The OWL Week 2 matchups you shouldn’t miss

Posted on February 22, 2019 - Last Updated on September 30, 2020

After a tumultuous Week 1 in which we had a few hits and a few misses in our betting predictions. We take a look at what went down in the previous week and what we look forward to in this weeks 16 (12) matches.


At the time of writing we already have one day of action in Week 2 completed. And my oh my was it a doozy. Washington Justice, the most looked-down upon team in the League, managed to give London Spitfire (2:3) an epic run for their money in the first match of Week 2. Considering that the London squad had a horrible start to the season in Week 1, dropping both games to Philadelphia Fusion and Paris Eternal respectively, the start of this week even though challenging is a good way for them to reset their mental block coming into the matchup versus Hangzhou Spark on the 24th at 21:00 CET.

The Philadelphia Fusion was outclassed by the likes of Florida Mayhem in the 2nd matchup of the day (1:2). The upset further proves our previous analysis of the potential held by Florida Mayhem’s BQB and SWON and the ability of the reformed Mayhem to match and go toe to toe with the top teams. In the following two matches both the Guangzhou Charge and the Seoul Dynasty went 4:0 and clean swept against their opponents the Dallas Fuel and the Chengdu Hunter respectively.

Looking ahead, the week has some interesting matchups to watch out for.

Tomorrow the New York Excelsior will battle the Los Angeles Valiant in an attempt to increase their win record and climb to the top of the standings. The Valiant squad had a very close matchup against the current standings leaders the Hangzhou Spark and narrowly lost (2:3). This proves that the matchup against the Excelsior is not one to miss out on.

A few matches after the Excelsior Vs Valiant brawl the second team from Los Angeles, the Gladiators will face the Paris Eternal who are coming hot from Week 1 where they dominated the London Spitfire. The Gladiators themselves are coming from a 1 and 1 record in the previous two matches and are should not too phased by their competition.

The end of the day will be crowned by an intense matchup between the Vancouver Titans and the Guangzhou Charge at midnight. A win for the Titans here puts them neck and neck with leaders Excelsior and Spark at the end of the week.

Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The last competitive day of week two will be marked by another brawl, this time between the Hangzhou Spark and the London Spitfire. While the Spitfire aims to claw back in the standings after a flop in Week 1 the Hangzhou squad is determined to stay atop the standings in their season openers.

The final match of this competitive week is between the Vancouver Titans and the San Francisco Shock. The SanFran squad had a strong season opener against the Dallas squad and only narrowly lost to the LA Gladiators in their Week 1 matchups. They need a win and especially a strong squad like the Titans to prove they are a force to reckon.

Finally, for all our betting aficionados, the safe bets for this week are: 

  • Shanghai Dragons and Philadelphia Fusion to WIN on Day 2
  • New York Excelsior in both of their matchups this week
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