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Posted on August 23, 2019 - Last Updated on September 30, 2020

The KIT KAT® Rivalry Weekend in Los Angeles marks the final step of Stage 4 in the OWL. Eight final matches between 10 of the 20 teams will set the stage for postseason and set the final season rankings in stone.

So far, the Vancouver Titans and New York Excelsior have secured their first place finishes in their divisions from the regular season. San Francisco Shock is also well secured in their 2nd spot in Pacific Division. The Hangzhou Spark and LA Gladiators are in a battle for fourth and fifth as Week 5 will determine their W/L record with LA Gladiators holding a higher map differential and Spark being a match ahead currently.

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In the Playoff cutout London Spitfire currently sits at 6th with a 16-12 record tailed by the Atlanta Reign with 14-12 and two matches to play. Reign holds a positive map differential over Spitfire currently and a good 2-0 week would net them the coveted 6th in playoffs. Although, some calculations may be applied and a play towards 7th would net Reign better results as their Playoffs Round 1 would then be NYXL instead of SF Shock, arguably the easier opponent of the two.

Down at the Play-Ins cutout, the Chengdu Hunters have completed their run with a 13-15 run and currently sit at 12th. LA Valiant is on their tail with 2 matches to go and a 12-14 record. A single win would put them ahead of the Hunters and into Play-Ins.

Week 5 is crucial for both the Atlanta Reign and LA Valiant in their respective places in the standings.

With all of the above in mind, let us put down some predictions for the upcoming weekend and see what is on offer in the BET-sphere.

OWL Week 5 Predictions

We begin the predictions breakdown with a few outright bets. Several betting providers have different quotas and odds for this week’s matches so check out our “betting page feature” for your ideal choice.


Place your bets with Betway

The outright best value bet of this week is the match between LA Valiant and LA Gladiators. This week is of utmost importance for Valiant and they are likely to go bananas in this match. With odds varying from 04 to 2.20 this games features the single best value bet of the week. (2.20 available at Betway).


For those seeking to make cumulative/multiple bets the safest bet slip would feature:

  • Reign vs Fuel
  • Reign vs Uprising
  • Shock vs Valiant
  • Uprising vs Excelsior

This should net somewhere between a 1.71 and 1.8 ROI.

Take a chance with ArcaneBet

Finally the highlight of this week’s BET-sphere comes from ArcaneBet. There is multiple ways to bet on offer and all Week 5 matches are featured. An accumulative bet slip on all games would net 21.52 multiplier on your bets. Additional options are also available. We single out the following:

  • ATL vs DAL – Dallas to win at least 1 Map: No
  • SF vs LAV – Valiant to win at least 1 map: Yes
  • SF vs LAV – Map 1 Winner: Shock


Enjoy the upcoming Rivalry Weekend and bet wisely. See you in Play-Ins.

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