Everything we know about the Overwatch Summer Games 2018

Posted on August 2, 2018 - Last Updated on September 30, 2020

We all knew that it was coming – Overwatch’s next big thing after the end of the League is, of course, the Summer Games. Originally, rumour had it that the event would launch together with new hero Wrecking Ball or Hammond as most of his fans prefer to call him.

Hammond came out some time ago, and obviously, the Summer Games didn’t, so it’s still unknown when exactly the event will start. Going by the last two years though, it’s probably less than a week away. In 2016, the event started on Tuesday the 2nd of August, while in 2017 it started on Tuesday, the 8th of August. If Blizzard follows this pattern, odds are we will see the summer games on Tuesday, the 7th of August.

Why should you care about the summer games? Well, the skins alone would be well worth it. Just about all of our favourite characters (and even the ones nobody likes) are getting new and not-so-new event skins for the summer. Some of the previous event skins will, of course, be coming back, but there are plenty of new ones to look forward to.

The event that is taking place on the PS4, Xbox One and on PC isn’t just made up of skins of course – there are also mini-games. More specifically, Lucioball. It is a recurring fan-favourite that lets players compete in a Rocket League style event where they have to score goals with their team and against their opponents before a set time limit expires. Last year even saw a ranked version of the game called Copa Lucioball, so odds are Blizzard will do at least something to step up their game this time around as well.

Hammond Wrecking Ball Overwatch

There will also be new items, emotes and more, along with recurring stuff from the past two years. Plenty of stuff to get excited about – too bad that Blizzard won’t announce the start date ahead of time. Either way though, we are sure that the event is coming in the next few days, and we are sure it’s going to be great.

There is a small chance Blizzard will be making an announcement later this week on the event, but they may well keep quiet about it until it all kicks off. Either way though, fans are gearing up for the new Summer Games and have high expectations for them. Wrecking Ball’s reveal was met with quite a bit of excitement (and controversy over his name) so Blizzard better step up its game if it wants to keep up the renewed excitement that draws players to the game.

They did a good job of that with the implementation of their new community features that allow players to reward the good behaviour of others – it lead to a remarkable improvement of the somewhat toxic Overwatch community. A great Summer Games event would just pile on the good stuff that has been happening to the game lately – we are definitely excited to see what we can expect!

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