LCS Betting Tips Spring Split 2022

Early LCS Predictions and Analysis

Posted on February 5, 2021 - Last Updated on January 24, 2022

The LCS 2021 Lock In tournament of 2021 was the first ever and Team Liquid cruised to an exciting victory in the finals. It is time for the LCS 2021 Spring Season and with the information gathered during the Lock In phase, we can produce some outstanding LCS betting tips. The Spring Split starts on the first weekend on February and if you want to bet on LCS games, we’ve got you covered. In-depth LCS predictions will help you pick up winners in what promises to be the most balanced split ever in the LCS.

LCS Betting Tips

The North American League of Legends landscape is changing, as key players are transferred in and out. Most of the strong contenders of 2021 are still in the race for the playoffs, but punters should consider dark horses for LCS predictions. If you plan to bet on LCS games this is what you need to know about the teams competing in the Spring Split 2022.

Team Liquid

The strongest team this season, Team Liquid is almost certain to qualify for the playoffs and likely win the split. Certain changes were made to the starting formation, since the departure of top talent from the bottom lane. Bwipo and Hans Sama have joined from Europe and they’re expected to propel the team forward as they are exceptional top and ADC. Bjergsen will play an essential role on mid lane, while Santorin and CoreJJ have remained with the team and will play an invaluable role in 2022.

100 Thieves

The second-highest ranking team might surprise many League of Legends fans. 100 Thieves is the team to watch for on LCS betting sites because they are exceptionally strong, with great players in all positions. Compared to Team Liquid, they will benefit from better LoL betting odds and we expect them to be underpriced in many instances. Ssumday is an outstanding top-laner, while FBI and Huhi are on par with the top players on bottom lane. Abbedagge should be able to defeat most of his opponents on mid-lane, so the future looks bright for 100 Thieves.

Cloud 9

One of the teams that return in the spotlight over and over again, C9 will be a force to be reckoned with in 2022. They can no longer rely on Perks, Vulcan and Zven and that’s why they are only the third favorites to win the Spring Split. Blaber is a threat in the jungle, while Summit is expected to out play opponents on top lane. LCS betting tips must factor in the unpredictable nature of young players in key positions. Berserker and Isles are talented rookies and Fudge is capable to adjust to his new position in mid-lane.

Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses underwent many changes over the last couple of years and somehow found a way to make things work. Those who bet on LCS games need to readjust their strategy once again because new players are in the rotation. Impact, Svenkeren, Jojopyun, Inspired and Danny are the 5 players that should propel the team to victory during the spring split. They come from different countries and communication could be a problem, but at least they won’t have to worry about support as Ignar and Vulcan are good options.

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Team SoloMid

Some teams simply can’t catch a break and Team SoloMid is a shining example. They have fallen from the top positions and you should expect them to be the underdogs in many LCS predictions. They’ve lost key players and need Huni and Tactical will rise to the occasion and propel them to the playoffs. Keaiduo and Shenyi are new additions to the roster and the two Chinese players are immensely talented. Spica remains a pillar of stability in the jungle, so the veteran player is invaluable for TSM.


Some teams managed to extract an astonishing amount from very little resources and Immortals are such a team. They have some veterans in their rotation and didn’t hesitate to bring in new talent from Europe. Revenge and Xerxe are expected to work well together on top lane and jungle, while PowerOfEvil should dominate mid-Lane. He is one of the best players in this position and will give opponents a run for their money. WildTurle and Destiny are only expected to struggle when playing against the best LCS teams.

Golden Guardians

One of the teams that keep betting big on young players, Golden Guardians has the potential to make the playoffs. You can expect excellent odds at LCS betting sites when betting on these underdogs. Licorice and Ablazeolive will take the solo lanes, while Pridestalkr will try to assist them from the jungle. There are many questions about how bottom lane will perform as Lost and Olleh alternate solid games with blunders. This team is an eclectic mix of veterans and youngsters so anything can happen in spring 2022.


The team is only a shadow of the former squad that gave the best LCS teams a run for their money in 2020. Kumo and Toucouille will have big problems in asserting dominance on top and middle lane. They will need all the assistance they can get from Josedeodo, who is not the best jungler out there. At least the bottom lane is solid, with Johnsun and Aphromoo being experienced players that work well together. FlyQuest will have a hard time qualifying for playoffs and we don’t see them playing in post season.

Counter Logic Gaming

CLG realized that major changes were needed just to keep the ship afloat. For this purpose, they have reset the roaster and start with new players in key positions. Jenkins will take top, Contractz will play in the jungle and Palafox will retain mid position. These players have a lot of experience in the LCS and can occasionally exceeded expectations. The biggest concerns are regarding the bottom lane where Luger and Poome team up. They are extremely volatile and this should be factored in when you bet on LCS games.


The biggest underdogs for the season, Dignitas will not get much confidence in LCS betting tips. Blue will do his best in mid-lane and FakeGod will try not to put his team behind on top lane. The bottom side of the map will also be problematic with Neo and Biofrost being much weaker than their counterparts from top teams. The only good news is that Dignitas brought in River PSG Talon. This is an exceptional player that can single-handedly carry games when given the opportunity and overall, a solid jungle pick.

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