Betting on TV Shows

Make a Profit with TV Shows Betting Tips


TV shows are an excellent source of entertainment for people with busy schedules. Some prefer watching television series, others would rather dwell on entertainment and reality shows. Punters have discovered the thrills of betting on TV shows and major bookmakers were happy to accommodate them. There are multiple shows and movies you can bet on at competitive odds and a great diversity of betting markets.

What is Betting on TV Shows?

The term describes all types of markets and bets that can be placed on television series and shows. Whether you bet on movies or reality shows, you can expect exceptional odds at Pinnacle sports. The bookmaker has a burgeoning category dedicated to entertainment betting, with a diverse lineup of markets. There are significant differences between betting on movies and reality TV betting, as well as major awards show.

bet365 sports is also an excellent place where you can bet on the winners of the aforementioned events. The special markets include specific achievements secured by the participants, as well as events yet to happen in movies. Some of the most popular reality TV betting options revolve around shows such as Survivor, The Bachelor, The Amazing Race and American Idol. Even though the bookmaker has an excellent in-play betting section, betting on reality TV shows isn’t generally available live.

Our Betway review highlights the unique betting opportunities that punters have here on traditional sports and esports. The bookmaker also has excellent coverage of reality shows for punters who fancy this type of entertainment. The Voice, the Masked Singer, the X Factor and Big Brother are just a few of the shows they cover. A distinct section is reserved to awards betting, with the focus being on blockbuster movies and exceptional songs such as the one celebrated at the Oscars, Golden Globes and Grammys.

Betting on TV Shows

Betting on Movies and Scripted TV

When it comes to specials betting, some of the most appealing options are provided by movies and TV series. Major productions such as Game of Thrones have generated tremendous emotions among those watching. As the fans were trying to figure out who will end up sitting on the Iron Throne, bookies rushed to provide betting options. Such opportunities are relatively rare, but with the right TV shows betting tips fans can make a nice profit.

Bookmakers constantly update the odds they offer for betting on TV shows. Punters can bet at the beginning of each season, throughout the series and even during the last few episodes. The ever-changing odds reflect the shifting nature of these exciting TV shows and allow for a multitude of bets. By contrast, there are fewer betting options when betting on popular franchises such as Star Wars and The Avengers. Punters could still wager on whether main characters will die in the next installment.

Types of Markets when Betting on TV Shows

Depending on the coverage given to movies and reality shows betting, punters can hope for fewer or more special markets. Competition shows, talent shows, and similar contest that fall into the reality show category provide the most numerous betting options. Punters can bet on the winners of each stage, sometimes betting on a weekly basis. TV shows such as the Voice are perfect for betting on the next artist to claim the accolades. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the Bachelor is all about betting on the next contestant to be eliminated.

The relative scarcity of information about TV and reality shows makes it hard to pick winners. The upside is that the odds are boosted by this high level of uncertainty and those who are correct, win big. Music contests and major awards fall into the same category, so Eurovision 2021 betting tips will come in handy when making predictions. To mitigate the odds, you can also bet on participating nations to finish above or below a certain threshold. The odds are lower, but so are the chances, which suits risk-averse punters.