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Posted on May 24, 2018 - Last Updated on September 30, 2020

If you’re already betting on competitive gaming, esports live betting is a great way of finding that extra edge. Not only does this feature allow you to tailor your wagers towards the state of the game, but you can also cash out on bets in case you’re about to lose some value.

Of course, it’s not for everyone. And if you don’t have the necessary game knowledge and the ability to make decisions on the fly, you might have a hard time using esports live betting to its full potential. Still, there’s a reason why punters from all over the world appreciate this feature, so let’s dive deep into what is live betting’s main advantage and how you can use it to make the most out of your money!

Esports live betting markets

When talking about live betting markets, you’ll notice they’re not that different from conventional esports wagers. If anything, they’re more limiting. Naturally, you can put your money on match and map winners, but you can also find unique options like which team will be the first to score a kill. Granted, the latter wager can be quite unpredictable, but you could make an educated guess by analyzing team comps and setups.

Remember, though, that you need to have a good grasp of esports to take advantage of live betting. You can easily miss a clutch play or an important ultimate timing unless you know exactly what to look for. And if you struggle to read the flow of the game, you might end up several steps behind your esports bookmaker.

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Esports live odds

You’re probably curious about what the whole being behind your bookmaker thing means. Well, at its core, Esports live betting is a very dynamic experience, so it makes sense that odds don’t stay the same too. Gambling platforms are always monitoring competitive games and adjusting their offers. A wager that would be lucrative several minutes ago can be irrelevant after a single swing in momentum.

However, bookmakers usually focus on numbers and data, so you can outclass them by anticipating certain shifts before they actually happen. Once again, get a good read on setups, team comps, and player performance to secure your advantage. And even if things go sour, many gambling platforms offer to cash out on bets to minimize your losses.

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Esports live cashout

So what is cashout? In Overwatch and other esports titles, it’s the ability to get paid for your bet before the game is decided. Cash out offers come up in real time depending on the conditions of your wager and the state of the game, and it’s hard to predict the exact value they bring.

But if they’re so situational, when do you actually use them? Well, it depends. You might want to cash out on bet if you see a game turning in the wrong direction, but the same course of action is applicable when an unlikely play works out in your favor, but you don’t see the whole match going the same way. Obviously, these scenarios are very different, so the cash out amount will vary. In the former case, you might get an amount that’s less than your initial stake, but the latter situation might present you with very reasonable value.

Now that you know what is cashout, remember that its usefulness comes down to when you pull the trigger. It might be tempting to cash out on bet the moment you see your team losing, but esports matches tend to go through a lot of ups and downs. And it’s entirely possible for your team to come back from a large deficit. Still, if you hold on to your wager too long, you might very well end up in a situation with no cash out offers available.

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Betway Overwatch Betting Odds

Overwatch live betting tournaments

So, what Overwatch tournaments are good for esports live betting? The answer is almost all of them. The feature’s availability will depend on your bookmaker, but you can usually place live wagers on Overwatch League matches and Overwatch Contenders games. Other major tournaments like the Chinese Team Story could also provide live betting markets.

But if you truly want to discover what is live betting at its finest, follow the Overwatch World Cup. This is a huge international event with a multitude of untested rosters from all over the globe. And while everyone will be competing for fame and glory, it will be easy to tell which teams managed to build up enough synergy and which lineups are lagging behind.

Live betting tips and tricks

There’s no denying that Overwatch live betting can be quite profitable. The ability to make decisions on the fly is very powerful since you can use your insight to find extra value. For example, if you see one team draft a smart team comp for Hanamura defense, you can already put your money on them.

Another notable case is when an impactful player is performing so far above everyone’s standards that he can single-handedly carry the entire game (aka every time Carpe plays Widowmaker). In a similar fashion, if a key player is under-performing, it’s a good idea to place a bet against him.

rsports live betting

Then, you have to account for ultimates. A game of Overwatch might seem relatively even, but this impression is false if one team is close to unlocking its ultimates while the other is still hovering around the 30-40% mark. Ults are absolute game-changers, so activating them all at once can—and will—result in a huge swing in momentum.

Your last option would be tied to game knowledge. For example, a certain team might have a tendency to drop the first map only to pick up the slack afterward. In that case, it’s smart to wait for them to lose since the bookmaker will inevitably grant better live betting odds for a team that’s down a game.

Esports live betting risks

Even if you can cash out on bets, esports live betting still presents a number of risks. Arguably the biggest one is the opportunity loss. After all, if you do your research and conclude that a particular team will win, it’s almost always better to bet on it straight away. That’s because in-play betting odds will inevitably be very different when your team starts crushing its foes.

You could also miss a chance to make a good bet because the game looks too volatile on the live stream. Hell, your Esports bookmaker might even close the live betting section if a certain game becomes increasingly hard to read. Of course, you’re not actually losing anything. But that sentiment won’t bring you any solace when you realize you could’ve made a significant profit!

Also, live betting can cause you to make horrible decisions if you don’t have a good grasp of the competitive scene. Granted, you might have a high skill rating. But pro play is completely different from climbing the ladder, so you can easily make a bad read if you’re not keeping up with teams, players, and balance changes.

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