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Merging Two Successful Gambling Worlds

Posted on April 26, 2021

Gambling operators have consolidated their businesses to provide comprehensive packages to their members. It was only natural for esports books to branch out and launch their own esports casino at some point. The opposite was also true and many established casinos found it worthwhile to set up their own bookmakers. With videogames betting being a popular activity among modern punters, esports were soon to follow. In this guide we look at how the esports and casino hybrid was created and analyze the trends.

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Healthy competition between online casino operators compelled these businesses to consider new avenues for growth. Online casinos were already branching out to sports betting and the expansion into video games betting was the natural thing to do. The same account offers access to all these gambling services, and some operators have also expanded into poker and bingo. Casino simply couldn’t afford to miss out on the lucrative business of esports betting fans. Not offering videogame betting options meant that these customers would leave and set up accounts with competitors.

Betting on video games is now possible at most of the online casinos. The question is can you gamble on esports in one of the many brick-and-mortar casinos. Most of these land-based establishments are yet to branch out to this new form of gambling. Truth be told, a significant percentage of them don’t even provide sports betting options, but Las Vegas operators are the exception. Some of the best-known and most appreciated casinos in Sin City such as WinStar World Casino and Luxor Casino have jumped on the bandwagon. At their premises, you can bet on esports at top odds and even watch the games live.

When it comes to esports casino Las Vegas truly leads the way and provides a compelling argument in favor of such an expansion. Esports can be found among their multiple entertainment options and some casinos have established their very own gaming arenas. Over the years, Las Vegas Valley and MGM’s Mandalay Bay casino resort hosted major tournaments, so the latest expansion isn’t exactly a surprise. Investing in a casino esports conference made perfect sense, with iconic arenas such as the HyperX Esports Arena standing out from the crowd.

Esports Books Embrace Casino Games

This isn’t a story of unrequited love as esports betting sites were perfectly happy to return the favor. Online bookmakers offering videogame betting options were quick to realize the potential of esports casino games. This is still a fledgling industry with plenty of room to expand and still uncharted growth avenues. Counter Strike Global Offensive is the most popular first-person shooter and a true esports phenomenon. It also caught the eye of slot developers who came up with a lineup of exciting CSGO slots.

This was also the game to pioneer the concept of skin gambling, which provided the first hints at the symbiosis between esports and casino. It came a long way since 2013 when the first platforms offered the possibility of skin gambling and culminated with the release of CSGO slots. These are supplied by the same respectable software developers that power some of the biggest casino brands. This helps them project the image of trustworthiness needed to convince prospective punters. Many also work with independent auditors who verify their algorithms for fairness and randomness.

Modern bookmakers know that customers don’t like the answer no. At these top operators, can you gamble on esports and can you play casino games are two questions with positive answers. The same account grants access to the entire lineup of betting services and they even offer distinct bonuses. New players can sign up for an account and choose between an esports and casino bonus. Granted these offers are usually mutually exclusive, there are also ongoing offers for active players. This is one of the main advantages that online operators have over even the best esports casino Las Vegas.

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The Future of Esports Casino is Bright

The wheels are set in motion for a bigger, more diversified and competitive gambling industry. Casinos and bookmakers compete for a shrinking market share and can’t afford to get complacent. Expansion into new types of gambling has been the recipe for success for many years and it’s unlikely to change. The competitive environment will continue to push gambling operators forward and compel them to excel.

Signing up for an account at an esports casino will pave the road to an eclectic mix of gambling services. In addition to videogame betting and slots, operators offer virtual sports betting and even poker and lottery inspired games. Players will continue to be the main beneficiaries of this expansion, as they enjoy convenient access to the best forms of gambling across these licensed and regulated gaming platforms.

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