New Overwatch skins have been teased ahead of the event

Posted on August 14, 2018 - Last Updated on September 16, 2020

It’s all the community is talking about at the moment – the upcoming Overwatch Summer Games and the cool skins and special events they are going to bring. As is usually the case with such things, there is lots of speculation going on about what exactly this year’s new content is going to look like. As it stands, we finally now the real start date of the event – August 9. Previous speculations said that it would start today, as the last two year’s events each started on a Tuesday.

Apparently Blizzard is trying to mix it up a little. We can’t argue with that although it does mean that we have to wait another two days to see the event commence. Blizzard has posted about some of the new skins we are going to see – since last year’s Grillmaster:76 was just about the best thing ever made, we have high hopes.

When it comes to the new skins, Cabana Ana is one of our favourites so far. She has the full vacation mum of four attire going – a floppy hat, an oversized robe, a flower in her hair, big sunglasses, and of course a bigass weapon that matches perfectly with her baby-blue nail polish.


What, is that not how your summer family holidays went? Oh.

D.VA is getting a new legendary skin too – it’s called Waveracer and it makes the mech suit look just like a blueish jetski. As for the girl herself – her skintight suit changes to beach attire, a pair of short shorts and even sunglasses instead of her ear-mech-parts. Not that the suit isn’t sexy, but there is something about the beach-girl outfit that just suits her!

Reinhardt’s new skin is pretty hilarious too…although in a different way. His usual crowned helmet is replaced with a football helmet, and the rest of his armour is decked out to look like football leathers as well. It’s a surprisingly believable visual actually, although it does take away a little from his fearsome hero vibe. If you’re wondering, he is playing for the Gryphon’s Champions, and his shirt number is 40. Go Gridironhardt Reinhardt!

Winston got a new skin too – although he too is playing sports, it’s a different sport entirely. Winston the ape is looking serious in a complete baseball outfit – including a baseball strapped to his chest. Okay, so that’s not quite how the game is normally played, but when you look at the fancy sunglasses the guy sports in the Catcher Winston skin, you’ll probably forget all about that. This guy means business… though Blizzard could have named him something other than ‘Catcher’. He seems more like the ‘Pitcher’ type if you catch our drift…

But even if you don’t, these new skins, as well as the returning ones from the last few years, are sure to make the upcoming event a pretty epic experience for everyone involved. If nothing else, we’d love to check out Widowmaker’s Cote D’Azur skin again!

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