Eurovision Betting Odds and Prediction

Eurovision 2021 Betting Tips


The Eurovision is the most important international music competition that takes place on a yearly basis. Passionate, engaging and involving all the nations on the old continent, it naturally drew the attention of bookmakers. Eurovision betting provides the fans of the competition, but also regular punters with the opportunity of making the most of this event. Many leading esports books have added the singing contest to their portfolio and allow punters to bet on outright winners, final placement and other markets.

How does Eurovision Betting Work?

Betting on TV shows isn’t exactly a new concept, as many bookmakers have been offering this type of wagering for quite a while. What makes betting Eurovision song contest special is the sheer magnitude of the competition and the abundance of betting markets. The easiest and most straightforward way of betting is to simply try to predict the winner. The names of the qualifying nations are known well in advance and punters can get familiar with the artists during national qualifiers.

When you bet for Eurovision you are presented with the same dilemma as that all sports and esports punters face. You can either bet on the favorites and mitigate the risks, or chase bigger winnings by favoring the underdogs. In between, there are multiple awards betting opportunities on the placement of individual teams and even head to head contest. Eurovision odds checker conveniently integrates the odds for all the available betting markets, so punters can compare them and make the right choice.

Eurovision Betting 2021 Format and Participants

Genuine fans of the competition were surely disappointed last year when the song contest was canceled. All Eurovision bets were off, as the 2020 edition never happened. The event is back in 2021, with a slightly different format, but just as many betting opportunities. This year, it returns to the Netherlands for the 65th edition, after Duncan Laurence took the trophy home back in 2019. The COVID-19 restrictions will influence the format of the event, but the Eurovision betting odds will be just as tempting.

It is the first time the contest is held in the Netherlands since 1980, but the hosts are not among the favorites. As always, the competition will combine quality music, local friendships and rivalry, as well as political voting. With so many things to consider, Eurovision betting tips can prove invaluable for punters hoping to make a profit. The voting system is tilted towards some nations, who have a clear edge over the rest, but there is still a great deal of uncertainty and this is what makes Eurovision betting so captivating.

Eurovision Betting

Eurovision 2021 Favorites and Underdogs

More than 20 countries will compete for the coveted trophy and Eurovision odds checker has already identified the favorites. With so many contenders it comes as no surprise that there are huge discrepancies in the odds offered. In the paragraphs below, we’ll take a closer look at the most likely teams to win, as well as the biggest underdogs. Based on bankrolls, risk-taking appetite and expectations, punters can use the Eurovision betting tips to back one camp or the other.

Underdog Betting at Major Bookmakers

A quick glance at our Bet365 review will highlight the fact that this bookmaker dedicates ample coverage to this contest. If you seek the biggest odds you can place Eurovision bets on teams that never won the event, or those who rarely do. Great Britain and Germany frequently finish at the bottom of the standings, hence the high odds. The former have lost much of their popularity since Brexit and in spite of being the economical engine of the continent, Germany has never been too popular.

Australia is an unexpected presence in the European tournament and also one of the greatest underdogs. Big odds are also offered to those who bet on teams that haven’t won the tournament in a while. Spain and Belgium fit in nicely into this frame and have some of the highest Eurovision betting 2021 odds.

Eurovision Betting Odds Checker

Surprising Favorites in 2021

At the opposite end of the spectrum we have France and Switzerland who haven’t won in quite a while, but they are among the favorites. Switzerland is priced at 4.00 by this bookmaker and France gets 8.00. Italian music has always had plenty of fans worldwide and this nation ranks high in the preference of modern punters. Betting Eurovision song contest on Italy produces odds of 11.00, which is definite value.

It is rarely a good idea to bet on a small nation with little influence and few neighbors to win. The fact that Malta gets and the lowest Eurovision betting odds of only 4.00 at Betway esports is definitely surprising. They have a great song for 2021 and deserve to be among the favorites. This year, it makes sense to bet on the little guy. As kickoff draws near, odds are expected to drop, so it makes sense to bet for Eurovision in advance.

Eurovision Betting Tips and Predictions

A great song and a charming choreography should be the recipe for success when it comes to Eurovision betting. While these things definitely matter, there are other elements to be considered, because of the unique scoring system. Some nations fare better than others simply because of their geographical position and relations with neighbors. Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and Finland for example tend to favor each other year after year. North Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Moldova and Romania do pretty much the same in their region. Greece and Cyprus, as well as Russia and Azerbaijan also work well together.

Eurovision betting tips must factor in all this meta information that has nothing to do with the songs themselves. Political support is important when it comes to determine the winners and can’t be ignored. This is quite important when it comes to specials betting and other markets beyond picking winners. Risk-averse punters can bet on the Top 4 finish when betting on favorites. For underdogs, Eurovision betting options include Top 10 placements, which give punters more room for error.