Unikrn Review: Is Unikrn Legit?

Updated March 2023
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Unikrn Esports Review: Everything You Need To Know In Our Unikrn Esports

Most gamers will be very aware of the Unikrn brand. Ever since this US-based bookmaker was launched in 2014. In the years since, they have quickly become one of the biggest esports betting sites, with a nearly unmatched variety of ways to get in on the action. Do Unikrn’s betting odds for esports betting live up to the hype? That’s the central question in our Unikrn review where we will take a close look at how competitive this esports betting site really is.

If you look at any Unikrn review, you’ll see the brand attracted a lot of attention. It received investments from celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban. This has helped the company grow, and they now offer the most innovative features in esports betting. Unikrn betting allows for crypto wager, betting on streamers and you can even bet on yourself with Unikrn umode. This is all possible at competitive odds and punters enjoy a great variety of markets. The brand even launched their Unikrn gold currency, which is their own cryptocurrency, created just for Esports betting. You can store this Unikrn crypto in your own wallet, or exchange it. Unikrn connekt gives you the chance to play, win and earn free game rewards, which is perfect for casual punters.

In our Unikrn review, we will look at all aspects of the Unikrn esports betting service. Beyond their novelties that grab your attention, we delve into if they actually work. From their welcome bonus offer to their live betting odds, you’ll find all that you need to know. Plus, we will look at just how safe this site is by examining their licensing and customer support, to give you some peace of mind. We’ll also see if using a Unikrn wallet has any benefits over real money betting, or Unirkn betting with crypto. So keep reading our Unikrn review to find out more.

Get a deposit bonus without a Unikrn promo code

If you are a brand new customer at Unikrn, then you can get a good start on your esports betting thanks to their welcome bonus.

A Unikrn promo code can be used for a welcome bonus, and they have other bonuses available without one. The introductory Unikrn bonus is going to depend on which region you’re in, since the esportsbook offers a lot of these helpful bonuses.

  • For US Customers: Get $10 free using Unikrn promo code PLAYUSA. Deposit $10 to use with Unirkn Umode and play with $40.
  • Every Other Region: 200% Deposit Match Bonus. Deposit $150, play with $450

The first code only works for Unikrn betting in the US. They don’t a license to operate regular sports betting there, but Umode betting where you bet on your performance is fine. This code gives way more money to start playing with and betting on yourself. It is possible to bet on classic esports or try the excitement of virtual esports, in a secure and user-friendly environment.

The other code works their sportsbook betting anywhere that they have a license to operate. When you make a starting deposit of up to $150 you get crazy amount free to bet with on top of your deposit. You don’t need any kind of Unikrn promo code to get this deal, but you will need to make a qualifying deposit within a week of you registering your new account. The amount of your deposit that Unirkn will match will depend on how large it is. Obviously, if you want to make the most out of this Unikrn bonus, then you’ll make a bigger initial deposit.

Before you get carried away, there are some important wagering conditions to consider. These apply to all bonuses, whether a Unikrn promotional code is needed or not. You have to bet the value of your bonus three times or more by trying some real money betting on odds of 1.50 or higher. We should also mention that there is a welcome bonus that you can use with Unikrn gold. Terms and conditions apply, 18+.

How good is the Unikrn esport betting service?

The Unikrn esports betting service covers a massive range of games that includes the likes of LoL, CSGO, Dota 2, FIFA, Call of Duty, King of Glory, NBA2K, StarCraft 2 and much more. Unikrn also offers betting on Overwatch. You can bet on the outcome of matches along with other markets. They offer the same variety and ways to bet on the action as they do for any other game. They offer bets on all league matches, without limiting things geographically. They also offer betting on world cups and  regional tournaments, so you won’t be limited by the size of the event.

Unikrn Multi bet insurance

CUSTOMER CARE: Get live chat help with using your Unikrn wallet

Whether you are trying to figure out how to use the Unikrn crypto or just want assistance in laying down your first esports bet, there are some easy ways to get in touch with the Unikrn customer service team. The brand have a great live chat service that is open on weekdays between 0700 and 2300 hours, or you could also choose to send a message via the email support form. The chat feature is pretty convenient, giving speedy answers without having to go through a whole ordeal of contacting them. This is a great solution when you have to redeem a Unikrn promotional code and need assistance.

Whilst there is nothing in the way of a Unikrn telephone hotline, the brand have put together a nice Help Centre that’s packed full of useful articles relating to things like real money betting, Unikrn gold, UMode betting and much more. Don’t forget that there is also a Discord community for Unikrn betting and the brand are very active on their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Steam, YouTube and Reddit channels.

Unikrn Payment methods: Try real money betting here

Unikrn betting can be done in a variety of different betting payment methods. This Unikrn review has to include their more unique methods, but the core and traditional ways are here too. You can use a card or PayPal if you want to keep things simple.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, they have different offers. You can bet on games using a variety of different cryptocurrencies, with the most prominent all represented. They also offer betting in Unikrn gold. Unikrn gold is a kind of cryptocurrency that was developed by the betting site in 2017. You can buy Unikrn gold at an exchange or even trade in some of your CSGO or Dota 2 skins for the cryptocurrency. But if you are uncertain about how to use a Unikrn wallet, then you can always just bypass this option and instead try some real money betting on Overwatch at Unikrn.

It’s easy to deposit money into your Unikrn account. Just go to the My Account area and head to the Funds Management section where you will get to pick your preferred deposit method. All credit card and debit card deposits will be instantly processed, whilst other payment methods might take longer. Any Unikrn bonus is contingent to making a deposit, so you just need to pich the financial instrument of choice.

As with all Esports betting sites, the withdrawal and deposit times can vary. Cryptocurrency transfers can take up to 48 hours owing to blockchain delays. More traditional payments should take the standard time, a day or two for PayPal and up to five working days for card. The Unikrn legit venture means that players get their funds on time and in full for all payment methods.

Full licensing gives you a safe Unikrn betting experience

The Unikrn esports betting service is fully licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. This might not appear to offer you quite the same level of reassurance as the sight of a UK Gambling Commission license, but Unikrn have taken several other steps to ensure that you experience safe and fair Overwatch betting.

For example, Unikrn have signed up to the Esports Integrity Coalition which aims to stop corruption and match-fixing in the competitive gaming industry. In addition to this, Unikrn have also teamed up with GamCare to make sure that you have easy ways to set your own session limits, deposit limits and so on. We should also state that the Unikrn legit site is fully encrypted so that your deposits and personal data will stay secure.

Unikrn Odds: How competitive are the Unikrn esports betting odds?

Whilst the Unikrn crypto has earned the brand plenty of headlines, it won’t matter unless Unikrn can routinely serve up esports betting odds that are worth betting on. We’ve already mentioned the fact that there wasn’t any Overwatch matches on when we carried out this review, but we decided to compare CSGO odds between Unikrn and Betway to give you a good idea of what to expect.

For a ESL Pro League match between Natus Vincere and North, Unikrn had odds of 1.36 for a Natus Vincere win which compared favourably against Betway overwatch’s odds of 1.30. If you wanted to back North to win, then Unikrn were offering odds of 3.00 which suffered in comparison with Betway’s odds of 3.20. All of which shows that Unikrn should probably be factored in the next time that you bet on esports.

Let’s take a quick look at specific odds, as the different odds available show a similar picture.

  • In an Overwatch League Match between London Spitfire and Shanghai Dragons, Unikrn offered odds of 6.5 on London Spitfire, and 1.11 on Shanghai dragons. Betway offered 5.25 on London Spitfire, and 1.12 on Shanghai Dragons.
  • Betting $10 on London Spitfire would give you $52.50 from Betway, and $65 from Unikrn. Betting $10 on Shanghai Dragons would net you $11.20 from Betway and $11.10 from Unikrn.

This isn’t a significant difference, with Unikrn offering slightly better odds on one side and a tiny difference on the other. In general, it would be fair to say that Unikrn offers pretty good odds, mainly in line with the rest of the industry.

Good looking site makes it easy to try Unikrn betting

On first impressions, Unikrn’s website looks a fairly different from most esports betting sites. With much of the homepage being taken up with esports news and their UMode feature, it might initially seem a touch confusing. But by simply clicking on the Esports Betting tab, you’ll find all of the games sensibly arranged with the upcoming tournaments laid out in a straightforward and chronological manner.

You’ll find the login button and esports news tab at the top of the Unikrn esports site, and all of the brand’s licensing, support channels, and terms and conditions can be found in the footer. Sadly it looks like there isn’t a dedicated betting app for Unikrn’s service just yet, but their website worked fine on a smartphone.


The interface for placing bets is simply designed, which should help you place and adjust things in a timely manner while there’s a game running.

Live stream your Unikrn betting action

Unikrn seemed to serve up a decent amount of in-play bets for a variety of esports. What’s best is that for a few matches, there was free live streaming service courtesy of Twitch. This gave you the chance to watch the live action and then place your esports live betting accordingly.

Of course with any game that isn’t being offered on Unikrn to stream, you can likely find it outside of the site pretty easily. This is more of a benefit of esports in general though, rather than a specific benefit of Unirkn betting!

It also looks like Unikrn serve up a nice amount of live betting markets for most esports here too which means that you don’t have to just settle for a basic match-winner in-play bet.

How much can you win with your Unikrn crypto bets?

It’s always interesting to see how much an esports betting site allow you to win. We took a quick look through the Unikrn terms and conditions and discovered that the brand allow you to win up to €500,000 each day on their betting service.

This is a very respectable betting limit and it easily eclipses some of their rival esports betting sites. So if you want to win big with your Overwatch bets, be sure to give Unikrn a try.

Extras: Try Unikrn betting on your own gaming with UMode

Unikrn’s betting service has quite a lot of extras that you can’t find on other esports betting sites. Unikrn offers the UMode game mode to bet on your own performance, the Unikrn Casino, Unikrn Connekt, and Unikrn Loot.


Unikrn UMode allows you to bet on your own skill in-game. The site tracks your performance, and lets you wager against various metrics of your own performance. This is a really cool feature, and they manage to give decent odds despite the lack of information about any given player. If you’re looking to make some bets on your own performance, then Unikrn really stands out.

Unikrn Casino is a casino section like you would find in any other online bookie, but this one specialises in Esports themed games. You’ll find versions of slots, roulette, and Blackjack with an esports theme. This allows you to play casino games while utilizing the deposit methods of Unikrn.

Unikrn Connekt hooks up to your in-game profiles, allowing you to track your stats and collect rewards based on how you perform. Similar to Umode, this is a great feature for incorporating your own gameplay into the equation.

Unikrn Loot draws are daily draws that can give you bonuses payouts, gaming skins, hardware, software and accessories along with crypto and other rewards. These are essentially raffles, but with a really well-chosen pack of prizes.

CONCLUSION – Key findings in our Unikrn review

Unikrn have managed to put together an esports betting service that is sure to be of interest to all Overwatch fans. We found that this fully licensed site offers an easy way to bet on a variety of esports including Overwatch, and that their prematch and live odds could help you make some decent winnings.

Whilst the inclusion of fancy features like UMode and the Unikrn gold cryptocurrency might be eye-catching, it’s nice to find that Unikrn have also managed to get the basics right. If they could include more information about their betting limits and develop a mobile betting app, then we think that Unikrn will keep going from strength to strength.