is an important question with a simple answer. There are three distinct versions of the battle pass Dota 2 and each of them comes with different perks. They work in a similar manner and once players make the purchase, they start leveling up. This enables them to unlock generous rewards and also acquire tiers in smaller bundles. Five of them will cost $2.49, 11 tiers are worth $4.99 and 24 tiers will set players back $9.99.

  • The Dota 2 Battle Pass Level 1 Bundle is the least expensive and only costs $99. Those who choose to place an order for this bundle will start at tier 1.
  • The Dota 2 Battle Pass Level 50 Bundle costs $29.35 and it is a good choice for MOBA fans with medium bankrolls. This Pass purchasing option will start players at tier 50.
  • The Dota 2 Battle Pass Level 100 Bundle is the most expensive, as buyers would have to pay $44.99. In exchange of paying more, it enables players to start at Pier 50.

The International 10 Battle Pass

What Does The International 10 Battle Pass Offer?

Valve has high expectations for this year’s tournament, in spite of having to postpone it on several occasions. People who bet on Dota 2 share the enthusiasm and many punters also purchase The International 10 Battle Pass. For starters, it allows players to team up and fight together through the Guilds system. This is a new feature that was added a few weeks ago and it allows anybody to join an existing gear. The advantage of purchasing a battle pass is that you can start your own guild and have others joining.

In addition to granting access to the new guild system, the Dota 2 Battle Pass includes several cosmetic rewards. These don’t give players an unfair advantage over their peers, but help them look cool on the battlefield. The Arcanic Resonance Beam with its customizable laser and the Blinding Light effects produced by the latest Prominence weapon are some of the rewards. These are all cool additions to a player’s portfolio and they can only be unlocked ahead of The International.

Participants level up by accomplishing various objectives whenever they play a game. It is also possible to purchase levels and unlock more cool rewards such as the Spectre Arcana. Anime fans will appreciate the unique persona for Dragon Knight inspired by the Netflix series. The battle pass allows players to also earn points on a weekly basis by completing quests celebrating the tournament. With smart The International 10 betting tips punters can place winning bets and use the profits to pay for the Battle Pass Dota 2.

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