How to watch the new OWL 2019 season

Posted on January 22, 2019 - Last Updated on September 30, 2020

It’s coming up fast – the new and extended OWL season is almost upon us! Tellingly enough, it stars on Valentine’s day, and fans both single and in relationships are eagerly awaiting its beginning. For the former it’s an opportunity not to spend the day laying around lamenting their lonely existence, and for the latter it’s going to be a tough decision to pick between their partners and those sweet inaugural matches!

Now we’re not categorically saying OWL is the right choice but the first match that’s being played IS Philadelphia Fusion vs London Spitfires aka a pretty spicy match-up after last season’s grand finale! Either way though, the OWL will have matches played every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for each of the four pre-championship stages (with some exceptions on weekends).

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There are several ways you can watch the OWL if you want – Hulu’s Live TV isn’t free but it does allow you to catch it all live. Alternatively, if you live somewhere you can watch ESPN, Disney XD or ABC, you can watch on those channels as well. YouTube TV, DirecTV Now and SlingTV also offer at least some of the Disney-owned ESPN channels.

If you prefer a free service, you can simply watch the games on – it’s free to stream them on the game day, and you can watch in any browser on any device! There’s also the Overwatch League app, free to download to your phone. Just log in with your Blizzard or Facebook account and you can watch away – you can also access some additional material such as schedules, previews and statistics.

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Naturally, Twitch is another great place to watch – the OWL is partnered with Twitch and provides live streams of all matches so you can watch it whenever you’d like. will take you to the current livestream.

Another place you can watch is MLG – Major League Gaming – offers quite a wholesome OWL experience. Not only do they stream the matches for you, but also offer additional content such as articles, videos, statistics and previews.

Though at the moment not too much info is available on matches in the later parts of the season, we expect more to arrive soon enough, in the days leading up to the start of the 2019 OWL!

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