US Presidential Election Betting Tips & Odds 2020

Find the Best 2020 US Presidential Betting Odds
us presidential election betting tips

Tuesday 3 November will see one of the most thrilling elections of all-time. This is because the 59th US presidential election will be between the hugely controversial incumbent Donald Trump and the Democrat challenger Joe Biden. Already the 2020 presidential election odds are getting incredibly tight and it’s looking like the battle is going to go right down to the wire.

In the red corner, Donald Trump will be hoping to stay in office for the Republican party. While in the blue corner, Joe Biden is putting in a real challenge to gain the presidency for the Democrats. So will Trump win 2020? Who has the best presidential betting odds? Read our presidential election betting tips to find out all of the answers about this defining moment in history.

All about betting on US election 2020

This promises to be a US presidential election like no other. It will be held against the formidable backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic, deep social unrest over the police killing of George Floyd and a growing wave of far-right rhetoric in many US states. As such, the election will be a real test of the democratic system in the United States.

It’s already been a circus for the political media. With some chaotic presidential debates and Donald Trump being hospitalised for Covid-19, it’s little wonder that many people are looking to bet on presidential election.

Simply put, it’s a straightforward race between Trump and Biden for the White House. But the US electoral system is full of quirks that must be factored in when betting on presidential betting odds. Remember that Trump gained the presidency despite earning fewer votes than Hillary Clinton in 2016.

This means that it’s the next few days of campaigning in key states like Florida and Ohio that could be pivotal when betting on US election. So forget about virtual sports betting tips for one moment, and look forward to betting on the biggest political event of the 21st century.

Rating the Trump odds

Ordinarily, Donald Trump would have little hope of retaining his presidency. The Covid-19 pandemic has lead to the deaths of over 225,000 Americans, and its effects have ravaged everything from employment levels to the economy. Plus there is little denying the fact that Trump’s outspoken personality has led to him becoming the most hated US president of all time.

But Trump isn’t like other politicians. He has repeatedly managed to frame the debate and stoke the fears of the so-called ‘silent majority’. Much of this has seen Trump blaming anybody who isn’t white, male and wealthy for the country’s ills. The tactic worked wonders by getting him into the White House last time around. But the current presidential betting odds suggest that Trump will need a small miracle on Tuesday.

Ranking the Joe Biden odds

Joe Biden had to fight hard to gain the nomination to be the Democrats presidential candidate. This saw him positioning himself as a centralist as opposed to more left-wing candidates like Bernie Sanders. While the tactic initially proved divisive, it seems to be finding him support in some surprising areas.

Biden has emerged to be a popular choice among women and older voters. Plus simply by playing the straight man to the wildcard of Trump, he has recently gained the odds US presidents would want just days before going to the polls. But whether Biden has what it takes to get his message across the circus that is a Donald Trump presidency remains to be seen.

Picking a betting market – president, winning party, turnout and more

At the moment all top bookmakers have very close odds for both Biden and Trump to win the US presidency. While Biden might have slightly shorter odds, even a bet on Trump won’t get you much of a return on your stakes. So if you were to pick a truly profitable betting market, president bets might not be the way forward. Here are some other interesting ways to enjoy betting on US election.

  • Official turnout: The US has frequently been criticised for inspiring a low turnout at its elections. But this year’s divisive presidential election promises to be different. This is why many bookmakers are putting on odds for there to be over a 60% turnout which would smash the 55.7% statistic reached in 2016.
  • Tipping point: Lots of people will bet on presidential election in terms of which state’s results will be the tipping point that will seal the overall victory. The favourite is currently thought to be Pennsylvania, although other states like Florida, Wisconsin and even Arizona could provide the results that make history.
  • State betting: Many will also enjoy betting on US election in terms of individual states. This is something that can prove exciting when betting on those battle-line states like Florida that are always very close. If you really fancy your luck, then try betting on the Democrats to win the state of Alabama – currently at very long odds of 19.00.

Other popular betting markets: It’s always interesting to see how creative bookmakers get with their presidential election betting markets. You’ll be able to bet on the vote percentage and electoral college votes enjoyed by both Biden and Trump. Plus you can vote on the state won by the smallest margin, or even key states won by both the Republicans and Democrats. All of which means that you should do plenty of shopping around to find the best value bets.

Finding the best 2020 president election odds

Given the sheer scale of the US presidential election, it’s little surprise to find that nearly all decent bookmakers will give you odds for betting on US election. This means that you should be able to go to some of the biggest European bookmakers like Bet365 and Betway and get very competitive odds.

However, it can also be worth checking out some newer online betting sites like 22Bet and TonyBet where you might find more specialist betting markets. Don’t forget that betting sites with US origins like DraftKings will always take special interest in bets on American politics. Plus bookmakers like Pinnacle have earned a good record of serving up competitive odds for all major events. All of which shows that you’ll get plenty of choices when you choose to bet on presidential election.

Odds US president winner

Tips for betting on US election

It’s evident that this election is going to be very hard to predict. Millions of dollars have been spent on producing polls that aim to give a good indication of what’s likely to happen. But as the presidential elections of 2016 showed, these polls can often be very misleading. So here are the three likely scenarios for what could happen on Tuesday.

Trump defies the pollsters and wins the presidency again

By looking at a current state of the electoral betting market President Trump should be worried. This is because Biden is the favourite to win. But Trump has shown that he can defy the odds. After all, he managed to alienate many women and most people of colour in 2016 and still gain the presidency.

Biden proves the bookies right at seizes the White House

If the polls are to be believed, this electoral race is Biden’s to lose. Not only is Trump a deeply divisive president, but the ongoing chaos surrounding race relations and the ongoing pandemic should play into Biden’s hands. But we’ve already seen that just about anything can happen on election day.

Could there be a disputed result?

This is the outcome that everybody is fearing. There has already been plenty of controversy about the use of mail-in ballots, and many people have suggested that Trump would question the legitimacy of the election should he lose. Such an outcome would be devastating for US democracy. The defeat of Al Gore by George W Bush in the 2000 election was incredibly close, but it remains to be seen whether Trump would be such a good loser.

US presidential election betting FAQ

The 2020 US presidential election will be held on Tuesday 3 November. The US presidential elections are normally held every four years.

It depends which country you are resident in. Political betting is legal in many countries like the UK. However, all forms of online gambling may be illegal in some US states like Utah. You will obviously have to be of legal age to gamble in your country of residence.

You can bet on presidential race candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden at most online betting sites. You’ll have to create an account and make a deposit in order to bet on the presidential betting odds.

It’s too close to call. Many pollsters think that Joe Biden will win. However, the same polls predicted that Donald Trump wouldn’t win the last election. All of which means that the 2020 presidential election odds are wide open.