OWL 2019 power rankings: Pacific Division Top 3

Posted on January 28, 2019 - Last Updated on October 13, 2020

Overwatch Season 2 will be starting up again shortly as the old teams from season 1 fight to remain on top while the next expansion teams will battle to make their name known.  There are two division, Pacific and Atlantic, and while most of the Atlantic Division is power players and all-star teams, I wanted to give my thoughts on who the top 3 teams from the Pacific Division would be.

1. LA Gladiators

I am a huge fan of Contenders and try to watch as many of the games as I can. When most people heard that Fissure and LA Gladiators were parting ways, the general consensus was doom and gloom for Season 2. But what most people fail to acknowledge is that the Gladiators have picked up two outstanding Contenders tanks, one from Kore “rOar” and one from North America, “panker”. These two highly skilled and aggressive tanks will create all the space that their DPS needs to collect the kills and secure games. Obviously, you need a strong DPS lineup to do that though right? Well, LA Gladiators picked up the #1 most sought after player who goes by the name of “Decay”. Decay is a Korean player who did amazing work as Genji, Zarya, and Tracer, with Kongdoo Panthera in Season 2 of Overwatch Contenders leading them all the way to the Grand Finals. Pair him up with Surefour or Hydration and you’re guaranteed to have a heavy hitting season.

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2. Vancouver Titans

Hooreg. Haksal. Jjanu. Honestly, that’s all that needs to be said as to why the Vancouver Titans are going to put the Pacific Division in a strangle-hold and maintain its position as a top competitor. Once again, my Contenders side freaked out when I heard that Vancouver Titans were essentially bringing all of Team Runaway’s Season 2 roster over to the Overwatch League. Equally as important, head coach of Fusion university, the #1 NA Contenders team, will be joining the Titans as their head coach. The war for division leader will be tough for the Titans but with a pre-existing synergy and a few weeks to get back into the swing, I think Vancouver could end up their own eSport version of Remember the Titans.


3. San Francisco Shock

The underdogs of the Pacific Divison, with enough DPS to shred apart tank lines if given the opportunity. The addition of Crusty as a coach is nice and gives me hope that the Shock can pull it together, focus, and flex their star players at all possible time. Many teams in the League boast strong Tank lines, skilled DPS players, or insane Supports, but San Francisco has a mean DPS roster with tanks who can keep on par when things heat up. Overall ti would be nice to have an underdog and in the Atlantic Division and if anyone is going to do it my vote is on San Francisco Shock over LA Valiant.

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