MSI Betting Tips

Mid-Season Invitational Betting Predictions


The Mid-Season Invitational is the second biggest League of Legends international event. In 2021, the tournament starts on May 6 and concludes two weeks later on May 23. Over the course of 17 days LOL fans will have multiple opportunities to take advantage of MSI betting tips and place winning bets. The tournament is organized by Riot Games and this year it takes place in Iceland. 12 teams were supposed to take part in this event, but because of Covid-19 restrictions GAM Esports from Vietnam will not attend.

MSI 2021 Format, Schedule and Prizes

The MSI schedule is condensed in 2021 and all the games will be played in the same arena in Reykjavík. The tournament will bring together the best League of Legends teams and players in the world. It has a guaranteed prize pool of $250,000, which is expected to grow significantly after the skin sales are factored in. For this tournament, Gwen and Viego are disabled, as they were added in the last two patches.

The group stage begins on May 6 and concludes on May 11, with eleven MSI teams fighting for 6 places. Because GAM Esports withdrew from the tournament, the MSI 2021 format was adjusted. Group A plays in a quadruple round-robin format, while the other two groups will have a double round-robin format.

The top two teams advance to the Rumble Stage, while the bottom two are eliminated. During these two phases of the tournament, matches are played in a best of one format. The Rumble Stage takes place between May 14 and May 18 and the top four teams advance to the Knockout Stage. This is played in a single elimination bracket with all matches being best-of-five, the semi final and final included.

MSI Betting Tips and Predictions

The Mid-Season Invitational provides League of Legends fans with the first opportunity to see how MSI teams from different regions match up against each other. Some of the biggest names will be missing in 2021, as G2 Esports, FunPlus Phoenix and T1 failed to qualify. Instead, World Champions Dawmon KIA are the main favorites to win the tournament with odds of 1.60. They are also overwhelming favorites to win Group C with odds no higher than 1.05 at any bookmakers.

The strength of the South Korean juggernauts can’t be underestimated, but bold MSI betting tips favor Royal Never Give Up. These are the winners of the Chinese Spring Split after causing a major upset by defeating FunPlus Phoenix. We like the odds of 2.60 on RNG, as they are the most successful LoL team in international tournaments.

There’s a huge chasm separating the top two favorites from the third and fourth in line. MAD Esports are Europe’s best chance to win the MSI, with odds of 13.00. G2 Esports fans will probably cheer for Perks and Cloud9, as the legendary player competes for the North American team. The LCS spring winners get odds of 30.00 to win the trophy and 12.00 to win Group C.

The Mid-Season Invitational dark horses are PSG Talon from Hong Kong. We like them a lot to qualify from Group B at odds of 1.50. Our boldest MSI betting tips are on them to win the Group with odds of 3.50 representing a strong incentive. Unicorns of Love is a team that has performed well at previous MSIs and should advance from Group A. Odds of 1.30 on such an outcome are great for betting accumulators.

MSI Betting Tips

Top Bookmakers for Mid-Season Invitational Betting

The Mid-Season Invitational is a tournament of extraordinary magnitude, so it enjoys a lot of attention at top bookmakers. You can find competitive MSI odds for match betting, anti-post wagering, as well as live betting. Special bonuses and exclusive promotions are to be expected as top sports books will try to mark the occasion and bring in new players into the fold.

Betway esports is a UK GC licensed bookmaker with a flawless track record spanning over decades. It has one of the best selections of video games betting options, with excellent Mid-Season Invitational betting opportunities. You can bet live on this flagship LoL tournament and watch the games in real-time.

If you read the review you will realize that it emerged as an esports specialist and one of the first choices for League of Legends players. The bookmaker provided some of the top odds for the LoL Worlds and it can be trusted to meet the highest MSI expectations.

Unikrn esports is a versatile bookmaker offering video games betting, classic sports wagers and also running a successful casino. You can use our MSI betting tips to place a bet at competitive odds pregame and live. Watch the games as they unfold through the live stream incorporated in the website.

Best markets to bet on the MSI

Casual esports punters prefer mainstream betting markets when gambling on the Mid-Season Invitational. These are offered by all bookmakers and include outright winners, match and series winners, as well as the total number of maps played. Betting on these markets requires little in-game experience and there is an abundance of MSI betting predictions to choose from.

League of Legends players and veteran punters feel comfortable expanding their betting activity with niche markets. Some of the most appealing options include bets on the team to kill the first Dragon, destroy the first tower or score first blood. It is also possible to use MSI betting tips to bet on the total number of kills, towers and dragons. Esportsbooks specialists also allow members to bet on the game duration and the total number of inhibitors destroyed.