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Every successful esport will try to change the game regularly to keep things fresh and engaging. Overwatch is no different. Overwatch patch notes are released regularly, prompting us to constantly keep track and analyze what the changes mean for the game and our readers. This page is decided to every patch we analyze and how those changes might impact the Overwatch Rankings or your Overwatch betting patterns.

Our goal is to analyze and breakdown every upcoming change and how it might impact the game, the players, and the competitive ecosystem as a whole.

Overwatch patch notes

Overwatch Patch Notes History

Why are Overwatch Patch Notes Important?

Patch notes are boring to read through, and unless you are an analyst they contain very little useful information. For casual players, the minor changes happening between patches won’t change much of the game outcomes. Maybe when new Overwatch Heroes release, one will feel an impact in the game, but overall not many changes. However, when it comes to professional play and the Overwatch League, every patch may bring a massive shift in the meta and best Overwatch players can make the most minute change look like a big deal.

With all that in mind, it’s very important to regularly keep track of Overwatch news, especially if Overwatch League betting is your goal. Your week to week bet slip might change radically when a new patch is introduced.

How often is a new Overwatch Patch Released?

The length of time between patches is not fixed in the world of Overwatch. Changes in the game are made when Blizzard feels there is an imbalance in the game or when the best overwatch teams figure out a way to “break” the game with a tactic that requires the people to Overwatch to make changes to the game.

Generally speaking, you can expect a new patch to be released at least once a month. During a competitive season you need to keep an eye out regularly for the sake of your betting slips. Sometimes, the intensity of patch releases increases and you might see a patch each week or even two or three patches in the span of a week. The changes during these patches are too minor however and don’t deserve that much attention.

Where else can I get information about the latest Overwatch Patch Notes?

There is a ton of resources online to keep you up to date about the latest Overwatch Patch notes. Blizzard Entertainment will of course always update the patch notes at the PlayOverwatch official page. The Overwatch Forums will also instantly host discussions upon every patch release, so remember to give those a looksie.

Another great way to get news about patch notes is the Reddit threads. The community will always have an opinion, regardless of the size and scope of the changes to the game. Finally, every week there is an Overwatch League stream going, commentators and shoutcasters will comment on recent patches and how they are supposed to impact the game. In the end, Overwatch Bets is committed to give you a bit of help to constantly keep yourself at the top.

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