Field Hockey Betting Tips & Tricks

How to find the best hockey betting tips and understand betting on hockey


Field hockey is a field sport that is played between two teams of 11 players. They compete with sticks, attempting to hit a small plastic ball into the opposition goal. Although seen as something of a minority sport in the UK and other countries, field hockey is very popular in India and Pakistan. It also has a significant presence in European countries like Germany and the Netherlands, as well as in countries like Australia and South Africa.

Before we go any further, we will just say that this article is about the type of hockey played with a ball on grass, not ice hockey! While ice hockey is also very popular with sports bettors, you can find out about betting on ice hockey elsewhere. Read on to find out more about betting on field hockey!


Understand betting on field hockey

One of the most important things to do before you start looking for field hockey betting tips is to make sure you understand betting properly. Sports betting novices can come unstuck and lose money because they do not fully comprehend the types of bet they are placing. Always research bet types before you opt to place wagers.

When it comes to betting on field hockey, the types of bet that you can place are pretty similar to those that you can place on soccer. There are some significant similarities between football and hockey, of course. There is a growing number of virtual sports on which you can place wagers these days too. While we are yet to see any virtual field hockey on offer, this is sure to be something available in the future, as the number of virtual betting options continues to grow at speed.

Follow all the latest field hockey news

One essential thing that you must do if you are looking for field hockey betting tips is followed all the latest hockey news as closely as possible. Any kind of knowledge about the latest goings on in the world of field hockey can be useful to astute bettors.

It is particularly important to take note of the latest form of teams. This is not just a case of paying attention to the latest results, as simply seeing who has won and lost will not always provide the kind of insight that successful bettors need. If you are unable to watch repeats or highlights of recent matches, you should read match reports. These can given an indication of the quality of the performances in recent games.

After all, a team that plays well does not always win games. It is possible for a team to be in good form but still lose a run of games by narrow margins. A perceptive bettor would note that they have been playing well even in defeat, as this could be an indication that their results will change soon. This type of situation might see some really good odds on offer too – something else that highlights the importance of paying close attention to all the latest field hockey news.

Use social media to find hockey betting tips

Obviously, social media is a great tool for anyone seeking out field hockey betting tips. You should follow teams and players to pick up useful nuggets of knowledge. It is also important, however, that you pay attention to what hockey journalists are sharing on their social media channels.

Field hockey betting threads on Reddit can also be a great source of insight and information from seasoned hockey bettors. Novices may not know how best to exploit some of the news nuggets and other useful tips that they find. Seasoned bettors can help novices spot the best value when it comes to using specific types of bet such as accumulators. You should not waste the chance to make use of this type of hockey betting tips!


Find a field hockey betting bonus

Another useful field hockey betting tip is to make sure that you claim any hockey betting bonuses that are available from bookmakers. In addition to welcome offers, many bookmakers will provide bonuses for bettors who bet on specific sports in specific ways, so keep an eye out for these.

You can check out the kinds of bonuses on offer at various operators by reading our reviews of top betting sites on this site. Our Betway review offers some useful pointers as to what a really good bookie looks like.


The best way to equip yourself for successful betting on field hockey is to follow as much of the latest hockey news as possible. Social media is a great source of sporting news, betting tips and other important information. Journalists can provide useful betting tips, while speaking to more seasoned bettors on platforms like Reddit can be a great source of betting wisdom. The more you know, the more successful you are likely to be!