StarCraft Brood War Tournaments – SC Remastered tournaments of the past and present

There are few esports titles around today that boast the legacy that StarCraft does. Since 2003, StarCraft has been an industry-leading franchise, standing firm as one of the founding fathers of modern esports. It was in South Korea that the game found massive popularity, before spreading around the world with ease. Today, we’re here to look back at that history and discuss the best StarCraft Brood War tournaments that are still played now.

Although it has lost some of its fame and splendour, StarCraft remains a remarkable and popular franchise. It isn’t as overwhelmingly powerful as a title like CSGO or Dota 2, but it is still valuable in its own right. StarCraft Brood War was an expansion of the first game in the series, and it proved to be hugely successful in the market. In 2017, the developer, Blizzard, released a fully remastered version called StarCraft Remastered.

It was a fresh injection of energy to StarCraft Brood War tournaments and competitors alike.

What Is StarCraft Brood War?


StarCraft Brood War was the first expansion pack released for StarCraft way back in 1998. It introduced a host of fresh content to the game, such as new maps, campaigns, music, and extra units. Reportedly, the expansion was heavily praised on launch, and it was wildly celebrated by fans of the original title.

It became a best-seller, and essentially, the home for StarCraft Brood War tournaments and esports. However, the platform was overtaken in 2012 with the introduction of StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty. This title was to become the de-facto home for StarCraft esports, pushed forward by the likes of Blizzard Entertainment.

That wasn’t the end of StarCraft Brood War, however, as a core following remained and StarCraft Remastered tournaments became a thing. Ultimately, it’s the exact same concept, right down to the StarCraft Brood War betting tips. In the game, players are tasked with collecting resources, building a base and an army, and destroying or conquering opposing players.

It’s an unchanged formula that is more than twenty years old – and still going strong today.

Most Famous StarCraft Brood War Tournaments

Throughout the last two decades, there have been countless tournaments. These competitions have boasted huge cash prizes and have featured the talents of the world’s best StarCraft players. Between the years of 1999 and 2012, StarCraft Brood War thrived, and millions tuned in to enjoy the combat.

Up until 2010, one of the most widely appreciated Starcraft Brood War tournaments was the WCG event, hosted almost annually. This stood for the World Cyber Games festival, an enormous celebration of video games that took place in a different location every year.

In 2011, the final season of the MSL (MBCGame StarCraft League) was played in South Korea. This was one of the most valuable StarCraft Brood War tournaments in history, boasting a regular prize pool of more than $100,000. As StarCraft 2 emerged, many of these tournaments resumed on that platform, but they were most famous on Brood War.

Today, many of Brood War’s finest tournaments have transitioned to become some of the best StarCraft 2 tournaments.

Which StarCraft Brood War Tournament Is Best Today?

StarCraft Remastered tournaments still take place today, and they’re enjoyed by thousands of fans. These days, the biggest and most popular StarCraft Brood War tournament is the ASL – the Afreeca StarCraft League.

This is easily the most valuable tournament in the Brood War space, boasting a prize pool of around $70,000. It’s a competition fought by the world’s greatest StarCraft Brood War players, and it’s one of the few remaining tournaments to receive extensive coverage.

After more than twenty years, StarCraft Brood War is certainly still a very popular title.