LCK Spring Early Tips & Predictions – The Best Betting Opportunities

Posted on January 12, 2021 - Last Updated on January 25, 2022

The South Korean LCK used to be the strongest region and with Damwon KIA as reigning world champions, it can once again claim this honor. LCK betting tips are just as valuable this year, and here you can find the best ones. The Spring Split is about to start and there are some truly exciting games scheduled this weekend for those who want to bet on LCK. Damwon are the main favorites to win the first half of the season followed closely by T1, the most successful team in history.

This season, there will be countless LCK betting opportunities for punters and League of Legends fans. We’ll provide you with in-depth game analysis and LCK betting tips for the most anticipated matches, so you can make the right LCK predictions. Six teams will qualify for postseason and competition is fierce, with Gen.G, Hanwha Life, Nongshim Red Force and Afreeca Freecs among the strong contenders.

The busy LCK schedule will see teams playing on a weekly basis, with an average of two matches per day. Add to this the fact that winners are decided at the end of best-of-three series, so there are multiple LCK betting opportunities. League of Legends is the most popular MOBA in the world, so all the important esports betting sites dedicate ample coverage to the most competitive region.


This theme inherits a fantastic legacy and once again seems capable to conquer everything. In spite of making several changes to its starting formation and losing Canna who was traded to Nongshin RedForce, T1 is a force to be reckoned with. Not surprisingly, bookmakers offered the lowest League of Legends odds on them to win the LCT Spring Split 2022. Oner, Gumayusi, and Keria have stayed with the team and Faker is truly irreplaceable. The Unkillable Demon King is ready to make history once again.


One of the South Korean teams that made significant progress in recent months is GenG. The team finished fourth at Worlds 2021 and consolidated its roster to be competitive this spring. Chovy, Doran, and Lehends are now playing for them and they have displayed exceptional synergy together. When they played for Griffin, these three players were amazing and stopped some of the top teams in their tracks. GenG can also rely on Peanut in the jungle and Ruler remains their trusty ADC.


The 2020 Worlds champions have struggled since losing the final last year. They’ve under-performed this spring and that’s why you get better odds when you bet on LCK and back them. They have retained Showmaker and Canyon and brought Deokdam and Kellin from NS RedForce. Burdol and Hoya are two new additions to the starting formation but they are not of the same quality. DWG KIA remain a force to be reckoned with, yet they are not as strong as they used to be.


Some teams look great on paper but fail to meet the expectations. DRX is one of them and after the horrendous play last year, they were expected to perform better. The start of the season was disappointing and LCK betting fans lost a lot of money if they backed them. However, the team has the quality to return to form and the players to push them forward. Kingen and Pyosik remain with the team, while Deft and Beryl now play in bottom lane. Most questions surround mid laner Zeka, who is talented but unproven.

Nongshim RedForce

NS Redforce underwent many changes during the season break and traded some of its best players. The good news is that they replaced them with talented pro-gamers such as Canna, Dread, Bdd Ghost and Effort. These players used to compete at the highest level for T1, Afreeca Freecs, DWG KIA, Liiv Sandbox and Gen.G. They can push the team to the playoffs, as long as they can find a way to work together. Our LCK predictions fancy them to make postseason.

KT Rolster

The team enjoyed an excellent season start but has since slowed down and there are several concerns regarding their inconsistency. This is not surprising, since they have an entirely new roster which needs to be oiled up to work smoothly. Rascal and Life from Gen.G are the most important additions, and KT Rolster also acquired Cuzz from T1 from free agency. Aiming and Aria have joined the fray and LCK betting fans can no longer ignore KT when placing bets.

Kwangdong Freecs

Afreeca Freecs changed not only the named but also most of the players from the original team. Kiin proved to be irreplaceable, so he remains on top lane. Meanwhile, they got Ellim, Teddy and Hoit from T1 to playing in jungle, ADC and support roles. The other acquisition is FATE from Sandbox who is pretty good in the early game but can struggle later on. That’s why the most tempting LCK betting tips are on them to take early leads and ideas the snowball them into victories.

Fredit BRION

The fact that they finished with a 5-13 record last season should have led to massive changes to the starting rotation. However, Fredit BRION decided to keep UmTi, Lava, Hena and Delight, so their team is not much improved. Not surprisingly, LCK predictions expect them to be just as ineffective this season and finish at the bottom of the standings. Sword and Morgan are the two possible replacements for Hoya in top lane, but none of them is good enough to single-handedly carry the team to victory.

Hanwha Life Esports

Chovy and Deft left Hanwha Life Esports in winter and so did any hopes for the team to make a deep run in the playoffs. They exceeded expectations at Worlds, but punters shouldn’t set expectations too high if they bet on LCK. DuDu, Vista and Willer have remained to play in top lane, jungle and support but they are average players. Karis from Gen.G Challengers and SamD from TT Gaming are not top replacements either, so the near future doesn’t look particularly bright for HLE.

Liiv Sandbox

This is the least likely team to go to the playoffs and that’s simply because they’ve lost all the best players. Croco in the Jungle is the silver lining but not enough to justify LCK betting tips on Liiv Sandbox this spring. FATE and Effort left and they were replaced with Ice, Envyy and Kael who used to play for Gen.G Challengers. Academy teams are good but nowhere near the level expected to perform in the main division. Clozer from T1 is the only quality addition, but not enough to turn the ship around.

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