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Posted on October 31, 2021 - Last Updated on November 1, 2021

This is it – there are just two teams remaining in the League of Legends World Championship 2021. It has been an epic journey, and up to this point, twenty teams have been eliminated from the competition. We’ve been watching LoL Worlds for almost a month, and within a week, we’ll have our world champions. Whoever wins this year’s competition will be walking away with a grand prize worth $489,000, while the second-place team picks up an admirable $333,750 prize.

It all comes down to this last fixture, a Bo5 desperate battle for victory. For one of the teams involved, it’s a potential return to form, and for the other, it’s the furthest they’ve ever reached in the League of Legends World Championship. But, of course, only one team can lift the trophy on the 6th of November.

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It All Comes Down To This

From the first Play-In Round to the Group Stage, we saw teams rise and fall with each passing day. As a collective, we’ve witnessed some dramatic collapses and valiant storms of domination, and now, it comes down to the final three fixtures of the entire tournament. Although we started with a huge number of players, we’re now reduced to a mere scattering, but what a powerful scattering that truly is.

Here are the two teams facing off in the grand final event:

  • EDward Gaming
  • DAMWON Gaming

As the final stages wrapped up, we saw the ‘Western’ teams falling out of the competition with catastrophic consistency. Traditionally, it’s the Asian teams that perform much better in League of Legends, and that fact remains true when we look at this grand final. We’ve got the best of the Chinese region versus the champions of South Korea – some of the greatest League of Legends players in the world.

Right now, the odds-on favourite to win is DAMWON Gaming, and in many ways, the team has the edge. At the last League of Legends World Championship, it was DAMWON Gaming that reigned supreme, picking up a smooth 3-1 victory over Suning. For EDward Gaming, there really is a dangerous battle ahead, as the team has never gotten this far in a League of Legends World Championship event.

Throughout history, EDward Gaming has fallen short, failing to qualify for the 2019 and 2020 events. Before that, all the organisation could muster were 5th/8th finishes. This is the best performance that EDward Gaming has exhibited in recent years, but is it enough to overwhelm the exceedingly dominating force of DAMWON Gaming?

If you’re interested in LoL Worlds betting, it now comes down to one of these final two squads. Let’s discuss where your money should go.

LoL Worlds Predictions: The Grand-Final

As we move into the closing stage, the final fixture is tense, highly anticipated, and bursting with potential. Right now, the LoL Worlds odds are loaded, and almost every esports betting site has markets primed and ready to go. Let’s look at this final fixture and compare the odds offered by

November 6th, 2021

EDward Gaming (3.39) vs. (1.29) DAMWON Gaming

As you can see, the odds are heavily weighted in favour of DAMWON Gaming – as you can easily understand. The reigning champions are by far and wide the winning expectation, but as many other events have proven, there’s always value in the underdog. For example, if you were put some huge wagers behind EDward Gaming and the team actually won, your payouts would be massive.

Is it worth placing a risky bet and hoping that the Chinese squad is able to dominate the reigning champions? Everything is possible, but it’s the sheer definition of a frivolous bet. Up until this point, DAMWON Gaming has been the most dominant team in League of Legends World Championship history.

But could that be set to change?

The Best Markets to Play

At this stage, offers hundreds of esports betting markets where the League of Legends World Championship is concerned. To answer the demand, we’ve picked some of the key markets from the final match that bettors should be paying attention to. For any bettors that are new to the League of Legends World Championship, it can be quite difficult to understand the sheer volume of markets available. However, this guide, along with the best LoL Worlds predictions, should make that process a little easier.

Map 1: First Blood

DAMWON (1.77) vs. (1.98) EDward Gaming

It’s one of the most important kills in the fixture, and it’ll set the tone for the entire match ahead. Whichever team lands the first kill will gain a tiny boost in momentum and morale, pushing them forwards with burst of invigoration. It might not be enough to change the face of battle, but it’ll help get an idea of how aggressive these teams are going to play. As you can see from the odds, DAMWON is expected to land the first blood, but there isn’t much of a difference between the numbers.

Map 2: Most Towers

DAMWON (1.48) vs. (2.53) EDward Gaming

Once again, we’re seeing a clear line of favouritism here, with DAMWON set to lay claim across the lanes. In Map 2, the markets profess the anticipation of DAMWON dominance, with the team spreading its influence rapidly around the battlefield. Could EDward Gaming pull off a huge upset and claim the victory in this market?

Map 3: EDward Gaming Total Kills

0-5: 3.77

6-10: 3.08

11-15: 4.08

16+: 3.18

Let’s put forward a scenario – it’s 2-o to DAMWON, and EDward Gaming knows it’s a last-ditch effort. If DAMWON wins one final round, that’s it – they’ve won the series. So, EDward Gaming goes on the offensive, laying out kill after kill, ultimately dominating the battlefield. In anticipation of that fact, you place a wager on EDward Gaming to pick up 14 kills and secure the third map. Big win? Potentially.

Map 5: Winner

DAMWON (1.55) vs. (2.35) EDward Gaming

If it goes the distance, we’ll have a fifth map, and both teams will be exhausted, applying as much pressure as possible to the other. Once this final map has been played, the victor will be crowned – finally. Before that moment comes, there are still markets left to play, but who among these two teams could win the final map? Of course, the esports bookmakers are playing in favour of DAMWON, but let’s not forget that huge underdog opportunity that EDward Gaming has.

And On To The Grand Final


The League of Legends World Championship Grand Final will kick off on the 6th of November at 12:00 GMT. Who will lift the trophy this year? Tune in to find out.

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