22bet Review – Is 22bet the best option for your esports bets?

Updated May 2024
122% deposit match up to €50
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  • Huge variety of payment options
  • Extensive live betting markets for most esports events
  • Wide selection of bonus offers for new and existing customers

Finding a great and reliable betting place is a little like beating the odds – yes, you could just get lucky, but most likely, a fair bit of industry knowledge and research is required. We are here to make this easier so that you can focus on the fun bits: betting on Overwatch.

This is our review of 22Bet esports betting and their services. If you are looking for a clean, no-nonsense experience without missing out on any good features, 22Bet esports is a great choice, both for experienced and first-time bettors.


22Bet quick overview:

  • Wide range of bonus offers;
  • Broad coverage of Overwatch esports events;
  • Extensive live betting section.

New customers receive an extra €50 on their first deposit.

Bonus offers are a pretty important aspect when it comes to selecting a good bookmaker. While they don’t affect the betting experience as such, they can make the difference between a good bookmaker and a great one. 22Bet esports is about as good as they come here.

The initial bonus for sign-ups is 122% on a player’s first deposit up to $/€ 50, as well as 22 bet points. The player’s second deposit also gets a bonus – 22% up to $/€ 50 and again, 22 bet points. In order to qualify for these bonuses, players must sign up and complete their profiles as well as wager within the first seven days of sign-up.

From there on, the site offers multiple additional bonuses, including a Friday and Wednesday Reload offer that also adds a bonus to whatever sum is deposited up to a certain amount. Offer-wise, few sites can compete with the variety that 22Bet esports offers, especially since many other sites don’t have ongoing offers and focus more on first-time bonuses.

Place all your Overwatch bets at 22Bet

22Bet offers odds both for traditional sports and for esports. Their extensive esports section covers, of course, Overwatch as well as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, Fifa, Hearthstone, Street Fighter V, Starcraft 2 and even games like King of Glory and NBA2K. Each of the different esports is separated by leagues or competition, allowing you to quickly navigate to the games you care about the most.

In addition to simply betting on the outcome of matches, 22Bet also allows you to bet on certain occurrences within a game. In the case of League of Legends for example, this could be things like first blood, first to destroy inhibitors or first to destroy a tower. CS:GO on the other hand often offers bets on who will reach the finals of a competition as well as the overall winning team. Like LoL, Dota 2 offers overall kills, first blood and winning team bets.

As for the covered events, there is everything from qualifiers to final matches, allowing you to bet at every stage of the games. As far as Overwatch is concerned, the available opportunities depend on the individual game and tournament, but they are pretty comprehensive.

22Bet offers 24hour response

22Bet has some of the clearest terms and conditions out there. They are easy to understand, laid out simply and plainly on one page and allow even inexperienced users to find their way around easily. In addition to that, 22Bet offers 24hour response times to the tickets that users can log on the Contact Us page.

For bettors on the go, 22Bet also features a live chat. If no support agent is available, the messages are replied to via email instead. As for instructions for beginners, there are several pages that explain how to place bets and how to get started, but for more advanced issues and problems with the site, users need to contact customer support.

Said customer support is friendly, helpful and usually doesn’t take long to reply at all, even during peak times. While you may still miss a game or two waiting for a response, users can be sure that they will get a satisfying reply from customer service.

Huge variety of payment as well as withdrawal options, including Bitcoin

This is where 22Bet really sets itself apart from other sites: They offer a huge variety of payment as well as withdrawal options. They are all laid out and explained on the Payment Methods page, which means the whole process is simple and transparent for the user.

From bank transfers to credit and debit options as well as e-wallets, there are several options available. One of the more unusual currencies they deal in are cryptocurrencies, mobile top-ups, evouchers and more. Neatly laid out on their payments page are over 200 different accepted payment methods.

These different bookmaker deposit methods each have a clear indication of whether there is a service charge or not and whether the approved payment is instant or not. Very few if any of them do and deposits are instantaneous. On the withdrawal side of things there aren’t as many options, but the available ones once again include common options like Visa, MasterCard, various online payment systems and even various cryptocurrencies.

This huge variety of options opens the site up to a wider variety of bettors and players than many others that are often limited to just a few different ways of transferring. It’s also worth noting that withdrawals also don’t usually incur service charges, and that the minimum amounts are usually only around the 1$ mark. Withdrawal times are anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours, which is also more than reasonable.

Licensed by the Government of Curacao

Perhaps because of all the different varieties and deposit and withdrawal options, 22Bet has some excellent security features built into their site, including encryption for all bank transfers, withdrawals, deposits and more. Multiple encryption services run to protect your assets from fraud and other issues.

In addition to that, there is also a dedicated fraud contact line available to help bettors who are concerned that their details, winnings or deposits may have been stolen or compromised. As for placing bets safely and securely – no downloads or software is necessary to do so. In order to place a bet from your computer, all that is needed is access to a stable internet connection and your personal login information that should never be shared with anyone else.

Mobile betting is just as easy and can be done from a simple web-page, and thus doesn’t require the downloading or installing of any apps. The variety of payment options also serves as a security measure – options like cryptocurrencies provide greater safety and anonymity than direct bank transfers or credit card payments do for example. For 22Bet safety is a matter of utmost importance, and it’s acquired a license from the Government of Curacao to ensure thorough gambling procedures.

Competitive odds for Overwatch events

Along with safety and betting offers, odds are also a major factor in selecting a good bookmaker. While just about every bookmaker out there promises ‘competitive odds’ that is rather vague and doesn’t always mean you’ll really get good odds at all.

This is not the case with 22Bet at all. Their odds are neatly presented in decimals and update regularly, to allow for live betting on both Overwatch and other esports. Compared to all the best esports betting sites, 22Bet offers solid odds that accurately reflect the reality of the games in question.

There is also an extensive affiliate program which allows them to offer better odds than other providers – one of their best offers is for the Overwatch Contenders series. All information is clearly presented on the front-page, including an easy-to-understand live table that features current and on-going events. Players can make accurate betting decisions in seconds, based on the newest and most up-to-date info available.

Statistics, results and additional info are also available, letting players make informed decisions at the drop of a hat.

Clear Layout which is easy to use

The site has a clear layout with most of the action taking place on the front-page. Users navigate to their preferred Overwatch tournament game (or another esport) via a side panel, and within those tabs they can then select whatever event they are most interested in. Match titles, division of games into genres and specific categories makes it easy to find the right option among the many on offer.

While other pages may occasionally try to confuse the bettor by throwing a whole lot of unnecessary information at them, 22Bet simply shows exactly what is needed for the bettor to make an informed decision on their next bet. The users have easy access to statistics for both real world sporting events and esports, as well as information on live events.

Each match page also has an easy to use and quick betting form on the right which allows for quick bets before the odds change again. Especially when it comes to live bets and for bettors that love to wait until the last moment, an option to quickly place a bet can be essential.

Extensive selection of live betting odds

Live bets are becoming more and more important in esports as the community and interest in them grows. 22Bet offers a good selection of live betting opportunities for most traditional sporting events as well as high profile esports events.

Their esports section is particularly strong and present when it comes to matches and competitions like the Contenders matches in Overwatch. Live matches are always shown at the top of the list making for a quick and easy overview of them and the ongoing odds of the games.

Additionally, there is also a guide for beginners on how to participate in the live betting as well as some advice for first-timers on how to best get through live games and live bets.

Daily limit of 600.000€

Compared to other sites, 22Bet has slightly higher limits. The returns are limited to 600.000€ or the equivalent in another currency. The maximum prices for each match are set individually by the partners of the event. In order to see these limits, you need to already have an account with 22Bet. While individual bets and games may have stricter limits, the general 600.000€ limit allows users to play for some hefty winnings anyway.

The resulting earnings can be withdrawn whenever the user wants to, with a minimum amount of $/€ 1. There are no specific withdrawal limits and users are free to withdraw whenever and using whatever method they wish.

Wide selection of traditional sports betting and casino games

In addition to the esports on offer, 22Bet also has a huge selection of traditional sports to choose from and bet on. In addition to that, the site also offers several hundred different slot games, roulette and blackjack bets.

On the site itself, there is also a top events section that features the most popular bets across the entire site at any given time. The individual betting page is also a nice feature – in games where teams compete, the logos of each team as well as individual odds are displayed. In the case of games with individual characters, an image is displayed with the name.

The online casino is probably one of the best extra features 22Bet has to offer. The sheer amount of available activities here would be more than enough to be a stand-alone site. For players looking for a combination of betting and casino play, 22Bet is the perfect choice.

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