Best Esports Betting Bonus Offers

Overwatch is one of the most exciting games to have hit the world of esports in years. Ever since Blizzard Entertainment released the title in 2016, there have been many gamers who have been playing Overwatch competitively. With the successful establishment of the Overwatch League and the Overwatch World Cup, it seems that the video game has become a successful spectator sport, with many now enjoying taking a bet on Overwatch more than ever. So if you are new to Overwatch betting, we at thought we should include a section that shows what kinds of Overwatch bonus you can currently find at the best esports betting sites.


Why do you need an Esports bonus?

If you spend plenty of time hunting down the best Esports betting odds, then you might wonder why you even need to bother getting an Esports bonus too. But many esports betting fans have realised that getting bonuses are a great way to receive a profit boost on their sports bets. From matched deposit deals, to special matched bet offers, it seems that understanding how to take advantage of welcome bonus promotions is a key part of making some decent money from esports betting sites.

Obviously you don’t have to just use one bonus, as plenty of experts of Esports betting on Reddit have found that they can pick and choose from a wide range of offers from different bookmakers to make sure that they always wagering with a potential profit boost.

There is no denying the fact that it can sometimes take a little effort and money to really take advantage of some of these Esports promotions. But the basic fact remains that if you want to make the biggest amount of money possible from betting on Overwatch, LoL, CSGO, etc, then getting an esports betting bonus is a great way to start. So read our guide to Esports bonuses and find out more about how to boost your profits.


What kind of Esports betting bonuses can you get?

There’s a massive range of promotions to pick and choose from. So be sure to take the time to find an offer that’s best-suited to your own esports betting needs.

Matched bet offers

Many bookmakers like to put on a matched bet promotion for new customers. This means that for a certain amount of bets you make, the betting site will match your betting stake with extra betting funds. This is a simple way to get a good boost on your esports bets, but be sure you understand what counts as a qualifying bet in the promotion.

Matched deposit deals

Matched deposit deals are similar to matched bet offers, but the betting site will match your opening deposit instead. These kinds of promotions often come in the form of percentage deals where you stand to receive anything between a 25% and a 300% boost on your initial deposit. Obviously the more you deposit, the more you stand to receive, but remember that nearly all of these offers are capped at a specific amount.

Bets that offer insurance

If you are newcomer to betting, then it can be a good idea to try and find a betting site who has a promotion that gives you a refund if you make a losing bet. Getting some insurance on your opening bets is especially handy in the world of esports where it can often be unpredictable to know the winners. Whilst this kind of deal might not help you get any massive profits, it’s a good way to offset any nasty losses.

Tournament-specific promotions

All esports betting promotions tend to promise all manner of attractive financial incentives to get you to sign up to their services. You will often see bookmakers stating that you can get free bets for merely registering a new account with their brand. But on closer inspection it seems that things aren’t quite so straightforward. So here are some key things to look out for when considering getting an esports bonus offer.


Things to be aware of when using your esports bonus tokens

All esports betting promotions tend to promise all manner of attractive financial incentives to get you to sign up to their services. You will often see bookmakers stating that you can get free bets for merely registering a new account with their brand. But on closer inspection it seems that things aren’t quite so straightforward. So here are some key things to look out for when considering getting an esports bonus offer.

Do you need betting bonus codes?

Promo codes are a big part of esports betting, and there are plenty of esports betting sites who advertise limited bonus code offers for their most exciting promotions. Despite this, it’s evident that you don’t always need a bonus code in order to activate a welcome bonus for your esports betting. Some sites just require you to tick a certain box when making a bet, whilst others require you to get in touch with their customer service team in order to activate your promotion. So be sure to check ahead to make sure that your extra bets don’t become invalidated.

Making qualifying deposits

It’s pretty rare to find a betting site who will allow you to access a bonus deal without making a deposit first. In addition to registering a new account, you will often have to make a qualifying deposit with some specific payment types before you automatically activate a promo offer. The qualifying amount can vary quite considerably, and be aware that many bookmakers won’t allow payments from e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller to qualify for their welcome bonuses.


Why wagering requirements affect your bonus

You should always read through the terms and conditions of any betting promotion, as this is where you will find important information about wagering conditions. Wagering conditions often require you to turn over your bonus funds a few times before you can claim your winnings. This means that you usually have to bet on specific odds in order to fulfill your play-through requirements.

Check the time limits

Finally, we should state that nearly all esports bonuses will have fixed time limits. These can range from a couple of days for extra bet tokens, to entire months for wagering conditions. Whilst most of us shouldn’t have a problem in getting through our bonuses, it’s something to think about if you want to use a bonus before the Esports end of season games come around.

Which bookmakers have the best esports betting promotions?

It seems that most bookies are falling over themselves to put on some generous promotions. This is why it’s always good to do some shopping around to see which betting site provides the most profitable bonus at the moment.

Deciding which bookmaker has the best bonus is often a matter of personal preference as some of the biggest bonuses can often demand that you have to stake lots of bets in order to be able to cash out. Bookies like William Hill and Betway often put on smaller bonuses that can be good value for money if you don’t want to put down a big deposit.

We’ve found that the best promotions are usually those that are easy to understand and don’t try and promise too much. There are lots of bonuses that are advertised as free bets, but are actually anything but free. So be sure to check our bonus comparison to see which betting sites offer the best value for money in their Esports betting bonuses.

Comparing the best bonuses for esports betting

In order to adequately compare the current range of bonuses, you need to consider multiple factors. Obviously, taking note of how much you can receive in bonus funds is important, but there are other issues that you should take into account.


The first thing to think about is what you need to activate the betting bonus. Do you need to make a qualifying deposit? Or does the bookmaker require you to make a series of bets on specific odds? Plus it’s definitely worth double-checking that your welcome bonus can be used for esports like Overwatch.

Don’t forget that you should compare the wagering requirements for all of the esports promotions as these have the potential to turn a profitable bonus into a seriously arduous task.

Limitations of using an esports betting bonus

Despite the obvious merits of using a bonus, it’s interesting to find some betting sites who don’t even bother to include any promotions for sports or esports. Bookmakers like Pinnacle have become a real favourite among punters as a result of the fact that they put their resources into serving up consistently competitive odds, rather than delivering any promotional deals.

It almost goes without saying that there’s no real point in signing up to an attractive betting site only to find that they barely offer any odds on your favorite game. So as always, do some research before claiming your bonus.

Tips on using your bonus for Overwatch League betting

If you’ve managed to get your hands on a bonus and want to use it for the Overwatch League, then you should check out some of these simple tips to ensure that you use your betting funds to great effect.

Be aware of qualifying odds

Most bonus offers will demand that you only wager on odds of a certain value in order to have your bets qualify for the wagering requirements. This can often mean that you won’t get chance to bet on the favourite to win a particular Overwatch match. But you can always do some research on Reddit to find out when a bookie might have undervalued a promising outsider, or you can also try some handicap betting to get better odds for an Overwatch team that looks like they have no chance of losing.

Don’t forget about live betting

It can be tricky to predict what’s going to happen in a chaotic Overwatch match, but if you are willing to try some nerve-wracking in-play bets, then you could get some more confidence in your wagering. Many esports betting sites now feature live streaming and this is an excellent way to get to see what’s really happening in the game. Just be sure to watch the changing odds to make sure that they qualify for your bonus.

Keep an eye on the clock

Although the Overwatch League schedule lasts well over half a year, it’s a fact that most esports bonuses will expire in a much shorter amount of time. Be sure to sign up to a betting site when it’s perfectly timed for best use in the Overwatch League, as there’s nothing better than using your bonus funds on the final of this awesome esports tournament.

Your Esports bonus at bookmaker

Unfortunately we are no longer working with If you are looking for the best bonuses and odds for your favorite esports we recommend that you take a look at our Rivalry Review.

If you’re keen to get a good head-start in your Overwatch wagering, then you should check out the sign up bonuses. are a relatively new online bookmaker, but in less than a year, the brand have already earned a great reputation for offering punters competitive odds on a wide range of games. In addition to their official licensing from the Malta Gaming Authority, it’s clear that it’s the esports betting bonuses that encourage many punters to sign up to the betting site. So read our full bonus review to find out how the brand could give you a kickstart on your Overwatch bets.


  • Two risk-free bet tokens €13.37 each
  • 100% matched deposit bonus up to €30
  • No deposit bonus of €5
  • All bonuses have wagering conditions and 30 day time limits

The current welcome bonuses explained

In order to begin our bonus review, we first need to outline the main features of the brand’s welcome offers. Firstly, there are two risk-free betting tokens that can boost your esports betting profits, and also cover any losses that you may experience. Each of these risk-free bet tokens are worth €13.37 and they could give you a decent profit boost on a winning bet, or if your wager lets you down, then you can walk away without losing a single penny.

On first glance, it looks like the risk-free bonus is a smaller than many other bookies’ welcome bonuses, but as they give you a way to try out your first Overwatch bets on the site without incurring any losses, it looks like it could be a good deal for all fans of the unpredictable first-person shooter.

In addition to this there is a matched deposit bonus that can boost your first deposit by 100% up to €30, as well as a no deposit bonus that’s worth a nice €5.

What are the bonus conditions of the sign up bonuses?

Before you run to sign up to to get their welcome bonuses, there are some important wagering conditions that you should be aware of for each of these deals. The first thing to realise is that if you are lucky enough to win your Overwatch bet with your risk-free bet tokens, then you will need to turn over your winnings at least once within 30 days of signing up before you can withdraw your bonus profits.

You can do this by taking simple bets on many of the esports on offer at Thankfully, this list includes Overwatch, but you can also wager on titles like Counter Strike Global Offensive, League of Legends, Dota 2, Heroes of the Storm, Call of Duty, Hearthstone, StarCraft II and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. However, it’s important to remember that for your esports bets to count towards the wagering requirements, then you will need to wager on odds of 1.70 or higher. And whilst does include a limited sportsbook and casino gaming section, no bets taken here will count towards your wagering requirements.

Other things to consider when using your risk-free bet tokens are the fact that you can only use your bonus for single and multiple bets, rather than system bets or outright bets. And you cannot use your risk-free bet tokens in conjunction with any other promotional offers on at the site. These include the matched deposit deal that requires you to bet the bonus seven times on odds of 1.80 or higher within 30 days of activation. For the no deposit bonus, you just need to bet the value of the bonus six times on odds of 1.80 or more within 30 days. Just remember that any winnings from the no deposit bonus will be capped at €30. T&C apply, 18+.

Activating your welcome bonus

esportsbetting website

If the wagering conditions of the bonus sound a little complicated, then you will be glad to find that it couldn’t be easier to activate the brand’s sign up offer. This is because you just need to be a new customer who registers a new account at the site, and you need to make an initial deposit of €30 or more.

From here, you just need to select your esports bets and then tick the ‘risk-free’ box in your betting slip which will activate the welcome bonus. So whilst other betting sites’ welcome bonuses require you to hunt down promo codes or prescribe certain payment methods, it seems that are willing to give you a sign up offer that’s refreshingly simple to activate. This also applies for the other welcome bonuses on For the matched deposit bonus, you just need to make a qualifying deposit of €10 or more, whilst for the no deposit bonus, all you need to do is register your first account with the brand.

Here’s a quick reminder of how to activate the risk-free welcome bonus in three simple steps

  • Sign up to and create your new account
  • Make an initial deposit of €30 or more
  • Tick the ‘risk-free’ box in your betting slip when making your first esports bets

Tips on making the most of your esports betting welcome bonus

The bonuses are some of the simplest welcome offers around. But here are selection of tips to help you put these gifts from to the best possible use for your Overwatch bets.

Keep an eye on the time

As give you 30 days to use your bonuses, it means that you should take your time in using the bonuses for the best Overwatch matches possible. It’s all too tempting to rush in with your extra bet tokens for the first Overwatch match that you see, but it’s always best to wait until a tournament comes up that features teams that you have a good working knowledge of.

As is a dedicated esports betting site, then there’s a good chance that they will offer odds on a range of minor competitions like Overwatch Contenders. But rather than wasting your risk-free bet tokens on lesser-known teams, think about waiting until a big Overwatch League match comes around so that you have a better understanding of when the odds are too good to ignore. This will mean that you can use your risk-free bet tokens and bonus funds to get a decent profit on your first Overwatch bets at

Understand the wagering conditions

There’s nothing worse than using a welcome bonus, and then realising that you have tripped up on a technicality and had your bonus funds invalidated. This is why you should always spend some time reading the terms and conditions of a welcome bonus before signing up, and the sign up offers are no exception.

The welcome bonuses states that if you win with your risk-free bet tokens, then you will have to turn over your winnings at least once by making bets on odds of 1.70 or more. Similarly, the other bonuses require you to bet on esports odds of 1.80 or higher. Whilst this might sound a little restrictive, it actually opens up your betting options so that you can enjoy wagering on some outsiders rather than the favourites. Just be sure to do plenty of research on Twitch and Reddit beforehand so that you can get your bonus funds turned into real money in record time.

Give live betting a try

All esports fans will know that there’s nothing like taking a last minute bet for a fun way to enjoy some online wagering. have put on a great live betting service that can be used with your risk-free bet tokens and extra bet funds, and it’s a surefire way to add some adrenaline to your esports betting.

As Overwatch is a fast-paced and action-packed game, then live betting is perfectly suited to this title. There’s a fair chance that the odds won’t be able to keep up with all of the chaotic Overwatch action, so be sure to keep an eye on the gameplay so that you can take advantage of any acceptable odds if a big turnaround in an outsider’s fortunes takes place.

Final thoughts in our esports betting bonus review

The welcome offers look to be great deals that should encourage many new customers to sign up to their website. Not only is the risk-free welcome bonus easy to understand, but it’s thankfully free of too many wagering conditions, and it’s remarkably simple to activate too. You don’t need any promo codes, and regardless of which payment method you choose, you can simple deposit the minimum of €30 to get started with this bonus.

We have to admit that this isn’t the biggest welcome bonus on the market, but the matched deposit deal looks like it is good value for money, and with the nice addition of a no deposit bonus, we think that must be feeling pretty generous at the moment.

What’s best is the fact that you can use these welcome bonuses for all kinds of Overwatch bets. Whether it’s a pre-match bet, a live bet, a single bet, or a multiple bet, then you can get a nice boost on your profits, and even walk away from a losing bet without having your betting budget reduced. So if you are looking for an easy way to get more winnings from your Overwatch bets, be sure to give the bonuses a try.

esportsbetting promo bonus

Why the bonus review is a great introduction to the site

Once you’ve picked up one of the welcome bonuses, then the fun doesn’t stop there. This is because the site is packed full of great features that’s sure to be a big hit amongst all Overwatch betting fans. Here are a few highlights that you should check out.

Unbeatable live betting environment

Live betting is an essential part of the esports betting experience. clearly understand this as they have taken steps to include a free live streaming service for all of their registered members. This means that you can enjoy taking Overwatch bets with a much greater amount of accuracy than just following the live score. So if you want a good selection of live betting markets and live streaming options, then sign up to

Safest esports betting site in Europe recently gained the accolade of being the first dedicated esports betting site in the whole of Europe to gain official licensing and regulation from the Malta Gaming Authority. This means that the brand are duty bound to offer fair bets, a safe betting service and a high standard in terms of customer service. Whilst these standards should be commonplace, we all know how there are far too many esports betting sites operating without a license. So play it safe and join the fun at

Only real money payment methods

Anybody who has tried skin gambling will know that this is a very risky activity. So it’s good to find that only facilitate betting with real money payment methods. Whether you use Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, Zimpler, EnterCash or even bank transfer, it’s certainly a much more secure way to enjoy betting on Overwatch.