Golf Betting Tips & Tricks

Discover where to find the best betting tips for golf


Golf remains one of the world’s most popular sports, with millions across the globe enjoying playing as well as watching this ancient game that has its roots in Scotland. It is not surprising then that the sport is also hugely popular with bettors. The growth of online betting over the last two decades or so means that many people are now on the hunt for golf betting tips.

Here, we’re going to tell you where you can go when you need some betting tips for golf. Finding useful information that can boost your chances of golf betting success is not difficult, so read on to find out more!

Follow all the latest golf news

The most important thing to do if you are looking for golf betting tips is to stay abreast of all the latest golf news and results. Results are important as they help you assess a player’s form going into tournaments. News is also important to follow, though, as it provides context for the results and form.

It also helps if you have played some golf yourself, as this can give you insight into how players might react in certain situations. While you are not going to have the mentality of a professional player from hitting a few balls on some rounds at your local course, the experience can certainly be useful for anyone looking to bet on golf.

Use social media to find free golf betting tips

Social media can be a great source of information about golf. Following the official accounts of players and governing bodies. These can be a great source of information that you can use for betting. Gossip about players being injured or unhappy ahead of a tournament can be hugely useful for anyone seeking out golf betting tips.

Anyone planning to place some golf bets at any of the top 10 betting sites should also make sure that they follow the Twitter accounts of the top golf journalists too. Journalists have the kind of access and insight that ordinary golf fans and bettors can only dream about. This means that they can share important information and nuggets of insider knowledge that might prove crucial for the success of your betting strategy.

So if you’re looking for golf betting tips, Twitter can be your friend. Remember to look in places other than Twitter, though. It also pays to speak to more experienced golf bettors on social media, which is something we’ll look at next for you.

Tips for golf betting

Speak to seasoned golf bettors

Another good source of golf betting tips is more experienced golf bettors. Reddit golf betting threads can be a great place to go when you need advice about which types of bet or tips you should be using on certain events. Every golf tournament has its own quirks and characteristics, and these can affect the way that you choose to bet on them.

Seasoned golf bettors are bound to more attuned to these quirks than inexperienced punters. It can be hard to speak to such people out in the real world, if you’re not used to hanging around golf clubs or bookmakers’ shops. You can speak to them via social media, though, so make sure you check out golf betting Reddit threads and other sources.

Find the right golf bookmaker

When you have found some golf betting tips, it is essential that you use them at the right bookie. Finding an online bookie is not hard if you ensure that you look for some key features. You can use our site here to help you in your search, by reading articles like our Bet365 review and our Betway review. Here are some features of the best online golf bookmakers that you can check.

  • Good range of tournaments covered, including women’s golf
  • Extensive range of bet types available to use
  • Specific bonuses for golf betting, often related to specific events like the Ryder Cup
  • Tempting sports betting welcome bonus
  • Efficient and polite customer service
  • Good range of payment methods, including crypto options
  • Solid site design making it a simple process to place bets


As you can see, there are a number of places where you can find golf betting tips. They to successful betting on golf, as with any other sport, is to know as much as you can about the sport. While playing the game itself can provide some useful insights that can inform your betting, it is far more important to follow all the latest news in the sport as closely as possible. Use social media to find additional nuggets of knowledge and pay close attention to what golf journalists are saying on channels like Twitter. You can also stay abreast of useful golf gossip by using Reddit.

The possibilities for golf betting are increasing in scope all the time, with crypto betting the latest sports betting phenomenon to add more possibilities. As you continue your golf wagering adventure, you are sure to find even more places to discovers the best golf betting tips and use them to bring success.