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Posted on April 19, 2019 - Last Updated on September 30, 2020

We are diving deep into the mid-season in the OWL with Stage 2 well underway. As is tradition, we are going to look into five of the most interesting matches coming this weekend. Ben “CaptainPlanet” Trautman came out with a nice ELO analysis and march predictor called OLE 2.0, but what good is this tool when upsets happen every week. Luckily, out crew at bettingtips.gg is right almost ~80% of the time.


Enough patting our own shoulders. We kick off this week’s breakdown with New York Excelsior versus the Atlanta Reign. It seems the NYXL squad was quick to brush off their playoffs mishap and is taking Stage 2 by storm. We might be looking at another undefeated streak for the NY squad as Atlanta is in a phase of readapting their play with their newest roster additions of Andrej “babybay” Francisty and Nathan “frd” Goebel. Easy game for Excelsior.

Next up, the Philadelphia Fusion is taking on the Houston Outlaws. This might not be a simple cookie cutter play for tank Su-Min “Sado” Kim to carry the Fusion to victory. Yet we are confident that Philadelphia will take the win home, but it might be a long series.

In game three the Londoners are taking on Boston Uprising. The Spitfire squad is finally getting its groove coming into Stage 2 after winning their last 3 consecutive matches. Boston Uprising is not far behind; in fact, they are even ahead in total standings. It will come down to Jun-Young “Profit” Park proving why he is part of the championship team to carry the London Spitfire in their victory over Uprising.


It is indeed a tough week for Boston Uprising. Stage 1 playoff winners Vancouver Titans are taking them on soon after the Uprising faces Spitfire. They met last in the Stage 1 Playoffs and the Titans won 3-0. The Uprising squad should put up more of a fight this week but it’s still the Titans game to lose. In the end we call it 3-1 for the Titans.

To close off the week, Atlanta Reign meets the Guangzhou Charge. Two weeks ago we mentioned how the departure of Daniel “Dafran” Francesca might impact the strength of Reign in their matchup versus the London Spitfire. We were right as the Spitfire 4-0 them back then. They didn’t fare any better even versus #18 placed Los Angeles Valiant last week. So it seems the Reign is off on the deep end of underperformance. The Guangzhou Charge is not having a great season either. They are yet to win a game in Stage 2 and it seems a weakened Atlanta Reign is just the team they can beat right now. Honestly, this could be a tossup between either team, in the end we call it an Atlanta Reign win over the narrowest of margins.

With the most contested matchups out of the way. For all our Overwatch esports betting readers, here is our predictions on this weeks remaining matches.

  • New York Excelsior vs Atlanta Reign
  • Philadelphia Fusion vs Houston Outlaws
  • Los Angeles Valiant vs Washington Justice
  • Hangzhou Spark vs Guangzhou Charge
  • London Spitfire vs Boston Uprising
  • Shanghai Dragons vs Florida Mayhem
  • Dallas Fuel vs Seoul Dynasty
  • Los Angeles Gladiators vs Chengdu Hunters
  • Vancouver Titans vs Boston Uprising
  • Houston Outlaws vs Shanghai Dragons
  • Hangzhou Spark vs San Francisco Shock
  • Atlanta Reign vs Guangzhou Charge

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