Twitch betting – How to bet on streamers

Twitch betting has been a thing for a while now and there are several places where you can go to when you want to mix the entertainment of watching your favorite gaming streamers with the emotion of live-betting.

But, do you know all you need to know about streamers betting? Let us show you the insights:

How does Twitch betting work?

Something that has been gaining fame recently is betting on streamers. What happens is that nowadays people usually broadcast their gameplays through platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, among other platforms.

With this, what we have already mentioned was also born: streamers betting.

It may sound complicated but it isn’t. What we’ll have to do is look up a couple of betting sites and see which one accepts streamer bets, or if we want to make it easier, bet on a streaming platform. However, this is somewhat difficult since it is a modality that is still new in the market.

What we can say is that this type of betting adds a bit of flavour to the traditional equation since we will not be betting on a result or something similar, but on a person directly. Something important to rescue from all this is that this type of bets is not available for all the games in the market.

The most important games we can mention that currently have options for twitch betting are League of Legends, Fortnite, Starcraft, and CoD.

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Is it worth betting on Streamers?

In the beginning, we can easily say that betting on streamers is something that will be worthwhile, at least if you want to get out of the traditional betting scheme. But this doesn’t mean that we don’t have to keep several things in mind before incurring in this market.

What happens, and this is the main problem, is that streamers do not have career obligations for their matches, so cheating is always a possibility. That’s why it’s advisable to choose carefully who you are going to bet on –You can particularly focus on the most famous ones since more fame means more responsibility with people.

On the other hand, and this is also a weak point, is that these bets are not as regulated as traditional ones. What happens is that the pages have no power over the streamer, which could easily be fixing a game and no one would know. Looking further, we also have that the odds in this type of betting are not available, a different situation than when betting traditionally.

Finally, we have that the betting market is very reduced. This means that we will not be able to make bets on a killing spree, winner of a round, MVP, among several others, because we will always be betting on the streamer.

Best games to bet on streamers

1. Fortnite

Fortnite is a game that has gained fame due to its high playability, its wide betting market, and also because a lot of Streamers have made hours and hours of gameplay of this game.

In this type of game, the bets are usually on how many people the streamer will kill, if he will win the round, or if he will die in the attempt.

There are hundreds of streamers doing Fortnite now, but, for betting, these are our picks:

  • HighDistortion
  • WBG Ranger
  • Gotaga

2. League of Legends

League of Legends is already a classic in the world of streaming. We can find that it is one of the forerunners of the streaming era and has become one of the most played by hundreds of people. In LoL, when you bet on twitch streamers you get something similar to other markets: Number of kills, if the streamer will win, or even, which champion will he use.

The most prominent streamers for LOL are:

  • SKT Faker
  • VoyBoy
  • Aphromoo

3. Dota 2

Dota 2 is like an almost twin brother of LoL so its market does not vary much in terms of betting. It is a game that has gained quite a lot of popularity over the years and the fact that streamers have taken it as a flagship game has made it one of the most important games when it comes to betting.

Among the outstanding streamers we have:

  • BeyondTheSummit
  • Stray228
  • Dendi

4. Call of Duty

Warzone has been one of the most popular games in recent months. A breath of fresh air to the franchise that has gone through so many similar games is now an open world full of possibilities to gamble. We can mention that this market is something more special provided by bets on headshots, kill spree and last player standing.

The most outstanding names for your to bet on streamers at CoD are:

  • Dr Disrespect
  • TeePee
  • Nadeshot

5. StarCraft 2

Starcraft 2 is a game that could go unnoticed but it doesn’t. It’s a unique strategy game and has made several streamers fall in love. To this day it is still played and is certainly quite striking.

Its market is as striking as the game, allowing betting on: if the streamer will win, which race will he use, and in case it is around, how many rounds will he win before the end of the game.

The most important streamers in the game are:

  • ESL_SC2
  • TaKeTv
  • RotterdamM08twitch betting unikrn

Odds and Limits for Twitch betting

Odds are generally your allies. Yet, the problem when you bet on twitch streamers arises when betting sites have more problems calculating odds. This happens because, unlike pro players, the streamers have no clear statistics, nor the same gaming motivation.

As for limits, these are usually lower than the traditional ones due to problems that can arise: Little vigilance, fraud, cheating, and several other things. But this does not mean that the profits are not attractive to everyone.


Where to bet on Streamers?

1) Unikrn

In our Unikrn review, we found that this site fights for its place in the esports betting scene. Unikrn added the streamers betting option with a wide range of markets that vary according to the game, and also allows the streamers to use the Unikrn Umode which can bring more motivation to his performance –And works also as an alternative for US players to bet.

2) is, of the three, the option that has fallen furthest behind in general terms. The platform already has the possibilities of placing bets on streamers but a couple of details need to be worked out and more games added.

3) Rivalry

Appearing in the middle of the year, Rivalry added streamer betting along with a variety of game options. The bets are quite eye-catching and you can usually get a stream at any time of the day to leave your bet on the site.

Betting on Streamers

Final tips to win bets with Streamers

Know who you’re betting on. This is a basic rule of survival, you have to know who you’re betting on to know you’re playing it safe. Besides, you should go for top betting sites, as it is a new market, many sites can make mistakes, stick to recommended sites and you will be well.

Finally, analyze your streamer’s gaming! Knowing the streamer is one thing, seeing his performance is something completely different. You must be sure that the streamer has performed well.