Starcraft Brood War Betting Tips

Bet on StaCraft Remastered at the Best Bookmakers


Starcraft: Brood War is one of the oldest esports titles still played today. It launched as an expansion to the original Starcraft platform way back in 1999, and in 2017, it was re-launched as a remastered edition. These days, although the community has dwindled somewhat, it’s still a vibrant and popular esports title. That’s why we’re here today to discuss the best Starcraft Brood War betting tips around.

Since 2017, players have been able to experience the original Starcraft and the Brood War expansion for free, from Blizzard. However, any esports tournaments featuring the Brood War platform are played on the Remastered version, owing to its many quality of life improvements. Let’s get into the guide and start discussing those all-important Starcraft Brood War betting tips.

How Is Starcraft Brood War Played?

Traditionally, Starcraft revolves around resource collection and conquest. When players compete against one another, they fight to collect resources to upgrade their base and the structure of their army. There are three different species in Starcraft Brood War, with each one having some unique units to deploy on the battlefield. Ultimately, victory is achieved by destroying the enemy base and any defending units.

This is the fundamental formula for Starcraft Brood War esports, and it’s how tournaments are played. If you’re interested in the best Starcraft Brood War tournaments, it’s this style of play that you’ll be watching.

Where Can You Bet On Starcraft Brood War?

These days, many esports bookmakers offer bettors the ability to bet on Starcraft Remastered (including Brood War). And, as you can imagine, one of the best Starcraft Brood War betting tips is to pick the best bookmaker for your money. Thankfully, there’s quite a diverse field of esports bookmakers to choose from, made up of a mix of specialist and hybrid betting sites.

For example, you could opt to use Betway Esports, a diverse, safe, and popular platform that offers markets for Starcraft Brood War betting. If there’s a Brood War tournament taking place, you’re almost certainly going to find odds for it on Betway’s platform.

One great example would be the Afreeca Starleague, one of the most valuable and popular Starcraft leagues in the industry. If you’re looking for ASL 12 predictions or markets, Betway esports is a great place to start.


Best Starcraft Brood War Tournaments For Betting

Although there aren’t many Starcraft Brood War tournaments out there, there are still a few you can place wagers on. For example, at the top of the pile sits the Afreeca Starleague, which is a bi-annual tournament played in South Korea. It features some of the best Starcraft talent in the world, all competing for a considerable cash prize.

The first ASL tournament took place in 2016, and since then, it has grown massively in popularity. Today, the ASL boasts a prize pool of around $70,000. Some way behind the ASL is the KSL, otherwise known as the Korea Starcraft League. This is a less popular and less regular tournament, but it’s also a little younger than the ASL.

Finally, there are countless smaller tournaments held throughout the year. These competitions are a little harder to place bets on, as they’ll only usually be covered by niche, specialist esports betting platforms. For instance, there’s the RCG 2021 event which will be played in 2022 in Russia, which comes equipped with a $10,000 prize.

Starcraft Brood War Betting Tips

If you’re going to get involved with Starcraft Brood War betting, you’ll need a plan of action and some great betting tips.

Firstly, it’s advised to learn about the game itself – it’s a complex title, and these days, it’s only played by experts. If you’re going in blind, you’ll not have a clue what’s going on, and it’ll make betting – particularly live betting – practically impossible. Realistically, Starcraft is a unique esports title, and unlike FPS games like Call of Duty or CSGO, there are many unseen mechanics to learn.

Next, it’s a fantastic piece of advice to learn about the players themselves. In Starcraft Brood War esports, it’s often a 1v1 environment, and it’ll pay to know who is more likely to win in any given series. This can be achieved by checking out a website like Liquipedia, where you can see the catalogue of players and learn about their history and skill in the game.

For example, up until his retirement in 2019, South Korean player Flash was known as one of the greatest Starcraft players in the world. He’d won countless competitions and acquired more than $600k in earnings.

Finally, it’ll pay to play the field a little. It’s advisable to take the time to identify the best betting platforms, make use of welcome bonuses and offers, and see who has the best odds.

Above all else, try to have fun, and remember to bet sensibly!