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Posted on December 7, 2018 - Last Updated on February 1, 2024

Overwatch has come from nowhere to become one of the biggest titles in esports. Ever since Blizzard Entertainment released the title back in May 2016, this PS4, Xbox One and PC game has grown to become a gaming phenomenon.

With more than 40 million gamers playing Overwatch in first two years, and over $1 billion earned in the first year alone, the game is a proven hit. But it’s in the competitive gaming realm that things are really getting interesting as top Overwatch tournaments like the Overwatch League have added an element of professionalism and consistency to esports.

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As a result, we’ve decided to provide you with a quick and easy Overwatch gambling guide so that you can get to grips with betting on the competitive gaming hit.

A quick overview to Overwatch betting

Here’s a little background information on the game to get you started with your bets; for additional insights, you can also follow our dedicated tutorial: how to bet on Overwatch. Overwatch is a cross between a standard first-person shooter and a battle arena game.

Each match features two teams of six players who have to beat the opposing side by claiming a map. Maps can be won by achieving certain objectives that are specific to each map.

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Common objectives include taking control of a specific part of the map and holding it for a certain amount of time, or the team might be required to push forward a payload across certain checkpoints. But regardless of the objective, both teams will want to destroy the opposing team in order to complete their task and win the round. The best esports betting sites will allow you to bet on the overall match winner, the winner of each round, the outright tournament winner and so on.


Know your heroes – Getting to know different Overwatch characters

Each Overwatch player starts the game by picking one of the 24 Overwatch heroes that are all given special abilities. By getting to know each Overwatch hero, you will be in a good place to see how things could unfold. Here are the four main classes of Overwatch hero.

  • Attack: These heroes go in hard to cause damage to the opposition. They are usually the first to get killed, but benefit from good manoeuvrability and strong firepower. Popular attack heroes include Ashe, Doomfist and Genji.
  • Defence: These characters are usually used to stop the opposing teams reaching core objectives. However, defence heroes are also blessed with good long-range weapon facilities. Check out top defence characters like Mei, Junkrat and Hanzo.
  • Tank: Tank heroes are given special protective abilities that enables them to get into disruptive positions without suffering too much damage. Key tank characters include the likes of Winston, Orisa and the aptly named Wrecking Ball.
  • Support: These characters are hugely important as they are given the task of healing wounded members of a team, and as a result, support heroes can dramatically alter the run of the game. Top support heroes include Ana, Moira and Zenyatta.

The best Overwatch teams to wager on

We couldn’t have an Overwatch gambling guide without highlighting some of the best Overwatch competitive teams to bet on. Obviously, things are always changing, but on the whole, these teams often seem to deliver the goods.

  • Top Overwatch League teams: There will be 20 teams in the 2020 Overwatch League tournament. Many gamers will be backing the reigning champions, London Spitfire, to continue their hugely impressive run of form. But keep an eye out on top teams like Philadelphia Fusion, Boston Uprising, Los Angeles Gladiators, and New York Excelsior who had last season’s star player, Bang ‘JJonak’ Sung-hyeon. Check here the best Overwatch teams of all time.
  • Best Overwatch World Cup sides: There have been three Overwatch World Cup tournaments so far, and as South Korea have won all three, then it should give you a good idea of who to bet on next year. Not that this is a one-horse race, as countries like China, Canada and Sweden have also been looking incredibly strong recently.


Overwatch Gambling Guide – Is it legal to bet on Overwatch?

Lots of gaming fans like to try their luck by betting on Overwatch. But before you try placing an Overwatch bet, it’s essential to check that online gambling is legal in your country of residence. Whilst betting on esports like Overwatch is legal in the UK, different countries in Europe can have a wide variety of different legislation.

The situation gets even more complicated in the USA. Whilst there have been efforts to deregulate online gambling in the US, it’s still prohibited across much of the country. However, certain states like Nevada, Delaware and New Jersey facilitate online betting to varying degrees, and it’s expected that more states will allow you to legally bet on esports like Overwatch in the near future. Stay tuned for updates!

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