New Overwatch team Washington Justice announces itself

Posted on December 5, 2018 - Last Updated on September 22, 2020

Of course, the fact that the Overwatch League expanded and added eight new teams to its line-up is hardly news at this point – fans were pretty happy with the new additions. The last and latest of the eight new teams is Washington Justice, unsurprisingly based in Washington.

The new team just revealed their branding to the world this Monday. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the team is quite patriotic, featuring red, blue and white colours, a W for the nation’s capital of course, and even a star on the emblem of the team.

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Washington Justice belongs to Washington Esports Ventures – CEO of the Group in charge of it, Venturehouse Group, Mark Ein, had plenty to say on the big reveal of the team’s stripes and spangles.

“Justice is a universal value and the perfect name for a franchise that we hope will inspire and unite both our Washington area community and fans around the globe. There is no region in the world that attracts more people to serve the cause of justice in government, philanthropy, academia, military service, and the private sector than Washington. In fact, DC’s official city motto is ‘Justitia Omnibus,’ which translates to ‘Justice for All. As a team representing the broader (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia) region, it was important that our team identity reflects a value that unifies all of our community members, representing the full diversity of backgrounds and beliefs.”

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The big question still remaining is who the actual players of the team are going to be. While the positions are already fixed, they haven’t been announced yet – some other staffing positions have, though. One name in particular sticks out – Kyoung Ey Molly ‘Avalla’ Kim.

She will be the team’s coach, setting an important precedent – she will be the first female OWL coach in the entire line-up. Unfortunately, female representation is still extremely weak at the moment, so people are pretty happy that a female coach is joining up.

The head coach of the team will be a former New York ‘Excelsior’ coach – Kim ‘WizardHyeong’ Hyeong-seok. Former player and coach Mark ‘Obasill’ Regush will also be working for the team, though it’s not yet known in what capacity. The same thing goes for Aaron Heckman and former players Mikael ‘mkL’ Skjonhaug and Canaan ‘Shrugger’ Carman.

We do know about one player so far – the team’s first tank. Also a former New York ‘Excelsior’, Song ‘Janus’ Joon-hwa was announced as the first player earlier in the off-season. For the rest of it, well still have to wait for a bit longer.

Along with news about the Washington Justice team, Washington Esports Ventures itself also has some news: They appointed a new Assistant General Manager in the form of Kate Mitchell. Both her and Molly ‘Avalla’ Kim are already being praised as female role models for the industry, and we can’t help but agree.

The new season for the OWL will start on February 14th – by then, we’ll know all about the so far unannounced Washington Justice players.

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