Specials Betting

All you need to Know about Betting on Entertainment


Bookmakers strive to provide their members with the most diverse and tempting betting opportunities. Mainstream sports attract the largest crowds, but specials betting has gained a lot of traction in recent years. This is a comprehensive category that includes politics and entertainment betting, with the focus on TV shows and song contests. Such betting opportunities are fewer, but the odds are higher and with the right information punters can turn nice profits.

Specials Betting Meaning – How does it Work?

The term can be a bit misleading because of the manner in which bookmakers, but also refer to it. The question what are specials in betting is important to answer because a key distinction has to be made. Some punters use this term to refer to special betting markets, on otherwise traditional sports. For instance, handicaps, in-game events such as corner kicks, yellow cards and anytime goalscorers fall into this category. Contrary to what the name indicates, these are ordinary bets aimed at fans of classic sports.

When it comes to betting sites providing specials betting Bet365, Betway and Pinnacle have some of the best offers. They refer to these types of bets as entertainment, which is a vast category that includes everything from betting on TV shows to music competitions such as betting on Eurovision song contest. There are fewer such betting opportunities throughout the year, but they offer some of the best value bets. The odds are published well in advance and can be quite generous, on both favorites and underdogs.

Betting on Entertainment like a Pro

Understanding the specials betting meaning is the first and most important step, to tap into the immense potential of these betting markets. Betway specials are a wide-ranging category of special betting options that target a very specific audience. Everything from major song contest such as the Eurovision, to popular TV shows like X factor or Strictly Come Dancing are featured.

Betting on awards is very popular among music and movie fans, who anxiously wait for major yearly galas. Compared to classic sports where there’s an abundance of information and recent results to compare, specials betting feels more restrictive. Looking at past performance does little to help with picking winners, since most of the past and reigning winners don’t return into the spotlight.

specials betting

Politics betting is sometimes included into this category, although not all bookmakers offer these markets. Betting on these types of specials allows you to look at the polls to see how each candidate fares. The downside is that most races are lopsided and the odds reflect the discrepancy. Asian handicaps provide a smart way to bet on underdogs to cover the spread in such races, or favorites to win by wide margins.

The bet365 specials category is also a fully-fledged section of entertainment, politics and betting on international awards. Very little information is available on the websites of bookmakers offering such betting opportunities. On the bright side, the media is beaming with excitement ahead of such contests and there’s an abundance of potentially useful information to be found online.

Specials Betting Tips for Beginners

The unique challenges posed by specials betting markets can be overcome with research. One of the core rules is to place your bet as soon as possible if you fancy the favorites. The vast majority of punters will bet later on and tend to flock to those credited with better chances. This will cause the odds to drop as kickoff draws near and it also applies to ongoing contest. Conversely, odds on the underdogs will rise, so it’s worth waiting if you plan on betting on the little guy. Having accounts with multiple bookmakers offering specials betting is another way of locking in on top odds every time.