DJ Esports Betting Review: Crypto and Gaming Truly Combined

Updated June 2024
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Today, the discussions that are occurring regarding esports and cryptocurrency are blowing up. With each passing hour, the two industries become increasingly intertwined, and platforms like DJ Esports are adding exciting fuel to that searing fire. We’re talking about industries that are driven by the digital, adored by the technical, and supported by similar infrastructure. Now, we’re bringing you a comprehensive DJ Esports betting review, to let you know how attractive this up-and-coming platform is.

If you’re interested in cryptocurrency, esports betting, or betting on streamers, then you’ll want to stay tuned.

DJ Esports Betting Review: Bridging the Gap

DJ Esports is a very new platform, having only been established in March of 2021. However, in the brief time that the platform has been operating, it has proven itself as an already-dominant force in the market. It offers dynamic esports betting markets that are so high-paced and popular, you could consider them disruptive. As a platform, DJ Esports subscribes to a DeFI model, offering crypto-in and crypto-out options to all its bettors.

Image Credit: DJ Esports

Primarily, when you’re using DJ Esports for your esports bets, you’ll be depositing and withdrawing in the world’s most popular digital currencies. And, you’ll be placing those bets on history’s finest esports titles: League of Legends, CSGO, Dota 2, Valorant, and many more. Reportedly, DJ Esports uses a revolutionary and in-house AI, as well as an ‘Esports Matrix Data’ program to truly create best-in-the-business odds and markets.

On the crypto side, DJ Esports allegedly offers the lowest transaction costs compared to all major competitors. So, let’s say you’re taking in a little DJ Esports League of Legends betting using Bitcoin; you can do so knowing the crypto betting terms are fair and it won’t cost an arm and a leg in fees. In a world of esports bookmakers, DJ Esports is making waves.

Packing out the Platform

Many betting platforms offer odds and markets, and that’s really it. However, DJ Esports goes one step further, offering bettors in-depth statistics, analytics, and head-to-head data on teams, players, and competitions. If you’re deeply interested in esports betting, it’s a goldmine of information and one that you can certainly benefit from. For newcomers, the information is invaluable, and it offers them the ability to effortlessly learn about the competitors they’re betting on.

Furthermore, DJ Esports offers a never-before-seen option of betting on streamers as they contend in their live matches. It’s a remarkable inclusion, and it allows bettors to get involved with the gamers they love most, and potentially win a little money while doing so. There’s ultimately no downside to it, and it just furthers the profile and brand of these streamers, particularly the more skilled ones.

Image Credit: DJ Esports

For this DJ Esports betting review, we simply have to point out that this is easily one of the top crypto betting sites. In fact, the developers behind DJ Esports have created a revolutionary token known as DJT, a utility token used in and around the platform itself. When users sign up to DJ Esports, they’ll be gifted 1500 DJT, to allow them to start betting immediately. It’s best known as a ‘playcoin’, and offers no inherent value outside of the platform, but it can help you win crypto prizes if you take part in DJ Esports’ ingenious on-platform tournaments.

The DJ Esports coin is one of the first of its kind, and it’ll easily pave the way for further integrations just like it.

DJ Esports Betting Review: Bonuses and Promos

It wouldn’t be a DJ Esports betting review if we didn’t mention the welcome bonuses and promotional offers on display. For example, DJ Esports offers a princely 50% deposit bonus on all first deposits on the platform, when using the promo code DJES50. There are terms and conditions to consider, but ultimately, it’s a very welcome introduction to the DJ Esports betting platform. In order to claim the bonus, you will need to join their Discord channel and ask the operator.

But joining the discord group will also help you stay up to date with all the weekly bonuses and promotions.

Every week, you can pick up bonuses on your deposits based on the actual amount you are depositing. It’s essentially money for nothing, and it can be used to fund all your crypto betting activities.

Regardless of what you’re betting on, whether it’s LoL betting, Call of Duty League betting, or Dota 2 betting, DJ Esports has you covered with its bonuses.

There are also entertaining, exciting, and in-depth tournaments held on the platform itself. In a way, these are also promotional, as they give bettors the opportunity to earn huge crypto prizes just for placing esports bets. Let’s explore that concept in the next section.

DJ Esports: the Worlds Prediction Series

In August of 2021, DJ Esports revealed a lucrative and exciting on-platform tournament called the Worlds Prediction Series. This was launched in conjunction with the iconic League of Legends World Championship, and it came hand-in-hand with massive crypto prizes. However, it wasn’t a one-time competition, and DJ Esports has already vowed to repeat the tournament on a yearly basis. But what exactly is the DJ Esports League of Legends Worlds Prediction Series?

Image Credit: DJ Esports

Essentially, it’s a multi-tiered tournament that allows bettors to climb the ranks based on their betting performance. If you win bets and acquire more DJT, the DJ Esports token, you’ll ascend the ranks and earn bigger and better prizes. It’s marketed as a ‘no-risk, free-to-play’ tournament, and prizes are issued in – you guessed it – cryptocurrency. Should the skilled bettors reach the highest tier – Grand Master Analyst – they’ll pick up a prize worth 300,000 USDT.

For this DJ Esports review, it’s yet another example of why this platform is gaining in popularity with each passing day. Aside from the extensive DJ Esports bonus and promo schemes on offer, and the ‘30,000’ markets, there are also exciting tournaments to contend with!

Building a Community Through Crypto Betting

DJ Esports doesn’t just work on-platform but also off-platform, to serve the community. It’s a mission at DJ Esports to promote a healthy and friendly environment for its users, wherein they can celebrate gaming collaboratively. To that end, DJ Esports offers a Discord Server that people can join to learn about crypto betting, discuss esports tournaments, and seek assistance regarding the platform.

Discord and gaming go together like peanut butter and jelly, so it makes sense that this is the mode of choice for the platform’s developers. Furthermore, DJ Esports boasts a 24/7 support system that can assist bettors with any queries and concerns. In fact, DJ Esports’ platform as a whole is stable, secure, and reliable, and the DJ Esports betting reviews across the board are positive.

So, if at any point you get an itch to dive into DJ Esports League of Legends betting, or maybe to throw down a wager on Dota 2 or Rainbow Six, you know where to go. This is a reputable and growing platform, and if you’re interested in crypto betting, you’ll do no wrong using DJ Esports to win a little money.

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