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LoL Worlds Betting Predictions


The League of Legends World Championship is one of the most valuable esports tournaments of the year. It’s the pinnacle of League of Legends esports, and it offers unparalleled levels of excitement and opportunity to players and fans alike. There is no bigger tournament for fans of the game to enjoy, and we’re here bring you the best LoL Worlds betting tips. Let’s face it – where there’s a massive esports tournament, there’s a huge potential for esports betting.

This year, the competition kicks off on the 5th October, and it’ll run through to the grand final, on the 6th of November. There’s a whole month studded with opportunities to take part in some League of Legends World Championship betting. Let’s break down the competition and figure out how you can maximise your success.

LoL Worlds 2021 Format and Prizes

Following a paltry, online-only year for esports, the League of Legends World Championship will once again return to a LAN format. This year, the LoL Worlds event will be held in Reykjavik, Iceland, an unexpected location, but a welcome one nonetheless. Over the course of a tense and exciting month, twenty-two of the world’s greatest League of Legends teams will do battle. At the end of it, the massive $2.25 million prize pool will be divided accordingly.

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The LoL Worlds betting tips open up with a simple one: understand the format. If you know when to expect matches, you can plan ahead and enter your wagers before the games kick off. If you’re focusing your League of Legends World Championship betting on match winners, getting the slips in ahead of time is important.

There are four main stages to be played in the League of Legends World Championsip. Firstly, there’s the two Play-In Rounds, which are Bo1, and Bo5, respectively. The first Play-In Rounds decides which of the top six teams advance to the Group Stage, while the second Play-In Round is fought among the loser’s bracket.

By the time we reach the Group Stage, five teams will have already been eliminated from the competition. Now, at this stage in the competition, the four qualifying teams from the previous rounds join the twelve teams that have gained direct entry to the LoL Worlds tournament. At this point, four groups will be formed, playing out a double round robin, bo1 format. It’s a tense showdown, as the bottom two teams from each group will be eliminated.

Finally, we reach the grandest stage of them all – the League of Legends World Championship Playoffs stage. It’s here that the final eight teams play out across a single-elimination bracket, narrowing down the competition until the grand final. It all wraps up with a Bo5 final, whereupon the ultimate victor recieves an enormous $489,500 prize.

As you can imagine, the LoL Worlds betting odds are monumental for this competition.

LoL Worlds Betting Tips for 2021

Over the course of a month, esports-savvy League of Legends fans stand to win some wagers through their LoL Worlds 2021 betting. However, it isn’t as simple as just signing up and blindly placing bets – you’ll need to know a little about the tournament to begin. After all, the League of Legends World Championship tournament is the biggest competition in LoL.

As you can imagine, online bookmakers are eager to offer fans the opportunity to bet on Worlds. If there’s one key LoL Worlds betting tip we can offer, it’s to pick the best bookmakers. Although, it can be argued that it’s more important to understand the teams competing at the event. This is a global tournament, and teams will come from all around the world for their chance to snatch the ultimate prize.

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This year, the leading favourite to win is FunPlus Phoenix, a top-tier Chinese organisation backed by some of the finest League talent on Earth. In 2019, FunPlus Phoenix secured the grand prize in the League of Legends World Championship, but failed to qualify for the 2020 World Championship. However, bookmakers establishing LoL Worlds 2021 betting odds really like the look on FunPlus for the 2021 tournament.

Last year’s reigning champions, Damwon Gaming, will be looking to defend the hard-fought title this year. The South Korean side is rated second favourite to win the entire event, but it’ll be a tough fight once again. In 2019, Damwon crashed out in the quarterfinals, and last year, in 2021, the team was given a tough run by Suning in the grand final. Should your LoL Worlds bets be placed on Damwon this year? There’s a great opportunity there.

If you want to risk a bet on the outsider teams in the competition, look to some of the bigger, global organisations. It might not sound logical, but iconic organisations such as Cloud9, 100 Thieves, and Liquid aren’t predicted to do too well this year. However, an underdog bet can turn out to be a huge financial victory, should the team pull off the impossible.

Here’s another tip: the team with the lowest expectation this year is the Unicorns of Love, a German side that has never made a big splash in the World Championship environment.

Although, you shouldn’t forget that one of the best LoL Worlds betting tips is to wait for the competition to begin. When the action commences, you’ll see so many more markets opening up, offering dynamic and in-play odds for League of Legends bettors. If you’re a fan and understand the field of play, you’ll be able to take advantage of these special markets.

LoL Worlds Betting 2021 – Odds

1 Draw 2
Turkey Academy 2022 Summer
01/07/2022 17:00
AURORA Academy
Galatasaray Academy
LEC 2022 Summer
01/07/2022 17:00
Team Vitality
SK Gaming
Turkey Academy 2022 Summer
01/07/2022 18:00
İstanbul Wild Cats Academy
Dark Passage Academy
LEC 2022 Summer
01/07/2022 18:00
exceL Esports
LEC 2022 Summer
01/07/2022 19:00

When it come to esports betting, the odds are king – but often unpredictable. In League of Legends World Championship betting, the landscape can change dramatically from one moment to the next. It’s almost impossible to lock down a guaranteed winning LoL Worlds 2021 betting tip, but that doesn’t mean you’re not likely to land a few victories on your betting slip.

While it might seem set in stone that some teams will win every match, you should always be prepared for a huge upset. For instance, if FunPlus Phoenix was to compete against the Unicorns of Love, it may seem simple to place a wager in favour of FunPlus. Although, if the Unicorns of Love was to win, you’d likely benefit from a massive return. This year, you could make the bookies pay big, provided you’re tactical about your wagers.

As we’ve already mentioned, you need to make sure you’re using the best bookies to get the best bang for your buck. If you’re investing your money with the likes of Betway Esports or, you’re in a safe position. Although, it does pay to play the field a little, as you can take advantage of the various welcome offers and bonuses put out by almost every online betting platform.

LoL Worlds 2020 Results

The League of Legends World Championship finals for the 2020 season were held on the 31st of October, 2020. As we’ve mentioned, it was the valiant Damwon Gaming that picked up the victory, but will history be repeated this year?

Here are the full results:

Place Team Place Team Place Team
1st DAMWON Gaming 2nd Suning 3rd Top Esports
4th G2 Esports 5th Fnatic 6th JD Gaming
7th Gen.G Esports 8th DRX 9th Team Liquid
10th PSG Talon 11th LGD Gaming 12th FlyQuest
13th Machi Esports 14th Rogue 15th TSM
16th Unicorns Of Love 17th SuperMassive Esports 18th Legacy Esports
19h MAD Lions 20th Rainbow7 21st INTZ
22nd V3 Esports

Key Advice for LoL Worlds 2021 Betting

Regardless of whether you’re an esports veteran or a freshman bettor, there’s advice that we all can carry into our esports betting. If you’re jumping into the betting scene with the League of Legends World Championship tournament, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

Firstly, don’t bet outside of your means – stay in your lane whenever possible. To put it simply, LoL Worlds 2021 is a huge event, and it’s just over a month in length. There’s a strong need to pace yourself for this event, and spread your bets out across a series of weeks. If you blow your budget within the first week, you’ll miss out on the massive odds that come as the competition starts to close.

If you want to play and bet strategically, there’s a tactic that goes beyond simply studying the LoL Worlds betting tips. There’s a style of betting known as arbitrage betting, and it invovles using two different platforms to bet on two opposing teams. After all, one must win, and when it does, you’re likely to make a small profit from the ‘odds differential’. If you can master this tactic, you’ll be able to turn a slow but steady profit.

Where to watch LoL Worlds 2021

Last League of Legends Esports Results

Deep Cross Gaming
0 : 1
Regular Season
J Team
V3 Esports
0 : 1
Regular season
Rascal Jester
V3 vs RJ
0 : 1
Regular Season
Frank Esports
S9 vs FNK
Team Pinnacle
1 : 0
Round Robin 1 Group B
Young Miracles
TP vs YM
Burning Core
0 : 1
Regular season
DetonatioN FocusMe