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Set Up the Ultimate Esports Betting Accumulator

Posted on July 3, 2021

Veteran punters know all too well that there is an indissoluble link between the potential winnings and the risks taken. The multiple bet is one of the most effective instruments for both punters want to maximize potential profits. Commonly referred to as an accumulator or a combo bet, it works for popular and niche sports, as well as video games betting. In this guide, we explain how does multiple bets work and why is it worth considering accumulators.

What is Combo Bet?

Sometimes referred to as a multiple bet or accumulator, the combo bet is a wagering slip that consists of multiple events. Until recently, it was only possible to combine different matches on the same betting slip. Bookmakers wouldn’t allow punters to add several markets from the same game, in order to prevent them from extracting an unfair edge. The arrival of the bet builder made it possible for punters to combine mainstream and special markets from the same game. Initially available only for traditional sports, it expanded to esports betting and other trending betting options.

To better understand what is combo bet, it’s easier to use an example. Let’s assume we expect G2 Esports to defeat archrivals Fnatic at odds of 1.50 and MAD Lions to outshine Excel at odds of 1.40. We also like the odds of Schalke to cause an upset in the LEC and beat Rogue at odds of 3.00. With a €30 bankroll you could place three bets of €10 each and make a €29 profit if all win. A single multiple bet of €30 will have the odds multiplied 1.50×1.40×3.00=6.30. This means that with the same investment you would win €189, with a net profit of €159.

The combo bet has the obvious upside of producing bigger profits if all selections win. The obvious downside is that if a single selection fails, you lose the entire investment. That’s why it’s so important to have access to accurate multiple bet tips when walking down this path. It is also vital to find the best odds to maximize the return on investment, hence find the best bookmaker. Read the Betway review to find out why this bookmaker is a fine choice for placing a multiple bet on esports.

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Is it Worth Using the Multiple Bet?

Accumulators are immensely popular at both land-based and online bookmakers. Every respectable operator has this feature, including esports specialists covering the most important video game competitions. In our Unikrn review we highlight the multiple pregame and live betting options that players have when placing combo bets. In conjunction with astute multiple bet tips, punters have a good chance to maximize the impact of boosted odds.

There are virtually no restrictions to the types of sports and competitions that players can mix. The only limitations are in regards to the type and number of same match markets that can be combined. Not all sports and competitions are eligible for bet builders, and some bookmakers don’t even allow the mixing of pregame and live events. Such situations are rare, so once you understand how does multiple bets work you’d be able to use them on most sports.

Risk-averse punters are better off sticking to single bets, because of the lower risks implied. On one hand, potential profits are diminished, but you still offset your losses if a single selection lets you down. The multiple bet is better suited for veteran punters and those who seek to maximize profits. You need to be correct in every single prediction to cash in, but if you do, the profits are significant. When trying to win a large amount with a small investment, this type of betting makes perfect sense.

One instance where multiple bets are not recommended is when you try to clear bonuses. These are subject to wagering requirements, so it makes more sense to place individual bets. It is wiser to simply roll over all your profits on the next match, so that you meet the play through demands much faster.

The Bottom Line

The multiple bet is an effective instrument for punters who want to maximize the return on investment. When used properly, it can greatly increase potential profits without demanding a greater investment. This makes it appealing to casual punters, but it is actually better suited for veterans. All your predictions must be correct to cash in, so a single loss will compromise the entire betting slip. With the right multiple bet tips, such accumulators can be excellent instruments to boost winnings.

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