LPL Betting Tips Spring Split 2022

Early LPL Predictions and Analysis

Posted on January 25, 2022

The Chinese League of Legends championship is in full swing and features some of the best teams in the world. In this guide we shall provide the best LPL betting tips and look at the strongest teams this season. Our in-depth analysis and LPL predictions will help you make an educated decision when betting on the Spring Split matches. Many changes were made to the starting formations of the best LPL teams, so keep reading to find out how they match against each other in 2022.


The Fallen Juggernauts of LPL

2022 also marks the falling of some of the best Chinese League of Legends teams from recent years. JD Gaming is likely to continue their slide and struggle in spite of retaining most of its key players. Invictus Gaming was already a big disappointment and with the departure of key players, they will only perform worse. If you bet on LPL matches, don’t put any hopes in FunPlus Phoenix, because without Doinb they are just a shadow of their former selves. Team WE is also unlikely to deliver impressive results, after losing some of their best players.


The team was already strong in 2021 and won the prestigious Demacia Cup before the Spring Split started. The arrival of Tian will help them replace Karsa with relative ease, in spite of the iconic jungler leaving. Zoom is the other new addition for TES and he quickly found a home here, while dominating top lane. Knight remains a reliable mid-laner and is expected to dominate his opponents throughout the season. Not surprisingly, TES ranks high in the preferences of punters betting at top esports betting sites.


Victory over DWG KIA at the 2021 Worlds Championship, brought EDG into the spotlight on the international scene. They were already dominating the Chinese championship and most LPL betting tips were on them to win. When something works as well and this team does, there are few incentives to make changes. That’s why all the key players have remained with this organization and are expected to perform at the same level. Our LPL betting predictions overwhelmingly favor them in the Spring Split.


Suning was rebranded at the end of the 2021 season and they are now known as Weibo Gaming. The team has benefited from the arrival of TheShy and SwordArt will play on top lane and support. TheShy has underperformed in recent years and time will tell if he meets the high expectations. Overall, the team is strong and should make a deep run in the playoffs. The beauty of backing WBG is that they will benefit from bigger LoL odds at esports books, compared to other top LPL teams.


Punters who seek consistency will frequently bet on LPL matches featuring Royal Never Give Up. The team is first and foremost consistent, and is known for snowballing early advantages. Bin is their new top laner and Xiaohu will play in mid, but otherwise the roster remained unchanged. They are well capable of defeating the best LPL teams during the Spring Split and postseason. Some of the most creative LoL betting tips are on many kills to be scored in games involving RNG.

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LNG were already a force to be reckoned with, even before Doinb came along. The team played explosive League of Legends, something that its new mid laner is known for. That’s why we are so optimistic about their chances in the Spring Split 2022 in spite of extraordinary competition. LNG also acquired Tarzan and his presence in the jungle will greatly increase the odds of winning key matches. They are one of LPL betting predictions dark horses for winning the championship this season.


One of the most unpredictable teams in past seasons, Bilibili Gaming is now an established LPL squad. Opponents can no longer afford to take them lightly and hope that the subpar version of the team will show up. Bookmakers also treat them as just favorites in most matches and punters get lower LPL odds on their victory. ADC Uzi and support Crisp work extraordinarily together and Breath is a very solid player on top lane. They also have an excellent late game, so don’t underestimate them in 2022.


People who frequently bet on LPL matches don’t have too many fond memories about Victory Five. The team has alternated impressive and disappointing performances over the last couple of years. In 2022 we expect them to be one of the stronger teams and fancy them in our LPL betting tips. Rookie and Karsa are two veteran players of great talent and they now both play for V5. The team enjoyed a solid start of the season and we trust them to maintain the same high tempo throughout the Spring Split.

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