Overwatch is part of Humble Bundle’s monthly bundle

Posted on September 12, 2018 - Last Updated on September 30, 2020

Humble Bundle’s bundles are world-famous: They offer package deals on games, books, comics, software and sometimes even music, for a fraction of the usual price. It’s the ideal place to grab a bargain or expand a collection for cheap – and that’s just the regular bundles.

In addition to that, HB also has a monthly subscription service called the monthly bundle. It costs 12$ or slightly less if you buy for 3, 6 or 12 months at once. Value-wise, their monthly bundle usually exceeds 200$ so it’s definitely a good deal, though some months it’s better than others. This is the case this month – Overwatch is this month’s bundle’s flagship title.

The way it works is that every month, the guys at HB assemble a bundle. They only reveal one (sometimes two or three) titles, while the rest stays secret until the last day. The flagship title is unlocked early – so, as soon as you buy the bundle, you get the game, but have to wait for the rest of the games.

Generally speaking, you get 9 titles overall, with some having fewer or more. Part of the proceeds of the sales always goes to a charity, so in addition to practically stealing the game, you also get to support a good cause. That, coupled with the price tag of 12$ instead of 39.99$, is already a pretty good incentive to grab the game!


HB actually go a bit further – for those who stay subscribed for next month’s bundle, they also offer two additional loot boxes for Overwatch, and if you stay until December, you get a third one as well. When combined with the current Twitch offer that gives Twitch or Amazon Prime subscribers a free Golden loot box every month, it sure seems like it’s raining content at the moment!

Even if you already have an Overwatch account and don’t want a second one to start over again (hey, we don’t judge!), this would be the perfect opportunity to get your friends in on the game – not only is the bundle itself much cheaper than Overwatch alone, the other games that come with it make it an even more attractive deal for any gamer. If you aren’t an Overwatch fan yet, this is, of course, the perfect opportunity to join the proverbial fray – you’ll be in with a lot of new players that are just learning to play alongside you.

For the more experienced players, that means that there will be a fair bit of ‘fresh meat’ in the game…who knows, that may help improve the somewhat toxic community that Overwatch still suffers from. Recent efforts from Blizzard have definitely helped improve things there, but perhaps an influx of new players could also bring some positive influences.

One thing is certain though – deals like this are great opportunities for gamers that don’t have a lot of disposable income and may have wanted Overwatch (or other games in the bundle) for a while but have been unable to afford it. Enjoy!

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