Overwatch has a new Viewer for The World Cup

Posted on November 2, 2018 - Last Updated on September 16, 2020

Want to experience all of the Overwatch action from a truly unique perspective? Blizzard has introduced a brand new tool to let you do just that. The Overwatch World Cup Viewer will allow fans from around the world to get up-close and personal for every play of the game, as well as follow their favorite team’s highs and lows over the coming rounds of competition.

Fans can select first or third-person camera perspectives of their chosen players and follow right alongside them as matches unfold. If that doesn’t appeal, there is an eye in the sky, top-down aerial view of the playing field as well as a worm’s-eye view for watching things close to the ground.

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For viewers unable to make it online at the time of the matches themselves, the replays will be available online for up to a month after the event. This gives players the ability to watch tactics, learn new team combos and study just how the pro’s do it, all at their leisure.

The viewer is already available for download, so it’s a great time to install it and get used to the controls. There are several keyboard shortcuts to master that will allow you to quickly and easily jump between each player, freely roam around the map and stay right on top of the match as it unfolds.

If you’re looking to pick up some tips, it helps to watch not only your favorite player but also their opponents. It’s a great way to learn how to dodge certain attacks or set up team plays. Matches can also be sped up and slowed down, so if you want to really hone in on a certain move you absolutely can.

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There is also a very nice map overlay, which allows you to track players, status’ and map objectives more easily. Combined with the high-position camera it becomes really easy to watch all aspects of the game in real-time. Not only this, but it’s possible to set up and favorite custom camera positions. So, whether you want to watch capture points, or observe bottle-necks it’s a great idea to plan out where you’d like to position the camera’s you’ll switch between before each map starts.

It is worth noting that while the feature is still in beta test, its still a great time to give it a try. You can be part of the development process and experience tweaks and improvements as Blizzard make them.

If you’re tuning into the quarterfinals later today at BlizzCon, it would be worth giving the viewer a go so that you experience some unique and exciting new perspectives of the world cup final rounds. If you’re at the live event itself, there will no doubt be plenty of plays shown using this very tool so you’ll still get to see what it has to offer. Either way, with the finals just a day away there’s no better time to turn on a screen and watch the climax of a very exciting Overwatch World Cup 2018.

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