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Posted on August 3, 2020 - Last Updated on March 12, 2021

The new age of heroes in Overwatch 2 is almost upon us. Back in November of 2019, Blizzard announced the expansion of the Overwatch world with a brand new Overwatch 2 trailer and gameplay footage. The game is set to expand the existing lore and add plenty of new game modes and options to the game. A single-player campaign for the PvE players and unique events will be added as well.

The game is still under development and Blizzard Entertainment is keeping a tight seal on all the information about the new title. However, rumors and leaks have been circling around for the better part of the year, and we have taken the effort to compile and tell you everything we know about the second edition of the famous Blizzard’s FPS.

What’s Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 is envisioned as an expansion to the original game with several new additions and elements added to the game. Based on all the information available the competitive aspect of the game will likely remain the same as it is in the original, with minor updates to champions and models. What is new, however, is a whole new lore and story mode for PvE players to enjoy and explore. In essence, this game is a single-player expansion to the world of Overwatch.

Can Overwatch 1 and 2 play together?

All information points towards current Overwatch players being able to play side-by-side with Overwatch 2 players in multiplayer. This includes all the new champions and maps. The story and PvE mode, however, will be exclusive only to those who buy the game.

What will Overwatch 2 be like?

Unlike the original Overwatch, part two will feature both PvE and PvP play. Since its an expansion of Overwatch, it will likely feel and shoot the same way you are used to in the original game. The maps and heroes might however receive updates. The developers have already hinted towards more complex and interesting maps being developed for the game.

Overwatch 2 Release Date

The question about “When Overwatch will be released?“, has been asked almost weekly for the past 10 months. Rumors are widespread, especially since Blizzard does not want to comment and is keeping their lips sealed on the matter. Based on how 2020 is going, we are likely going to see a release in Q4 2020 the earliest or Q2 2021 at the latest. No new content is really coming out for Overwatch, so we can likely expect Blizzard is all hands on deck for Overwatch 2 at this point.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 Price

Based on all information Overwatch 2 should be free-to-play for multiplayer and PvP matches. If you like to play the PvE aspect of Overwatch 2 however, you will need to buy the game.

With the campaign, lore and PvE play being a large part of the game, we can expect a full AAA sized story mode added to the game.

Can you pre-order Overwatch 2?

There is no pre-order available for the game at this date. If you stumble upon a site offering a copy or pre-purchase option for Overwatch it’s likely a scam. Your best bet would be to keep track with Overwatch’s official page for updates about if and when pre-purchase is available.

How much will Overwatch 2 cost?

Based on initial rumors and judging by the size of the PvE content Blizzard is hinting, we can expect the game to cost anywhere between 55 and 70 euros/pound/dollar. Do remember this is only related to the PvE content of the game.

Who will be in Overwatch 2?

We can expect all the released Overwatch characters to be present in Overwatch 2. Likely some will receive a re-design or brand new lore as the story mission expands. There is however some rumors about what the upcoming Overwatch Heros are. This is who know so far:

  • Sojourn – The first officially confirmed character in Overwatch 2. Sojourn will be a big part of the Story mode and Lore.
  • Junk(er) Queen – The queen of Junkertown, her voice can be heard while playing the namesake map. Her lore is likely tied to Junkrat, Wrecking Ball or Roadhog.
  • Kyung-soo “King” Han – The main antagonist of D’va, King was part of the Exo-Force and her esports rival. He is a likely addition to the off-tank lineup.

Sojourn Overwatch

Overwatch 2 Leaks & Rumors

Release date leak?

Back in January 2020, Playstation Brasil made a tweet hinting that Overwatch 2 will be released on PS4 during the year. The Tweet was quickly pulled down but a screenshot still remains in the archives and is regularly shared between fans eagerly awaiting the release. We believe the “leak” was just a mistake on Playstation Brasil’s part as no new information has been made available from Blizzard over the past 6 months.

PlayStation Brasil Twitter about Overwatch 2

Potential Physical Release

A potential physical release of the game has been rumored for quite a while now. Three different online stores have listed Overwatch 2 in the hard-copy format as available for pre-order. In all three scenarios, the page was amended or taken down within days. Based on the expectations this information created, Blizzard might be forced to create the physical copy regardless if they planned to or not.

Will Overwatch 2 be cross-platform?

During a recent Reddit AMA, Jeff Kaplan the lead behind OW 2 gave hints towards the cross-play in the new release. While not offering a definitive answer he hinted that Blizzard is indeed looking into cross-platform and cross-play support for Overwatch 2. Additionally, there are rumors that Blizzard wants to address balance issues between Console and PC players before going cross-platform, a problem that persists in current cross-play titles.

Esports and the impact on Overwatch betting

Overwatch betting is no longer a niche market with the bookmakers. With most competitive play likely moving over to the new title we can expect the transition between the two titles to go seamlessly. The worst-case scenario is that Overwatch odds might take a hit while the bookies realize which team performs better in the new title, but the change will be likely temporary.

All you betting aficionados, need not worry.  If any changes arise, we will be the first to update you with all the new information.

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