H1Z1 Betting

Where and How to Bet on Z1 Betting Royale


H1Z1, also known as Z1 battle royale, first came out in early 2015 for Steam. The battle royale genre exploded in popularity a couple years after, and while H1Z1 may not be as famous as other games in the genre like Fortnite, it still has a very active fanbase.

Like many other Battle Royale games, the game’s main goal is to be the last one standing. Players are dropped into a match and must look for means to survive. That can include many things, like passive play where players hide, or aggressive play like collecting weapons to hunt other players.

As the match continues, a toxic storm surrounds the arena, killing anybody who stays in it for too long. Over time, the storm covers more and more of the island, forcing players into confrontations. There are three game modes that players can select: solos, duos or teams of five.

As H1Z1 has grown, so too has H1Z1 betting. In the past year, the title has gained massive popularity, and as a result, several esports leagues and tournaments spawned. Naturally, multiple H1Z1 betting sites and H1Z1 gambling websites popped up soon after.

Betting on H1Z1 Battle Royale

Although it may be a relatively new esports title, there’s a variety of places to get into H1Z1 betting, and for a good reason. H1Z1 may not be at the level of other esport mainstays, but it’s a rising star and has a lot of potential in esports betting.

To begin betting on H1Z1, an individual needs to find a competition, betting site and types of bets that they’re comfortable making. It’s also important to research esports betting markets to avoid sites that are potential scams or fraud.

A site needs to have clear entry and payout conditions. Bettors should avoid any place with offers that sound a little too convenient or rules that seem unclear. Once they believe they’ve narrowed down their options and are ready to hop in, it’s time to research H1Z1 itself.

A person should grasp how the gameplay works, how a certain competition or league works, and what teams perform the best. It’s also advisable to get some practice in, whether that be through fantasy esports or simply watching games with certain bets in mind.

There are typically four types of bets for players to bet on Z1 Battle Royale. There are outright bets, accumulator bets, special bets and in-play bets. Each one has its own unique perk.

Outright bets are the most simple of the four. It focuses on the overall performance of a team and where they place. In-play bets occur when a match has already begun and usually involve stats like how many kills a player gets or their total score.

Special bets are similar to in-play bets, as they also depend on the stats and performances of individual players. However, special bets are released before a match has started. Thus, unlike in-play bets where someone can feel the flow of a game, special bettors are going in blind.

Accumulator bets are a collection of smaller bets. Should someone win all or any smaller bets, the rewards will accumulate and multiply, as the name suggests.

H1Z1 Betting Guide
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Where to Bet on H1Z1 Battle Royale

Another thing to consider before starting an H1Z1 betting journey is the potential perks of esports bookmarkers. They can vary in what they offer to new players, what promotions they might have, the competitions they cover, and their rules.

The title is fairly new, and covid-19 hasn’t helped. Because of that, betting on H1Z1 can often feel like the wild west, but there are a decent amount of bookmarkers that have proven to be reliable.

Keep in mind there are no active tournaments right now, so H1Z1 won’t appear on any betting sites until tournaments start up again. Still, some notable bookmarkers include GG.bet, Betonline.ag, Bet365, and Paddypowder.

Of course, these aren’t the only solid options, so the best choice will remain whatever someone is most comfortable doing. Regardless, it’s impossible to get a good grasp on a site immediately, so making a few bets is highly recommended before making any rash decisions.

H1Z1 Betting Tips
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H1Z1 Betting Battle Royale Tips

Some good tips for H1Z1 betting include the old and obvious gambling tips, such as keeping a cool head. Both winning and losing money are inevitable, so it’s important to keep calm regardless of how good or bad a result is.

Setting a budget is also a good idea, making your odds compare to official odds. Making a couple of bets in your head and seeing how you do is also recommended.

For more H1Z1 focused tips, an individual should research a team and the role each player has. For solos, watch a couple of matches to find out a player’s tendencies. Are they super aggressive or more sneaky? Figure out how that may play into a specific bet.

And lastly, make sure to utilize social media and the opinions of others. Of course, don’t take their word as gospel, but keep in mind hardcore fans may know something most people don’t. Listening to the sayings on sites like Reddit and Instagram could pay off in the long run.