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Betting on Academy Awards

Posted on April 10, 2021

The Oscars are the most anticipated awards of the year for movie fans. They are an excellent opportunity for punters, as bookmakers have added awards betting to their portfolios. There’s a lot of information readily available for punters ahead of the ceremony, so they can make an educated decision. Oscar 2021 predictions can further help punters in their quest of maximizing the return on investment. We take a closer look at the mainstream and special betting markets to make Academy Awards betting profitable.

How does Betting on Oscars Work?

In 2021 the ceremony is scheduled for April 26 and the Academy Awards won’t have an audience. This would make the event any less exciting and betting on Oscars could be just as lucrative. There are fewer statistics available for punters and past performance has a lesser impact in predicting future results. Some historical trends, as well as the latest news should be factored in when betting on Academy Awards.

The first step is to understand the voting system, as it will weigh heavily in deciding the winner. There are more than 8000 members in the 17 branches and they are the ones dominating actors, directors etc for the awards. They all nominate the Best Picture Award, so this is obviously the most important category. All the members of the Academy vote for every award, so there is plenty of room for surprises.

The Oscars betting system can focus on one or more categories, based on the punters expectations and experience. Members choose nominees in each category and cast a single vote, with all the ballots being tallied to pick winners. Oscars betting odds are influenced by several factors, but in most cases, the race is a lopsided one. This is the case with other forms of entertainment betting, so this type of wagering requires a slightly different approach.

Oscars Betting Tips for Beginners

One of the best Oscars betting tips is to bet on actors and movies that are likely to rank in the top three, instead of going all-in with a polarizing movie or controversial actor. The odds can be quite high and these are the situations in which surprises are more likely to occur. Bookmakers publish the odds well in advance and they adjust them as the ceremony kick-off draws near. This gives punters sufficient time to follow the trends and base their Oscar 2021 predictions on the recent performance of the nominees.

Well before the Academy Awards ceremony crowns its winners, movies, actors and directors are rewarded for their achievements. The Golden Globe Awards, the Screen Actor Guild and the British Academy Film Awards are a few worthy examples. On one hand, they provide additional opportunities for betting on awards, on the other they provide insight on how the Oscars can unfold. It makes perfect sense that a nominee that exceeded expectations in the ceremonies would also perform well at the Oscars.

Following the momentum is one way of tackling the challenge of making accurate Oscar 2021 predictions. There are other things at play and perhaps the most relevant ones have to do with winning formulas. Movies that were based on true stories, wartime dramas and those exploring the film industry have always performed well. Recently, films looking at race relations frequently exceed expectations and should always be considered when crafting an Oscars betting system.

Where can I find the Best Oscars Betting Odds?

Finding a bookmaker where betting on Academy Awards is possible shouldn’t be a problem nowadays. All the important sports books have a category dedicated to entertainment and awards betting, with the Oscars being at the cornerstone of these sections. The only challenge for punters is to find the best odds and the greatest diversity of betting markets.

Betway is a well-rounded bookmaker that has always dedicated ample coverage to entertainment betting. You can bet on the 2021 Oscars in all the important categories and take advantage of competitive odds. These have been published sometime ago, so savvy punters can monitor the trends and make an informed decision. Combinations of bets are accepted, and accumulators can include awards and sports bets.

bet365 sports is another great solution for punters to diversify their gambling habits. Academy Awards betting is their specialty and the odds are as good as those offered to sporting and non-sporting events. bet365 is famous for its live betting section, with streams for major sports and esports competitions. The Oscars won’t be streamed on their website, but the ceremony is broadcasted live in most countries.

oscars 2021 predictions

The Best Oscars 2021 Predictions

The most important category at the Oscars is the Best Picture and in 2021, Nomadland is the favorite. Odds of only 1.20 don’t necessarily hold a lot of value, with The Trial of the Chicago 7 being a more promising underdog at 8.50. Promising Young Woman and Minari have even better odds above 10.00.

No other race is more lopsided than the one for the best actor. Chadwick Boseman who tragically passed away is expected to crush competitors and win posthumously. Don’t expect more than 1.05 for his role in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom. The odds are insignificant, but this is a certain bet for risk-averse punters.

Carey Mulligan is likely to walk away with the award for the Best Actress. Her memorable performance in Promising Young Woman should deliver the prize, but Viola Davis will be a strong contender. The odds on her winning have dropped steadily and currently stand at 3.00, so she is worth considering.

Other exciting categories for those betting on Academy Awards include best animated feature film, Best Director, Best Documentary Film, Best International Film and Best Original Screenplay. Animated Film Soul is head and shoulders above competitors with odds of 1.05, ahead of Wolfwalkers and Onward. Chloe Zhao should walk away with the Best Director Award, as reflected by the odds of 1.10.

My Octopus Teacher’s popularity has surged in the Best Documentary Film category and overtook Time. It is now the main favorite with odds of 1.65 as opposed to 3.00, while Colectiv comes in the third place. Another Round towers high in the Best International Film category, while Promising Young Woman has odds of 1.45 and is expected to win the Best Original Screenplay award.

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