LoL Worlds Odds 2021 & Predictions

Find The Best LoL Worlds Betting Odds


From the 5th October to the 6th of November, the League of Legends World Championship event will take place. It’s the biggest and most exciting event in the League of Legends competitive calendar, and it’s ripe with opportunities for esports betting. If you’re a League of Legends fan and you’re eager to place some wagers, you’ll need helping in finding the best LoL Worlds odds and markets. Fortunately, we’re here today to help you do just that

Last year, the entire League of Legends World Championship was hosted behind closed doors, but this year, it’s returning to the old format. There’s a wave of excitement washing over fans in anticipation of the world’s greatest esports teams taking to the biggest stage in LoL. If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that the betting markets will be better than ever this year, and the top tips for LoL Worlds odds will really make a difference.

1 Draw 2
World Championship 2021
24/10/2021 12:00
MAD Lions
World Championship 2021
25/10/2021 12:00
GLL 2021 Winter
25/10/2021 19:00
Gamespace MCE
Anorthosis Famagusta Esports
Prime League Winter Cup 2021 - Playoffs
26/10/2021 16:00
Prime League Winter Cup 2021 - Playoffs
28/10/2021 16:00
FC Schalke 04 Evolution
Unicorns of Love Sexy Edition
VCS 2021 Winter
16/11/2021 09:00
GAM Esports
Saigon Buffalo

China Seeks To Dominate The LoL Worlds Odds

This year, the predictions are dynamic and, as always, not set in stone. It’s a desperate fight for victory, and for the twenty-two teams competing, every single minute matters. In esports, there is always the opportunity for a huge upset to occur, and that fact remains true in League of Legends, where a single maneuver can change the battlefield.

For the most popular bookmakers, the best odds of victory have been granted to FunPlus Phoenix and EDward Gaming. These Chinese teams are at the top of their game right now, and they’re odds-on favourites to win, with FunPlus Phoenix currently sitting in the top spot. On paper, EDward Gaming is the better team, and the winningest team of the two, but FunPlus Phoenix is on something of a path to redemption.

Image Credit: DotEsports

In 2019, it was Pheonix that lifted the League of Legends World Championship trophy, before failing to even qualify for the 2020 event. However, EDward Gaming has never come close to winning the LoL World Championship, and is desperate to land that ultimate prize this year. In fact, just weeks ago, at the LPL Summer 2021 event, EDward Gaming defeated FunPlus Phoenix to pick up a massive $300,000 prize pot. Could they repeat that performance and switch the LoL Worlds betting odds in their favour?

It’s a widely known fact that FunPlus Phoenix has acquired some world-class talent ahead of the League of Legends World Championship. In a tactical move, the organisation picked up Nuguri, a top-tier player who won the 2020 LoL Worlds event with Damwon Gaming.

It’s almost too close to seperate these two top contenders.

South Korean Competition Comes Calling

Last year, it was the South Korean side, Damwon Gaming, that raised the championship trophy high above its head. Typically, South Korea dominates the League of Legends World Championship, but popular bookmakers aren’t predicted a Korean victory this year. Although, if any team is likely to win – as the League of Legends Worlds odds suggest – it’s probably going to be Damwon Gaming.

In recent months, Damwon Gaming has been building up its world class roster. At the top of the table sits ShowMaker, one of the most highly skilled League of Legends players in the world. He’s penned by many as the player with the most potential as we move ever-closer to the League of Legends World Championship event. While the Damwon squad is about as top-tier as you can get, ShowMaker stands out from even that highly skilled crowd.

However, right now, we know that Damwon will be pitted against FunPlus Phoenix, the LoL Worlds odds-on champion for the 2021 season, in the Group Stage. This will mean that esports bettors get an immediate glimpse at the state of these two teams. It’ll be the most highly anticipated side battling it out against the reigning world champions.

If we can offer one top-tier LoL Worlds betting tip, it’s to keep an eye on these two teams.

Can Europe And North America Bring The Fire?

Unfortunately, the LoL Worlds betting odds standing against EU and NA teams aren’t the most convincing. In most cases, there’s an overwhelming gulf between the Eastern and Western teams competing in the League of Legends World Championship tournament. For example, 100 Thieves, Cloud9, and Team Liquid all sit at about the same point in the bookmakers’ charts.

Image Credit: 100 Thieves

And, that point is a huge drop from the top of the table, where teams like Damwon, FunPlus, and EDward Gaming currently sit. This year, the European and North American teams with the most potential are, in order of odds ranking:

  • MAD Lions (Spain)
  • Fnatic (UK)
  • Rogue (USA)
  • PSG Talon (France)

Generally, the European and North American teams are considered ‘outsiders’ or ‘underdogs’ in the LoL Worlds odds and markets. However, if you were to place a tactical bet on these teams and it actually came in, you’d stand to win a considerable pot, in most cases. After all, nobody ever truly expects the underdog to reign victorious.

Although, with that information in mind, it might still seem like a bad idea to bet on the lowest-ranked teams in the League of Legends World Championship tournament. For example, Unicorns of Love, a German team, currently sits as one of the lowest-ranked sides, boasting quite laughable odds. Last year, the Unicorns of Love crashed out of the tournament after failing to win a single match in the Group Stage.

However, if you were to soak up the potential there, and if the Unicorns could deliver, you might win big.