NBA2K League Draft 2021 Results

Meet the Elite eBasketball Players

Posted on March 19, 2021 - Last Updated on March 23, 2021

NBA2K is the game to play and watch if you love basketball, esports and betting. It enjoys excellent coverage at top bookmakers and you can bet pregame and live on mainstream and special markets. The NBA2K League draft is the partnership between the NBA and Take-Two Interactive to create an esports league. It mirrors the National Basketball Association, with most of the e-teams being offshoots of the real squads competing on packed stadiums. Each year the league gets stronger, as new talent is drafted and there are some exceptional players in 2021.

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How to get Drafted in 2K League?

Qualifying for the NBA2K League draft is a challenging, but otherwise straightforward process. Anyone who owns the game and is above 18 can aspire to join the elite by playing their A-game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Those who win enough games in the Pro-Am mode and submit an application will have a chance to receive an invitation to the draft. This is broadcasted live, so there’s and lots of enthusiasm among players regarding the upcoming teams.

The NBA2K League format changes every year, as more teams join the competition. This provides new NBA 2K betting opportunities to esports fans, as the game is picked up by more bookmakers. Drafted players will compete in the latest installment of the NBA 2K franchise, while the equipment is provided by Intel and Alienware. This ensures that the playing field is level and the most talented players have the best chance to emerge victorious.

NBA2K League Draft

NBA2K League Format and Prizes

Because of the pandemic, the weekly match ups and tournaments are played remotely, with pro-gamers playing from their homes. The games take place over the weekend and participants compete for regular season standings and one of the three main tournaments. Punters can bet on any of these games matches pregame or live as top bookmakers. You can also take advantage of generous offers, such as the March Madness bonus for basketball fans.

Pro-gamers signed six month contracts and are well paid for their contribution to the NBA2K League. This includes costs with relocation and housing, their salaries and even medical insurance. Compared to other esports tournaments, this one mirrors the real schedule of athletes, as punters travel nationwide. Players drafted in the first round get the biggest salaries of $35,000, while the rest of the pack will have to settle for $32,000. The tournaments have bigger prize pools that combined stand at $1 million.

NBA2K League Draft 2021 Results

In 2021, the names of the drafted players were revealed live on Twitch. Pro-gamers who received the invitations for the NBA2K League draft learned about it at the same time as those watching. This made them more likable to the general audience, while also getting those watching fully immersed into the drafting process. By the time the NBA2K League starts, players will already have their favorite players and teams, perhaps independently from their real-life basketball preferences.

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