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Posted on February 16, 2021 - Last Updated on March 18, 2021

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the obvious choice for first-person shooter fans with a keen eye for gambling. There is an abundance of CSGO betting sites among both e-sports books and regular bookies, hence many betting options., Unikrn or Luckbox are great examples of esports specialists offering competitive odds on mainstream and niche markets. Skin betting is a relatively new concept, but one that has gained a lot of traction with casual punters. In this guide we will explain how to get skins for CS GO and how to use them for gambling purposes.

What are CS GO Skins?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an e-sports phenomenon and a highly competitive game. Unlike pay to win titles, this will depend exclusively on luck and players don’t get an unfair advantage in exchange of spending cash. Skins are vanity items that have players stand out from the crowd, by brandishing originally looking weapons. The entire CS GO skin industry is centered on visuals and these different textures applied to weapons have no gameplay function.

In spite of being entirely cosmetic, skins are immensely popular among both recreational and professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players. Some websites and even CSGO betting sites offer them for free as promotional items to those who join their ranks. They can also be used for gambling purposes, as a virtual currency to place bets on professional matches. Skins not only look different, but they also have different monetary value, with some of the rarest skins being quite expensive.

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How to Get Skins for CS GO?

As mentioned above, some CS GO e-sports books offer them for free as incentives to new members. The most straightforward way of getting skins is to play the game and hope to acquire them from free drops. Some community servers offer them as well, but only if the Valve Anti-Cheat protocol is enabled. This is a rather important element when trying to figure out how to get skins for CS GO. Another requirement is to compete against at least another human opponents, as playing against bots doesn’t qualify.

With a maximum of four drops on a weekly basis, this is a reliable source of free skins. The thing about free skins acquired in this manner is that they are not credited automatically to your account. You would have to buy the necessary key to open the crates, which adds another step to the process.

Another way of getting free skins is by visiting the websites offering them and performing certain tasks. These don’t require a financial investment, but instead, visitors are expected to sign up for the newsletter, player mini game or perform other actions. In some cases, you receive the free skins for simply complying with the requirements; on other occasions you need to get a certain score or accumulate points.

Giveaways are perhaps the most exciting way of receiving skins for free, including expensive ones. If you wonder how to get skins for CS GO through giveaways, there are two distinct options. One is to take part in raffles organized by Twitch and YouTube streamers who randomly award the skins to subscribers. The other way is to participate in various competitions organized by Counter-Strike: Global Offensive sites. These are also raffles, but players earn tickets for performing certain actions, and these go into the lottery.

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CS GO Skins Gambling – No Pain, No Gain

If you want to get skins for CS GO for free, the aforesaid suggestions will surely get the job done. The problem is that the quality of these free skins is questionable and they are rarely worth a lot of money. Giveaways and lotteries have slightly better odds of producing expensive skins, but they’re not amazing either and the chances to win are slim. In order to get your hands on some of the most expensive and rarest CS GO skins, you should be willing to make a financial commitment.

This is where skin gambling comes in, a relatively new mechanic that is very popular with Counter-Strike: Global players. Just as the name suggests, you are betting these virtual in game items instead of cash. Players deposit the skins and make them available for betting, so you can win precisely the same cosmetic items you are gambling. Eventually, the skins can be exchanged for coins and any of the CS GO skin betting sites. Depending on the other types of gambling offered by these websites, the coins can be used to place additional bets or try the thrills of casino games among others.

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