Duelbits Betting Review | Is There a Duelbits Sign-Up Bonus for Esports Betting?

Updated June 2024
50% Rakeback Offer
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  • Plenty of esports betting markets available with the competitive odds
  • Good range of payment methods including in cryptocurrency
  • Industry standard player safety and security

When it was founded in 2020, Duelbits established itself as a CSGO skin gambling platform. Once upon a time, Duelbits operated a P2P CSGO skin trading marketplace, as well as offering bettors the ability to quite literally gamble using CSGO skins. However, a crackdown by Valve, the creator of CSGO, meant that the skin gambling market was impacted quite heavily. Today, Duelbits operates as a stock-standard betting site and casino, and it does so quite well. So well, in fact, that we’re here to bring you an in-depth Duelbits betting review.

This platform is rapidly growing in terms of popularity and the overall offering found on the site. It’s a betting platform with a relatively large following and it boasts a clean, modern aesthetic that is appealing to most betting fans. If you’re interested in esports betting, traditional sports betting, or casino games, this might just be the platform for you.

Read on and check out the full Duelbits betting review if this platform is one you want to invest in.

Welcome Bonus: Is There a Duelbits Sign-Up Bonus?

Fortunately, betting at Duelbits couldn’t be easier, and it all begins with the sign-up journey. In the modern world of online gambling, whether you’re trying to bet on esports or traditional sports, the bonuses are where many customers become attracted to a platform. Currently, the top Duelbits sign-up bonus is a ‘rakeback’ offer, and there are a few simple steps to follow to unlock this offer.


For those that haven’t heard of the term before, a rakeback is a rewards method that has existed for more than 15 years in online gambling. It’s a relatively basic and stock-standard offer that sees operators return part of the ‘rake’ or entry fees paid by a player as an added bonus that boosts user retention. Now, the ‘rake’ is the portion of winnings that the operator claims from the games and bets in order to offset the cost of actually operating the platform.

With Duelbits, bettors can sign up to the site and unlock a 50% rakeback offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re placing wagers on football matches or betting on esports live, this offer is open to all new users.

It’s as simple as following these steps:

  1. Register with Duelbits and complete your betting profile.
  2. Make a deposit and play, placing wagers on whatever you desire.
  3. Recieve a 50% rakeback.

According to Duelbits, there are instant, daily, weekly, and monthly rakebacks up for grabs.

Duelbits Esports Betting Markets

If your betting at Duelbits is focused on esports betting markets, you can rest assured that you’re getting a good deal. While the Duelbits esports betting options are essentially ‘mixed in’ with the regular sports markets, they’re quite diverse and readily available. If you’re coming to Duelbits to use it as a CSGO betting site, for example, you’re in luck – there are CSGO markets aplenty.

Duelbits Esports Betting

Unfortunately, other esports-focused competitors do have an edge over Duelbits for the simple reason that the esports markets are more visible. There’s an esports betting advertisement on the Duelbits homepage, but it essentially ends there. Furthermore, there are no promotions or bonuses in place exclusively for esports bettors, which can leave them feeling left out in the cold. If you’re a traditional sports betting fan, you’re mostly covered, but if you’re trying to bet on Dota 2, you’ll not have any extra advantages for doing so with Duelbits.

With that being said, the markets are ample, the odds are competitive, and the site is remarkably easy to navigate. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t use Duelbits as an esports betting site, but as part of this Duelbits betting review, we will say that esports betting isn’t the platform’s strongest suit.

Is Duelbits Safe and Legit?

There’s no reason to suspect that Duelbits is not a safe and legitimate platform. Even the most cursory search will reveal that Duelbits has never suffered from any breaches, hacks, or breakdowns in service, and it’s a popular enough platform with its users. It boasts industry-standard SSL encryption, as well as a communicative and dynamic support function. This betting platform is an advocate for responsible gambling, and it supports users that want to take a break or seek help with gambling addictions.

Betting at Duelbits

In terms of geographic legality, Duelbits is currently restricted in the following regions:

  • Aruba, Australia, Bonaire, Curacao, Denmark, France, Malta, The Netherlands, Saba, Statia, St. Maarten, Singapore, the United Kingdom, Spain, and the USA. This includes all of the named Nations’ Territories.

If we look at the regulation behind the platform, we can easily find out that Duelbits boasts a Curacao gambling license. This is a relatively common license and it’s not the easiest thing to obtain, further boosting the legitimacy of the platform.

When it comes to financial management, Duelbits accepts deposits and offers withdrawals in a wide range of methods. There is even extensive support on the platform for cryptocurrency-based deposits, further proving how progressive the platform truly is. Here are the payment methods available on Duelbits:

  • Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Solana, CSGO P2P, Dogecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Webmoney, PaySafeCard.

Other Features on Duelbits

Ultimately, there’s a diverse and varied assortment of things to see and do on the Duelbits platform. If you’re coming here for Valorant betting or to bet on tennis matches, you’re covered, but what else is there to do outside of playing traditional betting markets?

Firstly, and most obviously, there’s the Duelbits casino, which serves as the backbone of the platform itself. This casino is well-stocked with some of the best games in the business, made by the most prolific developers. There’s a huge array of titles for bettors to enjoy, ranging from slots and live games to traditional table games. There are also several unique games to be found on Duelbits, and they simply serve to bolster the offering already available at the foundational level.


For instance, there’s ‘Mines’, a modern-day take on the classic game, Minesweeper. There’s also a game called Plinko, which, again, is a modern take on an old-school game that sees tokens drop down through a board lined with a pyramid of pegs. When the tokens hit the bottom, they land in one of many sections that have different outcomes, which in this case, are boosts on your initial stake.

Finally, Duelbits offers a game called Crash, which is a common enough sight in the world of online betting. If you’re a veteran bettor, you’ll already know what Crash is simply by hearing the name.

So, Should You Bet With Duelbits?

Let’s wrap up this Duelbits betting review by answering this ultimate question. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest your time, money, and effort with Duelbits. It’s a fantastic platform that has risen in popularity relatively quickly. It offers everything the modern bettor needs, from a casino to esports betting markets and from sports markets to unique games. There’s a progressive model in place that permits users to bet using cryptocurrency, and overall, it’s a safe, reliable, and reputable platform.

If you want to start betting at Duelbits, there honestly is no time like the present.

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