Fortnite Betting

Where to find the best Fortnite betting sites


What is Fortnite?

Since the release of its Battle Royale mode in late 2017, Fortnite has become an icon for esports. The massively popular free-to-play game boasts simultaneous login numbers of over 10 million players. The game has spawned an equally popular esports scene featuring millions of dollars in prize money and international competition. Online Fortnite gambling lets you profit off your game knowledge from the comfort of your own home.

Fortnite’s active competitive scene means that there’s plenty of opportunities to bet on Fortnite esports. Dozens of Fortnite betting sites have popped up in recent years, and many mainstay betting sites have added it to their sportsbooks. Between weekly events with fantastic coverage and approachable gameplay that’s easy to understand, Fortnite is an ideal choice for a brand-new esports bettor.

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How is Fortnite played?

It’s essential to understand how the game is played before you bet on Fortnite esports matches. The competitive ruleset for the game has some significant differences from the casual game mode. There are two major types of Fortnite competitive play; open and closed. Open tournaments involve Fortnite pros playing in open online matches for a designated number of games or a set time period, whichever comes first.

During these games, players competing in the tournament attempt to score kills and rack up Victory Royales to accumulate points. Keep in mind that pros don’t have to kill other competitors to score; kills on random players in the online lobby also count towards their score. Closed tournaments work very similarly, but everyone involved is a competitor.

Due to the high number of players in a game of Fortnite, the odds of any single player winning a Fortnite game are much smaller compared to teams in other esports. Luckily, you don’t have to take a 1-in-100 chance when you make Fortnite predictions. Duos and Squads are quite popular with Fortnite Betting sites, and their tournaments work very similarly to the Solo ones described above.


Where to bet on Fortnite?

To put your Fortnite predictions to the test, you’ll need to find a dependable Fortnite betting site. If you’re looking for a site completely dedicated to esports, Unikrn and are the go-to options. They also offer services for other popular esports, letting you use the same site for League of Legends or VALORANT betting. If you’re looking to bet on Fortnite alongside traditional sports like baseball and basketball, you’ll want a hybrid betting site like Bet365.

Those are just some of the Fortnite betting sites out there., Arcanebet, Rivalry and more are all great sites for Fortnite gambling. They all offer great Fortnite betting odds and some event features blogs with Fortnite news and esports betting tips.

How to watch Fortnite matches

Fortnite’s competitive circuit is primarily run by its developer Epic Games. Epic hosts the Fortnite Champion Series, where teams from all over the world compete in regional events, eventually culminating in international competition. The FNCS consists of regular open weekly play ending in a closed finals event. The Fortnite World Cup is Fortnite’s Superbowl, and previous year’s events have had prize pools over $15,000,000.


Bets aren’t much fun if you don’t get to see how you Fortnite predictions play out. Luckily for Fornite esports fans, almost every Fortnite esports game can be seen on Twitch betting lets you watch any game live for free in HD. Epic Games run the show themselves for offline events, but the players themselves stream many online events. If there’s a specific player you’ve hinged a Fortnite prediction on, you can probably see the match from their stream and perspective.

Lastly, you’ll want to be able to discern who is winning a game of Fortnite. There are many variables in the game, and the value of some resources change as the game goes on. Keep an eye on the blue and green bars in the lower-middle of the screen. Those represent a character’s health and armor values, which decrease as they take damage. Guns can be collected by players around the map and come in five rarities. In ascending order of power, they are gray, green, blue, purple and gold. Now you can tell roughly how well a Fortnite player is doing in a match just by glancing at the screen. Better gear makes a massive difference during intense late-game firefights.

Best Fortnite teams

The most popular form of Fortnite esports are group competitions like Duos and Squads of four. Because of that, esports teams usually have an entire roster of Fortnite players instead of just one. If you’ve bet on other esports before Fortnite gambling, you’ll likely recognize some of the team names from other esports. The best North American teams are 100 Thieves and NRG Esports NA. Other top NA squads include TSM, Team Liquid, and Cloud9. Europe is another powerful region in Fortnite esports. European teams like Become Legends, Gamma Gaming and Grizi Esports are known for putting up big numbers at home and abroad.


Why bet on Fortnite?

Fortnite separates itself from other esports titles thanks to its popularity and approachability. As one of the most famous games in the world, almost everyone is familiar with the game. Fortnite fans are often connected to the top-level play, and it’s easy to find people to discuss your Fortnite predictions with. The game is also able to reach into the public zeitgeist with its headliner events. The game made international headlines when 16-year-old player Bugha won $3,000,000 at the 2019 Fortnite World Cup Finals.

That popularity is partially due to the game’s accessibility. Crazy, unpredictable things happen all the time in Fortnite, but unlike a more complicated ability-based game like Dota 2 or Overwatch, you don’t need to know the specifics of a situation to understand what’s going on. Every player has the same character (despite the outlandish skins) with no real advantage. There’s plenty of nuance to the game that can help you make concrete Fortnite predictions, but casual spectators can still get plenty out of the game.

Lastly, that accessibility has led to Fortnite becoming more than just a game. Multimedia crossovers with Marvel’s Avengers and rap artist Travis Scott are proof that Fortnite has become a full-on media phenomenon. It’s an incredibly important game in esports history, and you become personally involved in that legacy when you bet on Fortnite.

Resources for Fortnite

Many of the Fortnite betting sites mentioned above, like Bet365, Unikrn and have blogs and resources where new bettors can learn this ins-and-outs of betting on Fortnite. In addition, there’s plenty of coverage that you can use to help make solid Fortnite esports bets. The Competitive Fortnite Twitter account posts constant updates about what’s going on in the world on Fortnite esports. New tournaments and event results are constantly being posted, helping you keep up with the latest Fortnite betting opportunities.

If you’re more into the stats behind the players, there are plenty of websites where you can review the competitive histories of players and teams. The most famous example is Fortnite’s official Liquipedia, a database of professional players and past tournaments.